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hi everyone I am back today with a new money-saving video I have made a couple of videos in the past about saving money and I will link them down below so that's living on one income and saving money and but this time I'm back with some new ideas so these are things I'm actually doing right now are helping us to save money as a family I've got about 10 tips and I've got them written down so apologies I might need to look down now again so I've got about 10 things I'm gonna share them with you now my first tip is that I have swapped my shopping to Aldi I was shopping it in little and I was spending about 80 pounds bleach but I tended to find that I was then also needing to go and do another shop or get other bits from elsewhere like from Asda Sainsbury's so it was adding to my food bill mainly because there were some things that my family didn't like and often when if I went to another shop if I went to a store something I'd end up picking up other things the other thing is that I'm now working I haven't got the time to go to other stores so I'm just doing all of my shopping in Aldi and sometimes I perhaps might spend an idea or 100 pounds I did a haul the other day but that lasted us for nearly two weeks apart from needing to get milk and some bits of fruit vegetables so I'm definitely saving money and probably averaging around 70 pounds a week but I'm not going anywhere else to buy other bits and pieces so I'm actually saving money by swapping to Aldi the second thing is that through our bank accounts it's recently changed a little bit but we pay a fee for our bank account but with it we get all year round travel insurance for all of our family and we get our AC cover for our cars and that's full cover so if you have a problem and you and you know your car doesn't start in the morning or you've you break down by the side of the road or completely covers it and actually last year we called them out maybe two or maybe three times and we were having problems with one of our cars so it just pays for itself so we pay 15 pounds a month for our bank account but it more than covers the RAC cover and having the travel insurance you just don't have to worry about it if you're picking a holiday it's all in place so definitely that's something that we're doing the next thing is that I am sharing a Netflix password so my sister has got Netflix and she has given me the password she doesn't watch it that often and mainly I've got it for movies for the kids to watch things and I think you can give that she could give the passwords three or four people's so my mum and dad I got it but I don't think they watch it so Netflix I'm saving money by by borrowing passwords and watching on her neck Lex okay the next thing is that my kids got into wanting to learn how to play an instrument and they have little keyboard they got for Christmas and I said right okay you're going to learn this properly so I went online and on YouTube you can do online free music lessons piano lessons fantastic with I can't remember his name it's I'm here at mr. Hoffman so it's American and but then I said right you stick with it you do the piano lessons online and learn some techniques and learn how to play then I would think about buying paying for pillow lessons and low and behold I think they both did about 10 lessons and they were learning and definitely had learned some cheese and they've learned about you know finger placement and their posture and all of that and then fund me enough it fizzled out so I think online music lessons are fantastic just to also weed out whether your child really wants to learn instrument and whether you should then go to the expense of paying for lessons so this is tip five and that is that I have got an NUS card now if you have done an online course and some of them might be free some of them you have to pay for but also I've got one because I was enrolled I am enrolled on an adult education course you can sometimes be entitled to an end us card now my card costs twelve pounds a year but with it you get so many discounts on things like clothing eating out in restaurants on days out cinematic it's it's absolutely amazing when I started looking into it so I think it's worth every on railway tickets as well which makes a big difference so if you are doing a course just check with your eligible for in an Us card because you can save an awful lot of money and you can also have Amazon Prime student and you and it's really cheap it's something like thirty pounds for that so looking to that see if you're entitled to em the next tip which i think is tip six is that you can appear Oh discount codes in the store and I only found this out this recently so if you get sent a discount code say for example I've been sent discount cards for Jewel's and crew clothing if you go into the store and you're going to buy a full prices to item then you can show your discount code on your phone and they'll apply it in the store and I didn't know that so I recently bought a couple of things in crew they were presents and I managed to get a really good discount by just showing the discount code plus I have my in u.s. card I can't remember if I did one or both whichever one I got more of a discount so that was a bit of an eye-opener my next tip is tuned check your direct debits and negotiate discounts so we have got which it does irritate me but we have got Sky TV because my husband wants to have the rugby and it's only available on Sky TV and we've also we've got obviously a box that you can record onto and I rang them up the other day because I just thought that the bill was really expensive even they would really pared it down to as little as we could and rang them up and there was actually one of the when they answered the phone and said give you different options one of the options was you know press 3 if you don't want to pay us as much can you believe it so I press the button the spoke to them and negotiated a discount I so can't afford to pay all of this and they reduced X so obviously the alternative is that I go elsewhere so that was great that was really really great so that is worth doing is to actually ring up and say now paying too much please can you can we reduced our monthly fee and just see just see where it takes you my next tip is a kid's pass so this is something that a subscriber has told me about recently and they've got a special deal on at the moment where you pay and for 30 days so it would take you through the summer holidays so that you can get money off things like days out eating out and you know lots of activities I think it does apply I applied to cinema tickets as well and I look into that one so it's worth doing particularly at the moment because you can get really good deals on money off I was looking at the activities you need to make sure that there are things going on in your local area I think it's make it worth it and make it pay for itself but if you're planning to do some meals out then it's brilliant really good so look into that one kids pass and my final tip is that check whether your library has a free app I just found this recently on my local library has an app and it covers quite a lot of libraries in the southwest but you can go on to it you can read magazines you can read some ebooks you can have audiobooks which is brilliant for the kids if you're going on holiday and pop the headphones on and listen to audiobooks but when I saw that it had magazines I thought brilliant because I hardly ever buy magazines if I get a magazine it's it's a gift from somebody but you can go on and read the most the latest magazine edition also there are tons on there there must have been 50 different magazines you can just go on and just browse and it's brilliant is free so check whether your library has a free app it's absolutely brilliant a great way to access books and magazines and and audiobooks but also you don't run the risk of any fines and so it's really really good so check that one out and the next thing that I am doing to save money is that I recently went tap my nails done at a salon and I had gel nails done and I thought I can do this so I went onto Amazon I bought a gel kit which had already good reviews and I did try it out that day of course and I absolutely loved it so I've done my own gel nails they've been on for about I don't know four or five days absolutely no signs of chipping or anything really really pleased and actually it was a really quick process I mean I think the secret is actually in preparing nails make sure that your nails really pain you've sorted out your cuticles and so on so I'm really really pleased and I'm saving a ton of money by buying that care and also some of my friends have said oh you do my nails I'll pay you to do my nails and I thought oh okay I might be on to make a little bit of money there by doing some of my friends nails and I have also done my toenails so that the lamp is big enough that you can get your feet in it which is fantastic so and anyway I am planning to do that was sort of review in a demonstration but I was just so excited about getting my nail polish my my damn nails on that I am I didn't do remove it cuz I was just I just excited really about doing it so yes that's my next tip gel nails so those are all my tips for how I am saving money right now on things that we are either doing or buying and if you have got any other tips and please just leave them in the comment box below I'd be really grateful to hear anything about what you are saving money on that I could also how together if you are not one of my subscribers then please subscribe to my channel I would love to have you as one of my subscribers my subscribers they're lovely and is so supportive of each other and of me so with all that said I will see you in the

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