LEGO STAR WARS The Complete Saga Ep 17 - "Luke, I'm yo DADDY!!!"

by: Generikb

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yoyoyo everybody what you smiling at who are you winking at any weekend it uh you and McGregor what's wrong with you hey yo yo yo everybody generic be here and welcome back to another episode of Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga so I have bad news and good news the bad news is I had to reformat my computer one more time I was trying to figure out some issues with I was getting some blue screens rendering some certain types of files the bad news is I lost my save game on Lego Star Wars still got it for stranded beeps still got it for dying light they're all steam games I don't know what the dealio is but um and it's not a steam cloud thing I don't know anyway uh but the good news is I think I've figured out the problem with my computer at least I've got it to a stable state so I can work on it some more and I don't think I'm gonna have to reformat anything anymore and um the way the Lego Star Wars works even though I've like lost everything I've bought and I've lost all my coins and stuff like that all I had to do was replay basically one two three four four five I did I did five levels which kind of sucked but you know it could be worse could have had to do the entire the entire thing right um but where we last left off a Luke Skywalker got trained by yoga and now he's a Jedi so Episode five Empire Strikes Back Chapter five Cloud City trap barely a few weeks into his Jedi training with yoga Luke Skywalker has had a vision of his friends captured by Darth Vader I guess yoga's advice the impetuous young Jedi sets his x-wing fighter on a course for cloud city here he hopes to find Han Solo and Princess Leia little guessing in his haze that he himself is the true target of Vader's trap mm-hmm so keep that smile on his face I think everything's gonna be okay you know I know it's a city and I know it's in the clouds but couldn't they have come up with a better name than Cloud City you're saying and then what is this smooth dude's name I know it's Billy Dee Williams Lando Calrissian so something like that right Lando in that way endo dude oh is it just us droids ah because he's gone off and done something hey who shoot hey why are you shooting me Oh Oh Artu this is this bad news come here you got to do things um I'm gonna fly can I fly that entire thing or am I gonna run out Oh jet pack hmm hey Oh Bo why am I an idiot whoa oh hey hello there okay okay I understand what's going on down yeah get ruined I do I meet glasses cuz that seemed like this was c-3po wrong with me okay r2 now's your chance now you can fly this over there Shh Oh perfect oh but you can't build that can you oh look watch this thing totally worth it uh dad I can fly up in that nope okay get back reword and hmm okay you can't build things I'm guessing I have to do a double jump can you double jump dude oh wait can you does you think I can make it all the way over there - oh I bet Ike I bet I could I bet I bet I could if I tried really hard okay from here yeah oh yeah all the way oh that's a red brick hey hey oh that got that part oh but there's a red brick that I can't get oh very interesting all right all right Luke oh yeah I could have never double jump that there's no way here we go r2 there was a band when I lived in Nashville I was like some oh shoot whoo shoot oh man that's not no I'm so sorry oh man there was a band when I lived in Nashville I was just like a little old like like like a whatchamacallit type of band like a lot of college band but they were pretty pretty much like just a little independent type of band and they had a song about Billy Dee Williams and it was like I wanna beat you just like Billy Dee Williams suave and smooth they're very well-groomed oh man oh oh it was Star Wars movies colt 45 never worked for me because he was like uh super smooth dude you know okay can I get in here was what is the point of this thing dude you got my way hey for real is this a thing hey hey snap out of it Oh No hmm oh no okay I got old or did I get turned around I got turned around my bad I didn't realize yes it's very obvious what I have to do very obvious I'm sorry I looked at uh I thought this was the door I came from but obviously not there we go there we go okay now I just push this excuse me are - excuse me are - uh-huh now what oh now I can shoot I got you Oh

everybody get out of my way boy like he's got some moves on him Oh young Jedi oh right on and now I get it shoot it aha we've done it r2 fool oh oh did you see that baller move only bounty hunters okay what about this is this an art to thing get'em are too beautiful door oh this is where spoiler alert this is where Darth Vader cuts off his hand hmm one of the coolest scenes ever haha yes uh who Oh me he's still late I mean he keeps jumping I'm jumping why you jump on that jump oh man he know it's like he knows me okay stop it oh wait this you know what okay you guys fight you guys fight I have a feeling I got to do something here oh no different get better there we go now what Oh uh-huh said the Jedi and then oh I'm not oh dude this is oh I see I know what's going on here uh dude r2 I think you got a do work man hey can I get no can I get in here no oh oh can I do it no okay that's not gonna do I'm looking I'm looking around don't give up on me just yet

