DALE'S DEAD BUG!! - Death Road to Canada Rare Characters! (Part 5)

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hey everybody a peanut butter gave an objet and welcome back to be bij continuing our death road to Canada playthrough it's rare characters in case you forgot supposed to be look it's right there - yeah says it right there I mean I guess Lucilla could she seems like a rare character to me probably me but she has normal weapons so I'm like upset II yeah I mean I'm sure that we got some comments about it but we have obviously not read them yet because we're still playing so we don't really know who Lucilla's supposed to be but that's fine right it's all good the ground of the group finds a gas station far off the main road someone has looted the store and there's no zombies in sight the gas pumps are old and don't seem to be functioning I could attempt to yeah you have good I have I feel like I tried to do this once and the whole gas station exploded and I died but what could go wrong this time at this time I feel better I'm about to press a for us do it was here we go deficits difficult I just did more awesome more okay could have been worse did you you bet it you got to be on the same Morales Jimmy yeah that's pretty much our biggest thing right now is morale we need a morale increase and mid supplies the group finds a city in the afternoon the debts 100 the dead swarm over it their Idol now but they will notice you soon in this station probably as guns yeah furniture don't have a lot of furniture store doesn't seem useful to me hmm police station has probably got more stuff that we would need we need med supplies in morale I asked a police station I don't like police stations must have a stockpile of just like all kinds of supplies maybe if we go to the furniture store though we meet Freddy the furniture man does the special carrots so we gotta go that's probably ready the furniture oh yeah I did it I thought you were serious okay well too late for that alright maybe we should let maybe we should just go with like two people or something in like let's some people heal yeah Lucilla's good and I got this pitchfork just spam through people hmm I can go with myself I think okay do that I want to try that rubber mallet it's got to be good can you stack the pipe on top of each other yeah there we go should we let me get back this wrench soon maybe we can let Jimmy rest uh yeah yeah let's do that and he'll heal up I am should a frog Efrain rest too we can make him rest too probably if we get into tight situations though we have to leave I still get heals out of it I guess yeah all right all right let's do it let's find Frankie the whatever I said whatever I said right all right let's go down here a house here we go yeah they don't really even notice it yet we just sit through oh yeah what Doug touching me touching me get that booty touchy what's this hey now you touch me now no okay now what would that last song that I was doing that with I was doing something some other song in a different series or something yeah all stars again I think you just like defaulting to all when did all stars I believe so yeah that's how I heard it here The Weird Al Yankovic of all stars I heard all stars one time recently one tonight once although thank God your character seems fast and strong yeah she's pretty beefy we can leave that guy do that secret button over there oh yeah I didn't even look at that what is that nope he almost looked like he could be always worth a check I think it's like a missing brick but yeah we're the check we got we win that other door right it's definitely going well they're starting to notice us man pitchfork you have to get out there yeah well here we go okay nice I'm punching sturdy machete okay I'm actually feeling pretty good about this yeah I mean like I feel like this runs going genuine or generally okay it's not terrible remember like the last time we played we died in like three episodes yeah we definitely I mean I died like three episodes but here but I mean the group is doing okay and now I'm a different person so I don't even care rest in peace means no old news now that's how I wanted it to be now we need to find another rip character I mean why I guess we're doing we're care yeah we're just yeah I'm just gonna go out the assumption that this is a rare character I don't I don't know she looks more she looks like what's that a nail gun oh dude this floozy Oh who's he nice dude I found some Uzi Emma - we don't know who's good with guns I don't suppose metal med supplies school it might have even been to med supplies I couldn't tell no I think it's just one [Music] house yeah wait what was that we came to a police station right yeah we I'm just go furniture store oh yeah sure store probably up no no I opted it was like nothing right all right go up and go down yeah all right we'll go down then like I said awesome yeah that me that you that me such a Rascals oh yes we so sly that me is so endearing I hope not really though not really I hope it's gonna be quite like you just keep saying thing my hope again I wit I hope against a prayer or whatever that's saying is that whatever whatever forget it cut it all out be don't let me know in the comments what you think all right so let's go down about bite my mi on sensical ramble my EO can't handle it I can't handle criticisms guys so make sure you don't leave any of the comments below leave me your your favorite criticisms of other people people are just saying yeah so okay I got it something to talk about we're gonna see our GE this weekend oh yeah as of recording this you know you might even already have been there by