சிக்கன் பிரியாணி | Chicken biriyani in tamil | My style chicken biriyani

by: Agnes Creations

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crap - pulsated compromise up Karlie behavioral economic or job either vague of de la vinegary won't have Kalyan I love Adam another couple of my age kind of a would have a Chilika chicken pieces in theater and the masala would have saved the nominal lover the Kalam chicken leftover biryani pieces when the null have ended the kappa ramadan of money in the mail under busunako Emilio Illamasqua masala was shaken Oh Opryland on the chicken a la Vega I'll juicy air cada chicken wants Vega loved enough billionaire tastes a when this foil I know I know chicken when the fully cooked over to 75 percent 90 percent my leg fully cook cars are a very corner my lovin the break over the laugh when the chicken of ager the cafeteria okonjima that never ended tablespoon and I look at on me curtain Jonathan leave it there number one day then a la Vega vanilla chicken vaguer the coconut and eSATA then LM expanded the kapalama or more reported medium flame lies the freeway covered Allah for ten minutes a L'Orange is alcohol she can render job in parker of the Kurds or it's in a piece of the pizza piranha Elena I stopped buying a chicken Melissa window the copper Amon Amarth the masala is a clown [Music] biryani order flavor a decapitare the talk on economist RI checkup or imparting nod for a teaspoon oliver kizomba a primer in da laka or Chindit under putter or more a crumble save the turn align the mother or the chick like either one the virus of India was you know laughs so Masada Rama you reaching the money would for a penny Conger pour upon a dead chicken 11 the company internal appearance evander colonel event occur upon the masala villopoto clam cones Hamada Iroquois neither than are you a particular number flavor I don't tell about the polar molecule not ship kind of good I mean bailout for the monitor portal Amex panic alarm heapin Amin I love Kyle Louise with company their signature on Erica Huachuca put the knob of Gotham Elise aether core say it today then allah wahda Kalon welcome biryani kind of masala ready panting boudin noir Packham biryani kathiria's San Diego I'm on the suit opening claw now in the hot water that is fun we're a seeker of biryani today I don't taste from on a lark or it wasn't any cup i receipt basmati are you see when they use para correr either come under carpet and a shaker and I look up to say Claire Claire a chicken learn the called a New Yorker and a motor capacitor cam Dundee says Anthony Oh chicken Elemis allows a new Cody or Cody burrito either very good or more potent away covered up Iraq [Music] masala was saying that a la cote d'ivoire at all cozy under the cap rama consumer tastes path turn the biryani TV on assault upon the safety class some are associated the Canopus a to mix fun on a seller Odyssey world and you don't Alan Alan model AAA blow put away your car Anthony alum and deported in there if I wasn't I yell kind of even the boss mother they are you see when they're ready to have an olive Washburn if there were a year over the new me show that I'm in the water watcher cap would have a chance the boss mother I serve on the tow depot and adamas a lava sea at the corpora sale terminal over there was a mix funny conga

upon my word TSP Pola lemon juice at the club Nina biryani cooker lacera and then the stage lake on Chamonix truck on you put the Navajo or a teaspoon a local Nate you say theta up three more cooker whistle Porter for 10 minutes low flame left 10 to 12 minutes a private chef and a dinner Epona on the normal car alarm pond ramp ding heaven Allah or five minutes model of Maury Povich children fibers copper metal and the mother Co it please lock on your put it now or it is for another kanay you say it the der theorem the mother has a moody porter moody wake up iraq moody virtual but still and the panel mention a character to a limited such a parting the Melilla window and their chair but the pendulum shukla be relevant wanna open phenomena would pundits up frame it ring out 20 minutes cup for amma or for creditor in the missouri light on the wardrobe length of the salt alarm time a layered in the masala cierto quran deep or edenia uproar 10 words kalakanya are at all Alka para mamakara Deportes open long

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