I do some more maybe uh-huh okay now what nope okay oh yay now what oh man Oh pecker okay he's doing a thing let's check it I think I see uh-huh uh-huh zap um uh-huh okay this has a time thing on it hmm this is interesting all right what if I do this right it's on I go there now you should be stuck in something get stuck oh oh I see okay okay we have a certain period of time uh-huh yep okay I see oh it seems to be working all right get him r2 and that's gonna burn them he's like Oh aha okay this is working out great this is working out great bring him over to me bring them over yo-yo and yeah get in there uh-huh yeah yeah okay go go well we're making some work of them oh yeah oh that's okay come on come on all right go go artoo I think I think we may be doing something oh man get ruined I think okay Oh oh ho is it I don't know man

okay get alright yep yep yes haha we finally did it so that steam messed them up pretty good okay we gotta build something here building some kind of oho I think I know what's going on here okay we got put you right there I hop in and no no no no oh you gotta be kidding me come on dude all right got them then we bring him on over and watch the shadow that's how you know you've done done work okay now you're gonna do that automatically oh look at you such a good droid uh well you gonna oh okay now I can go all right Wow hard to do learn ela aha we've got to be a start stormtrooper all right bless his little heart areas we got a thing right here is we put that on yes lord Vader as you wish Lord better all right so now we're gonna go oh oh for pete's sake no oh man if we aren't just the dumbest in the entire world ever heard of ever heard of jumping ever heard of jumping from one platform to another without fallin hmm I don't think I have all right we can do this okay and now go in there oh I know I'm skipping Oh what does this thing uh-huh uh what is this thing Oh if I could do something I could do something but I can't Oh Artu oh shoot man that doesn't do exactly what I thought Oh artoo make it happen brother uh-huh thanks r2 and then yeah hopefully our to knows how to get to where I need to go you had why are you running why are you running like a chump oh hey where's our - dude our - oh you kidding me dude come on come to me oh man for real yes yes yes good man come on up here all right and okay I'm just gonna make it in we'll both go huh how come I can't oh that's what I'm talking about won't won't whoop oh all right put some stuff together oh man oh no we won't oh no we won't I'll be in the range on that is not as good as it should be Oh like a boss all right so building that we can flip this around so art too can do this whatever this magic is what is that is I just gonna lift the oh oh aha we told him ma over there will ya well well

oh yeah who would you see that double leg up balls all right quick on my way hard to building things that was free buddy all right what is this oh I have to do this probably pushing it oh okay get where you need to go Oh save me are - uh-huh forget to talk for a bit got to breathe all right all right r2 you're my only hope here brother make you happen oh yeah you've got no place to turn now son now we're wait oh it's bedtime do that bedtime swap out homey oh oh man oh why why okay oh click click click are to go go go go go [Music] dude you seem cop oh that was pretty sick let's see oh no not again oh and of course got to go to omean one pay attention okay play like a Jedi would you alright uh oh god push this down hurry hurry hurry hurry there we go go artoo go go go go go yes now I'm ready for the Freud Alberto Oh Nino final battle I gotta get my hand cut off boom ha ha he's like get rid of that guy uh oh I guess I follow him I'm like where do I go now oh yeah I bet this is

dude that was badass you see that will you face the right way maybe okay now what how many of these do you think we'll have to do hmm do you think that you're just gonna keep coming okay I have a feeling yes go our two Messam up oh yeah mess I K up ha ha see we learn oh oh man Oh bad things evident huh oh sorry sorry r2 and boom oh oh wow he did me dirty okay please don't open those back up hold me in okay get shut off so hard yeah yeah and run oh man stinker man hey how many times can I do that you reckon okay boom uh-huh and oh you should be dead he should be like super dead now cuz that's how cool I am alright and then oh no I'm not falling for this time oh okay yeah oh sorry oh yeah oh yeah baby whoa making glass bridge huh oh oh just barely made it and then through here yes oh hey did you see my greed father although I don't oh wow hey can we talk about it oh maybe wheelchair friendly for our to go oh dang it [Applause]

can you do it r2 I hope so yeah okay over here yep yeah yeah yeah you don't even know Oh me and you see that swing from the back was this thing looks like oh it's got to be a stormtrooper oh this is the this is the place then oh man Wow jump y'all Wow how fitting huh like father like son Oh


oh man epic super epic level complete and what we got this bin what what true Jedi see I don't have my my little stud sucker anymore such a waste such a shame hey we got a couple mini kids still no clue what that is 3 out of 10 we're so good at that ok I am going to call it quits for this episode hope you enjoyed we're almost through Empire Strikes Back whoo-hoo if you are having a good time be sure and hit that like button it helps me out so very very much and until next time take care but I'm sure hair look at him he's like dang it r2 I lost

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