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by: P. Allen Smith

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a show about compelling interior settings coming up right after this

I'm allen Smith welcome to garden home assure about design and blurring the lines between inside now in today's show I have a few special guests that will share tips on accessorizing a room how to properly light an area in the home and how to decorate with these gorgeous votives plus I want to show you a popular interior space here at my farm as you can see we have a lot to cover in today's show so let's get started in the front room of the house where we're looking at the window treatments having the proper window treatments can make a huge difference in any room not just with regard to the aesthetics and the decor my friends at Gibbs tells us the benefits of these and how to properly hang

Zach I want to show you why I feel like these drapery panels are such a complement to the windows here in the house the design intent here was to create something that was Greek Revival and style it's all brand-new but made to look like an old-style and a Greek Revival style is characterized by these really large moldings these these window surrounds and the notched dog-ear if you will that comes down to a baseboard and to a plinth block is all characteristic and the depth too if you look back here you can see we've got this panel ization and the slight angle in fact there's about 18 inches of depth here which indicates sort of the thickness of the walls which creates some really nice reveal here in the house yeah the way these were pitched on an angle created some challenges for us we were configuring it to me yeah but overall came out great you know certainly we didn't want to cover up any of this nice molding and the detail that you've created well I like the kick down here that you have or the slight fold where the drapery isn't just flush with the floor tell me about that we added a slight break on the floor to really give that warmth and fullness to the drapery which is certainly relevant and needed in an entryway like this so the way they're touching the floor I think would complement the surroundings really well well it certainly has warm the entry hall up to have have the drapery here and both the stairwell here and then also in the front room absolutely I think Hesiod here is enjoying it too he looks a little warmer and happier I hope so well thanks for all your help you're welcome

my friend Lindsey coral Harper an interior designer from New York share some of her tips on sprucing up a room with a few colorful accessories Lindsay I really like the way you've edited down everything on this table just to three objects well I think it's nice and it's clean but what's great is you've got the height of a lamp you've got something natural from outside of the flower and then you have a really beautiful object orchids are a natural aren't they yeah they look great in any setting now what about just using houseplants and live plants as an accessory you said something you do often as a designer I do I think it's very easy it's very natural and the colors are always really beautiful as a designer why are accessories important to you when you're creating a room well I think they add a level of warmth and who you are they can be a memento it can be something passed down but it can also be something as easy as a plant from the outside so it's anything that you love and are there any rules about using them like too many or colors or materials all right I don't know that there any one particular rule I think you want to keep it simple you don't want to have too many less is more but you can also you don't have to have everything that you own out on one side table you can constantly switch it up and speaking of switched up I really like the way you switched up this coffee table the daffodils are amazing the daffodils are beautiful one easy rule of thumb with a cocktail table is you can really start with a stack of books yes I can see how books can be great platforms for other objects it's really easy you can put any a box on top of that and object again flowers it's a great starting point and then just mix up a few objects I guess just for visual interest exactly you don't need a lot it can be anything that you like anything colorful other flat surfaces in the home would include like a mantel and I like what you've done here in this room look to put the mantel yeah thank you I think Mantle's are great especially if you have a nice large mirror and it's really easy to stack artwork on top of that and the daffodils you've got that color echo going back and forth across the room yeah it's just really nice and unexpected it looks great so is there a rule of thumb that you always think about or fall back on when you're accessorizing Rory I think the easiest thing is just to kind of play with what you have keep it simple and edit very well I love what you've done here today we have wonderful things to play with thank you so much okay thank you

I don't know about you but I often don't think about just how important lighting can be in the rooms of our homes but having the proper lighting in certain areas can make all the difference in the world my friend Christopher Spitz Miller who's a lamp designer from New York City shares some of his tips on properly illuminating a room

so Chris when using a standing lamp like this what kinds of things should someone keep in mind I like not showing any of the hardware in the lab so that the light bulbs don't come down and none of the hardware is showing you know when we designed this house I really wanted large windows where it would flood the rooms with sunlight and when placing lights in this room I wanted to feel as natural as possible well you've done that you've got to buy the window to here by the fireplace than the two hanging lights there's no overhead lighting which is going to be the best possible solution for this room so are there any rules of thumb to follow when when placing lamps in a room when considering where you put your lamps you want to consider where you're reading or anything that you want to draw attention to in the room so it's really what you're going to accent or how you use the way exactly yeah and and when it comes to the color of the light itself what what how do you feel about that I prefer a warm light bulb myself yeah I do too because it feels more natural it feels like someone it's much more natural yeah and the color of the lamp I mean I mean your studio you offer like 50 different colors thank you we offer a lot of different colors and we do custom colors as well on top of it but what I say to people if they're ever unsure of it pick a white lamp because a white lamp will go in most any room you have well you know I love white in this house because it lightens and it's a great color for summer and for spring but I also love orange some that really makes the room pop with a lamp for like fall and winter so when it comes to shades what what kind of shade do you like to see on your your lamps the ones that you design I like to see a translucent shade that the light can flow out and come around in the room from that's what I like to see with us and so translucent shade could be made of I guess vellum or paper yeah ours are made of paper vellum but they could be made at a cloth linen silk any of those materials are good well Chris thanks for coming out I appreciate all the great advice and some of the tips you've given or the sort of thing that anyone can use in there thank you for having me Alan I've appreciated