now okay are you looking forward to she's very strong yeah there's no way a normal character does that make you tired thank you where's if we if we've already been there whoops but if we have it yet what are you looking forward to the most oh well just just meeting people for what again I mean I'm sometimes I'm Sydney meeting some of the same people as well that way it's gotta be on the left but ya know I hope we get other than ball oh yeah other than like the obvious stuff like just going there to meet people I'm looking forward to hopefully having a chance to shop around because I want to I want to find some cool some like more retro games to play cuz that's kind of something I miss is just doing like one-off leg of some retro games yeah we just learned a lot more but we also only recorded four things a week yeah so is easier to do one off super secret toilet we used to only get together once every like two or three weeks to record yeah we didn't do as many videos yeah but yeah I hopefully can find some good like retro game I told you I told you the furniture store was garbage is this the furniture this is the furniture store that was it that was the whole store was it bad I'm gonna be bad you sleep with my guns in say or I'm gonna stick with my guns it's a it's not even done yet so it's not even done yet it's not even done furnish or is done there was nothing there we might find stuff in houses yeah the house is so good see if you get house nothing over there all right so we're done yeah we're done we're done where's faster than mom it's me come whatever Camila Lucilla or something I'm just gonna call myself Lucy dude you are much faster than me yeah dude I must be on it I must just be supposed to be on roller skates I mean I guess I got a gun I guess I can buy that as a roller skates animation where's your cards up its up for Pete's up at her own ah you Jack and or Todd I'm just gonna need you guys to add a thrill skate sound effect for every single time my character moves to make a little more realistic just every single time I move insert a singular oh he's out of bag wait no okay wait wait did he just use medical supports that we didn't have any medical oh no he did he rests so maybe he didn't heal yeah where you had to help maybe it me I should get right for it maybe you can heal yourself if you're on the verge of death by resting one yeah maybe maybe I'm just I'm just seeing things I don't know I mean we can look it up and see let's look it up let's actually look at yeah let's be right back oh we gotta go we gotta get up nation here we know you guys come to us for for for the correct ways to play exactly so we got oh yeah doing it right what's the point yeah all right well we're back and it doesn't look like that you heal from resting no one's saying it anyway we can't find any evidence of it anyway without a car the group is a sitting duck for bandits the group is ambushed by an awkward vantage that apologizes for the robbery they are likely new at this I might try reasoning with them but I could die I mean they're new chairs you don't want to give up our food we finally have a good stockpile yeah let's what's the one of the options I try I try to reduce him if I roll good on this we might just be to get away with giving them less you have high which you have very high wits I think it's worth a shot yeah I think so do you go back yeah who's the best to not go through with the attack they did not want to anyway yes yeah oh yeah well we ain't gave them some food yeah but we get I got morale at least what is here they turned to crime because they had no other option guys that's best Asus Adam jumps there's always a better way yes oh my god again the same thing oh my god and I can't do the thing tank oh my god Oh food and gas we can't do that we have to fight there's no way we can we're dead we have to take the toll I hope your character strong enough to beat the crap out of these guys oh you're Jimmy's gonna die Jimmy's dead I think I know everyone okay good Italy stuff I mean I thought for sure it's gonna be Jimmy yeah just because he was shown no yield himself back up the fool now I have a whoa that was that was honestly I sucks for Efrain we had to do that there we can go we all like fish and and and gas or whatever there's no way we just be dead would have died yeah we would have been an end runner yeah all run ender run ender yours on before kids down where are we poor a friend he's dead maybe you should just not go since you're dying I don't know you me set the rest right now whoo geez what Moschino is we know anyone's gun skills I don't think so right status or a shooting we don't know anyone's you my mechanical isn't that good yeah see Jimmy's medicals like insanely good well like it's pretty good a smiley face we don't know but it's miss is just better yeah so we're not taking the duesey then I don't think so okay that's fine we'll need it but I mean I guess I can with a mallet no mallet yeah it's just a backup honestly as a as a Lucilla I have not been having problems with like anything really oh she just seems like a really strong character yeah there's some gasps oh yes we left Jimmy on rest oh that's fine can you say there just you you have one health though yeah so watch out for that ah dude don't waste on that Emma I guess why do you use it all it was pretty cool I uh I can take care of myself oh we can you know we can double it I didn't realize that all garden okay just pull that pitch fork just to watch just to wax that guy with you did I'm actually retired let me get the guests I think there's some bug spray video if the bug fan a slice like the king of the hill car okay