DIY: Fire Masquerade

by: Simply Klaire

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this one just like the ice queen masquerade mask we're going to be using a glue gun and glue sticks and you're probably going to need about three or four glue sticks to do the whole mask

we're going to be doing this in slightly similar way to the way we did the ice cream masquerade but instead of having icicles we're going to do more flame shapes and you want to do the large ones first and move on to the medium shaped flames and then lastly do the smaller flames but overlay that over the previous shapes now to be fair you don't necessarily need to do it in this step you could just draw the flames all in one go but it makes it a lot more interesting once you paint it if you do it in layers once you've done all the different layers we're going to go back to the pots around the eyes and kind of change it a little bit because it's bit boring to having one swipe around the eye so we're going to re texture it a little bit and what you're going to do is just do blobs of glue and then kind of lift it and move on so that it creates a little bit of a kind of stippled rough texture and it looks really interesting once you paint it later on once the mask is cooled down you're just going to peel it off and you can use a stick or a craft knife or even a spoon if you don't have anything like that and it's quite flexible so you really can put it through quite a bit of abuse once you've taken it off the cast you want to spray-paint it back and I've done two coats of this and you want to wait for it to dry and then once it's dry we're going to be painting with three different colors yellow orange and black I'm going to start with the orange the good thing about my smiles because you don't really have to be that neat you can be quite messy with it the main thing is just to really apply a lot of color very close to the eyes and then slowly make a gradient the further out you go you don't want to go all the way to the edges of the mask but maybe about halfway the orange to really stand out later we're going to need to apply two coats and once you wait for the second coat to dry we're going to move on to the yellow

with the illinois urbana sure we're going to apply it a lot more lightly except for around the edges the eyes but we're going to apply it quite heavily but the further up you go Walter more lightly brush it over the mask instead of try and really get it into all the nooks and crannies

once you can play the yellow just wait for it to dry a little bit and then we're going to go back to the orange and reapply it and this is the part where the mask really starts to look pretty awesome because you get all these colors playing against each other and it looks really beautiful

the last nail varnish which is going to keep this with a very edge of the mask and what you want to do with this is lightly loaded brush and then really loosely run it over the edges this way it will catch the high points of mask and this is why it was so important to create all those different layers earlier because it looks so much more interesting once you paint it

now you could just leave it at this but I like to add rhinestones to my masquerade mask so I'm going to be using clear nail varnish to stick them down and I'm using mainly three different colors for the yellow I'm going to keep this closer to the edges and the red in the orange rhinestones I'm going to keep close to the eyes if you apply rhinestones you're really going to have to apply quite a few of them for it to be noticed and this part is going to take a while it could take you about an hour to get this whole thing done but once you've finished it looks pretty awesome and that's it you're done


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