you caught me just a big kid at heart

you know outfitting a children's room can be challenging it's not as easy as you think when I designed children's room there are three things that I like to keep in mind one is durability second it's got to have the right mood or feel and third it needs to be adaptable to change because after all they're gonna be growing up so let me show you what I did in this kid's room one of the first things I wanted to do is to make sure that the beds in here were well solid and that they were covered in something really durable so you know what I had the head boards made with an indoor/outdoor fabric not only are the headboards and footboards done that way but also the coverlets or the bedspreads this stuff is really easy to clean it's ironclad and indestructible for the other pieces of furniture I want with something equally durable metal nested tables that are painted a bright color and if you take a look at the floor I painted the floors a bright color with a very durable floor paint and this is a cotton rug over it easy to wash easy to care for now let's talk about the mood of the room who wants a dull Samba room I used bright colors the walls are painted a pale blue again the floor is green all the trim is white and the fabrics I've used well they're really perky I used pink on these beds and the two beds over here I used blue girls boys and to make it simple all the colors that I chose for this room really sprang from this one piece of fabric that I'm using as a dust ruffle it's whimsical and fun and if you just use this as a guide you can't go wrong in terms of creating a sense of harmony in the space also the other things I added to make this room fun I use some of their own artwork and framed it they loved that and also lots of books up here on subjects they love who doesn't love a puppy and the major components in this room are easily adaptable to change the major components are well the four single beds here you see not only did I have these upholstered headboards and footboards done they're slip covered so if I want to change the color way in this room then it'll be easily done as the kids mature and then of course the artwork can change as well as they grow up we can shift these things out that they did in grade school can hang up there Justin Bieber posters if they live

thanks for joining me as we explore some amazing locales here in the Windy City even those Chicago is the third largest city in the country there are some amazing outdoor spaces and indoor spaces to explore take this place for instance two and a half acres under glass now that's not a series of containers of plants this is a planted landscape to learn more about it why don't we catch up with my friend Mary

Mary this is such an astonishing place well this is the gem of the conservatory really this yeah this room is the most intact room from its start in 1908 these plants were here long before any flowering plants were on the plant these are some of the earliest plants on earth so many of these plants literally go back to the Jurassic period which would be 200 million plus years oh yeah absolutely for instance right here we have a side cap Wow look at that isn't that amazing that huge specimen the these plants are over 300 years old my gosh Wow that's what's so cool about this room look at these ferns over here gosh they're just everywhere you know we have about 150 different kinds of species of ferns I mean that's just ferns alone I love the way Jensen designed this and that you're walking down these hallways of ancient plant he stratified these rocks so that it would look like ancient Illinois this is what basically the geology from around here is so this is really what Illinois would have looked like 200 million years ago notice that you have this sculpture here in the pond which is marvelous these are very ethereal and amorphous yeah we have art exhibits here as part of the work that we do oh no we ask that the artists somehow relate to the plants so you can see that there's some leaf shapes within this sculpture right so it's a way for us to drive attendance but more importantly I love that combination of art in nature yeah because it helps people understand the nature a little bit better yeah yes marvelous

of sleeping-porch everyone loves the sleeping-porch when they come to visit you know what's so wonderful about it is that you feel like you're going away to summer camp this is something about it that makes people feel nostalgic when I'm entertaining guests and I think they may want to stay out here I try to add a few creature comforts some water magazines and I love these quilts they're not old but they work with the style and color of the beds you see these quilts pick up the colors of blue chartreuse pink salmon the colors that I have out here in the room now what's so wonderful about this is you can wake up to fresh air if you don't have to worry about the insects because of this green wire now give you a little tip if you do a screen in 4ch and you want to be able to look through the wire mesh but I used here as a copper wire rather than aluminum because it's easier to see through whereas with the aluminum I found it shimmers and is very apparent as you try to look through it now the history of the sleeping-porch well it's not surprising I mean it really was popular before there was air conditioning so in the late 19th century early 20th centuries sleeping porches in certain parts of the country particularly the south for all the rage now one of the things that I like about this room is it really is fitted out like a room in your home have lamps and tables and of course the beds and then there the house plants this is the perfect place to bring them out for their summer camp now keep emphasizing summer actually sleeping porches can be used any time of the year as long as the weather is mild I use the sleeping-porch twelve months out of the year it's a great place to just kick back and relax

so excited about the stairs going in come over here and look you can see the stringer here the stairs start over arrow that side in this house what weird is are taking every possible inch and converting it into usable space of some form

well wouldn't you know it we got a snow and the ground is really slick and wet because we got a lot of rain before the snow and they brought some lumber and the guy got stuck so it's a good thing that we have a tractor here and Tony's worked it out where we've gotten him on his way and he just delivered this new pallet of lumber for going up with the roof of the house