okay nice nice you're so fast that I'm scared of just by borella's get in yeah just get in [Music] nice okay I guess yeah I did that'll last a little while yeah but this vans probably to suck it down oh yeah I bet it does the group sets up camp at the safest place they could find around an abandoned mini golf park we ate six food Jimmy get some needed exercise dang peez fitness increases because he brought more everybody's that was that looks like a really good role did his fitness girl because he rested for some reason yeah it wasn't exercise no nice was playing mini golf I think everyone's mini golf is not much exercise though oh that's a good damage apparently I did not even notice yeah from the event every oh yeah this is like the fifth bandits them your money are you we don't haven't yeah exactly offer a compromise again won't run for it I guess but it's probably better chance leave something okay nine food see you later nerds you're extra gas tanks half your ammo how much food do we have can we check this yeah up here uh status only have twenty three food eights a lot we have a decent of gas but I don't know how much getting the gas actually you're gonna be and if we run out of gas again we're just walking we're just boned yeah see you nerves no I don't know extra gas I have another half of our ammo maybe but that's a lot dude let's just run okay let's just guys let's try running screw um no one died but someone took a damage yeah the car gets an extra hole or two added just oil tea is revealed in some pretty bad maybe it was just the car took damage I think the car took damage oh thank god so that's not a bad trip I guess we just maybe because of we went to the next menu where I was trying to compromise they were like caught off guard and it's easier to escape that way yeah probably so all right well ethical clinic might be the thing yeah probably we don't need pets we don't we want to find out of the rare cared for anyway should we set jimmy off of rest yeah there we go that are not lead follow okay yeah that should be good yeah well you are only one heart if anyone he's got a shotgun in a pickaxe and haha I'll make I'm gonna put that I'll take that pickaxe I bet that's good yeah might be really good for you cuz you're really strong yeah I think that over pitchforks good though - yeah just carry all that scary stuff we don't really need there's so many weapons yeah we don't really need a lot of stuff right now unless we do want to rescues huh it's raining is it dark it's gonna be dark is it raining maybe what did it say I don't remember if we go back it says it right or that just know that no they should just continue maybe you have Jamie hold a flashlight why not in case should he have a shotgun he'll choose to use it if like things are getting bad but alright let's just go let's just sweet me this yeah this is not even gonna be a big deal I bet it's not dark dome for the record let me try this easy okay it's like okay I'm gonna try spaghetti Jimmy Jimmy dude 81 shots haha just one shotting everything it seems like it yeah dude do we get if I mean I once shot just about everything though most of the time so who knows no nothing in here ya go all right here we go we definitely gotta find some kind of med supplies I hope so otherwise this is gonna be a not very good pitch for candies losers dude get off the ground huh get out of us are placed be SAR placed to live surprise nothing so far and um was there any other doors even oh my god that was it are you serious there was no boy go just go even go oh here's your usual here okay good good good I was gonna say what the heck like a medical place with absolutely no medical supplies would be like the biggest show list yeah seriously I've ever freaking send our way okay remember there's a door in the bottom right too did you see his amazing pool are you not tired either geez ya know your characters got like mad yes she is beefy here Jimmy better heal me before he heals himself yeah seriously Jimmy oh there's a healing spray dude oh no someone else has to pick it up I could just use it on you could you start using it hold on kill these guys they'll just kill us just kill we can hit heal you once and kill me once maybe yeah okay hold on well I have space okay there we go I just got it now yeah so wait I'm gonna make it wait I'm gonna put it on drop it and then get on Jimmy really quick okay yes so we don't actually use it on Jimmy I mean Jimmy has too hard health to my character is the most valuable be here the lowest health we need that flashlight though okay hold on that was there I don't know what happened but somebody got healed all right so there yeah yeah it's still there I just want to make sure kill me I know you're full okay Jim just drop it yeah all right well okay good we got the full you said that dude unyielding sprays are better then yeah you're better than ed kits yeah just heal like right on the spot like that was nuts dude that was actually really I'm glad we came yeah that just like ah oh geez got it again yeah great as Emma Stone I'd be like oh yeah we're fully healed again okay I guess that was there's nothing else in here I don't think there could be other buildings in the area yeah we can get out of here though oh geez okay and if all right thanks for the pitch for good it's good for clearing doors yeah that's like the thing is like you just got to learn what the good weapons are in this game I guess yeah I almost liked it it doesn't show you I'm still just been using this freaking machete like this whole time dude well maybe they just don't gray just not that like bad dude I'm tired tired is hey over here I can't even swing it's the pitchfork probably oh I've got a building here I do Jimmy's shotgunning I guess is he's tired let's go that's going I need a rest anyway let's start from the top yeah yeah let's start from the top then we're at the bottom that's my favorite favorite new rap song okay I'm switching to machete because I'm so tired yeah just do machetes really good anyway I'm just gonna try to avoid so yeah another medical guy in the bathroom yeah we actually kind of invaded his privacy really to be fair oh yeah it wasn't very nice I guess that wasn't yeah that wasn't very nice of us dude I'll be in the bathroom all the time like with the door just like propped closed and the docs will just open the door come in what are you doing it's like stop okay hey a little privacy here maybe she'll locked it looks like there's no one else hollowing except my wife yeah oh god that guy he was like a dead body on the ground okay there's chunk great lean oh and take it on that guy you see alright so there's gotta be we got out at least find something else in here this is a big place oh did jean era never have enough food you can even trade it if you have to I know like that's the thing that was I feel like I've never had so much food where I want to trade it away yeah unless like unless it's just like what you did where it was like okay bye bye this is like a weapon that all here like ever and it wasn't like too too bad yeah was that was that was like 12 food there could be more buildings right everybody do we need to go out more we went to the easy clinic right is there one over here what's that hold on oh man these tails are big yeah they are oh there's a house over there hey else go on there yeah I mean like dude I'm so beefy that I don't even worried about zombies most of the time yeah it's like weird how you get to that point once you find a good weapon yeah good weapon in a good character what is that oh this is karma thought that was a key or something I guess it is really sad though that your character died yeah but I mean I have like a horror and G random there's a new me I I just lose loose whatever Lucilla Lucy I'm just gonna call myself Lucy you can't keep tracking him I keeps changing it something else but yeah this is the new me I'm happy with it I got a skirt I got a machete - a machete I already had I basically was just a walking machete I was just a walk in machete let's be real oh dude this thing is great dude clear this door yeah I mean like I don't do anything cuz you're slay them all that's like the clear weapon okay very tired now though yeah but still really good yeah hopefully doesn't break on you dream the next time you be there might be it yeah building on left one last building all right did your character is so fast yeah I know I love it I love it that's why I was like whatever this is why I think she's kind of a rare character maybe yeah honestly it is I'm being really it's the reason why I'm not that sad about my character being dead cuz she's way better than me just like in almost every way literally from a every way except I had good shooting I don't know what her shooting is her morale wasn't very good but I think that was pretty much the only thing yeah but hey I mean you're going so fast I can barely ahead oh sorry just gotta keep things moving we gotta make it out of Canada turf or what's Jeff do we will I have a feeling we're gonna make oh my god I'm stuck on the forgive me don't worry uh this keeps going there good Wow glorious my character needs to come can't grab it there he is I'm more feet here oh there's feet up here six gasps yes I'm at gas stove not bad not bad dude this is a good hole so far for sure yeah I think this is probably actually like the best haul we've had in in a while anyway there was a in like the whole run there was that one really good haul we had all that food that was like though right it was just like we stumbled upon the government cash and they just gave us like oh yeah I know I'm talking about the the Oh like the big groceries big grocery store yeah oh I thought it was easy to go around how can you think that your view look a helmet winter look closer to the real me than she does so confused oh right yeah go right did they have those cheap machetes are lasting forever to you yeah I'm sorry wonder if they even bring I think they do they have a higher chance of breaking I think technically every time you swing a weapon there's a small chance I can okay makes sense it's Friday machetes problem just really low yeah ten food six gas not bad three medicals I was really good 74 bicycle ammo lots Emma dude wasn't this up from zero pistol and this was a medical place we got a lot of wet you know yeah yeah plus plus we healed up to full did I didn't even realize how long we've ran on this episode so we're gonna go ahead and end this up here as long as nothing crazy happens yeah no nothing in weird happens oh yeah we're just camping alright so see you guys in the next episode thanks so much for watching if you're enjoying this series make sure you give us like as much appreciated and uh let us know what your favorite super character is in this game if you played it I think there's a Bart I really wanna fight I think there's like a link there's a bar I ran into like a Fire Emblem character I'm pretty sure yeah there's a lot of characters yeah dude there's like a Freddy or a Jason character oh yeah that that guy's like the the the picture and I know there's Rambo you can run ah dude that would be amazing okay well hopefully we find another character soon yeah cuz I want to see what we can get alright see you next

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