hey we've established the highest point on the house all right so bedecking just got delivered right just using OSD we're using one that has a reflective coating on the outside which will help reflect some of the heat that's going to be pounding this roof over the years to come you know the goal with this project is to get as much livable space as we can out of the entire footprint of the house so we've got a 1650 square foot house in order to maximize all the space we had to use the upstairs which is the attic space

hey the skeleton of the house is about to get its first layer of skin

we're actually going to take this rap and take it all around the house and it's made of plastic but if you look closely you can see that it's perforated the idea here is that it will allow oxygen air to exchange from the inside outside you want a house to breathe so but what this also does is it protects its outer sheathing from moisture

hey if you don't want your windows to sag you better make sure you got headers

yeah I don't care what anybody says you can have blueprints all day long but at the end of the day you got to get up in the space and you got to get a sense of how it feels

who doesn't love a fireplace toasty warm in the winter you're coming in through this entry hall ten-foot ceilings into this room and down at this end is going to be a focal point so here on this wall which faces south we have a range from the very beginning a firebox

I've just taken a little sewer here and all of the rooms are now clearly defined and they're clearly defined by these two befores which are made of fur I love a house that has a series of experiences so what you have in this case you're going to come on to this new porch that's coming along into an entry hall and into what would be the family or great room so there is a sequence of rooms starting out here with this outdoor room and that's what I consider a porch an outdoor room

Hey look here windows while I was away they delivered all of the windows we've been waiting for them for some time now they've brought him in a big truck and all 14 of them were unloaded in here in the house and Tony's already started finding homes for them

this is the part of the show that I really enjoy because you send me photographs of your landscapes with some ideas that we might throw around to improve them so why don't we take a look at a garden in Kansas this house belongs to Cindy and now she tells me that her house faces southeast and that she very much likes ornamental grasses and I see you're experimenting with some different looks like Miscanthus grass here and here and maybe some over here let me just give you a few ideas there's really not much that needs to be removed here but if you brought this bed around you can see it comes around the back across here what if it's swept around this tree like that and you made this bed here even more generous came around here across the front of this fence it looks like you've got a gate here you also mentioned that you like burning bush and if we use some of those it's sort of a structural plant that was used maybe a big drift of those here and maybe another drift of them here and then come back over here on this side and do another drift of burning bush there so you set into place the structural elements and I love burning bush because of that really intense red color they get in the fall and then what I would do Cindy is perhaps place a large boulder here just a big natural boulder here and you might even integrate one of them over here on this side like this and you also mention that you liked larai a--they so what if under this tree this was all planted in variety all around like this and this where there's a pocket here of color well you could plant some beautiful annuals say we have a pocket right here for some color and then we'd do a pocket of color right here so there's a great place for maybe some of those outrageous supertunias that would spill out onto your stone wall right now let's get to the grasses what I'd love to see you do is mix some grasses with some other things that feel like the Prairie for instance Russian sage is a great companion plant one of my favorites along with maybe purple home flour and then add some day lilies and just with those four different kinds of plants you get distinctly different flower forms but I want you to plant these these grasses in big drifts okay so there might be a big drift of Russian sage maybe five to seven plants of Russian sage and then another drift of let's say one of the switch grasses like panicum Shayan skies is a very good one would be great for you maybe seven to ten of those and big groups you want him to grow in big clumps like this and then next to it you might place that purple coneflower in groups of five to seven and do the same thing over here on this side and sort of repeat and balanced but think about those plants the daylily the Russian sage and the purple coneflower and then a variety of grasses about three different grasses where they're tall too low and don't have just single plants like you have here here and here if you group them together in in masses it's going to make a really bold impact and start tall and come down smaller or lower as you come towards the walkway into the front of the house I think it could be really spectacular nice nd I hope this is helpful good luck to you

that's all the time we have for today's show hope you've come away with some ideas on how you can enhance any room in your house you know you don't have to go through and change a lot just adding a few things sort of sprucing up a little bit here and there can make a big difference until next time for the garden home I'm allen Smith more information about today's topic and other topics covered in this series can be found at pln Smith com

more of the ideas seen in this program can be found in Alan's garden home series of books with Alan's latest book bringing the garden indoors decorate your home with nature's beauty viewers can follow Alan through the four seasons of living in the garden home which is filled with projects activities and decorating ideas he Alan Smith's garden home follows Alan through the process of building his garden home and explains the 12 principles of design allow four to six weeks for delivery when ordering toll-free at eight six six three five nine seven zero zero four funding for P Alan Smith's garden home is made possible by the following proven winners proven winner selects plants for their color Beauty vigor and flowers that lasts from spring through fall you'll find proven winners plants shrubs and roses in their signature branded containers at garden centers and the Home Depot locations across the country now help and advice from bonnie Plants is available through your smartphone at MDOT or by scanning this code on sell online on site bonnie is there the art of the natural State Arkansas vacation planning gets available at Arkansas calm or 1-800 natural



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