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[Music] you know guys and welcome back and welcome back it's only the same thing but I don't know oh why you cop with me girl you are copying me look at that what's that I think she was peeking while I was taking I was getting dressed were you peeking were you peeking then you were peeking she was peeking she don't wanna admit it I knew you know you get that feeling that somebody's looking at you are you gonna marry go to war cuz I'm rest of the match so alright so it's you know what admit something so today we're going somewhere new watching that new it's here of our house and now they have a light show and I've been living here Miami Lakes for 18 years and I just found out this today so and they said they've been doing it for a long time so it'll be cool and you guys are coming along for the ride and I think it's supposed to be a light show or something I don't are they doing the main street so we're gonna go we'll take the camera and you guys gonna learn I mean you guys are gonna see at the same time I am because I never been there so and usually already are you ready dresses when you're looking at dresses a [Music] support for one of the the end-of-the-year party it should be fun her job is having it you know how normally big companies have company parties and her part is gonna be on a yacht so it's gonna be fun it's gonna be I guess is gonna be one of the best parties at Downton cuz they yeah party anything has do with the water you know Judy look at you the dog is sitting there looking at the leash in a wall because he knows if we grab the leech leash on the walk he's going but if we don't grab it he ain't going no no you can't go you know what it's all gonna trace the thing no because if we go to a restaurant afterwards the dog can get it yes we are because we have an 8:00 dinner okay so come on people's let's go who's driving me all right can you please somebody grab some water some cold water please can somebody cognizant call a wallet what drop the camera do you guys want me to drop the camera if I drop the camera yeah gonna see you guys are not gonna see what I'm the morning so you already drunk no one to drop the camera okay I'm a drop the camera you see you guys have seen what I'm seeing wait wait they just said they'll drop it there you go see I have to pick it up again [Music]

didn't I see oh I forgot to show you guys look at this you know what I should have made a video about this I mean you have you guys follow me on Instagram you guys noticed I bought some new rods I should even I should have made a video how to make the rod holder at home so you don't have guys will have to spend no money I think I must have spent like was like 612 maybe on the $40 and I made a 10 rod holding to keep in this other house because I have to keep my rods you know and I keep that fishing gear inside the house because I was keeping them outside and we're getting rusty I will talk all night he and he's still you ready you ready [Music] the thing starts up five and it's 5:15 do you okay so why are we not in the car drivers a place to be excuse me little girl did the girl well not meet you guys outside in the car I'll be in the car

well you know what let me see today we're going in there take that come on yeah yeah hey come on you doubt look you're pissing every nasty dog alright so we going today let me see the dog ain't going nowhere he won't sing on the car Michael oh she just trying me okay so check this out guess what car I'm going into I mean we're going in pretty cool right I think you know I was gonna match so let's go

what are you doing in the front you're not supposed to ride in the front excuse me that is my charger to my phone little girl all right okay where are my keys no my keys all right where are the keys to the Beamer Who am I come let's go let's go let's go okay see bill ma'am hey can you call Jenny see where they're at and they left my just go by their house okay so I guess the trick is gonna be finding parking because I see is already full this is food so this is gonna be fun in the Sun [Music] another God and letter got here today me can I sing to you hey you want to sing to me I'm seeing you a whole song



I never heard of this I've been living here 18 years yeah I never seen an enum

without our I guess look

okay I'll be out here yes thank you thank you lord [Music]

but they're recording okay so this is mainstream and like you guys saw I've heard of you before I've been livin here 18 years and I've never heard of this I just gonna advertise it enough or I just don't pay attention but this is pretty cool and in Main Street is about two blocks long and it's you know made up of built um actually residential condos on top or apartments and in the bottom floor its shops it has the ice cream parlor restaurants stores sisters like like everyone want to call it like a little outdoor bar and this event is pretty nice especially doing the holidays because you get to walk around anyway you know meet up with neighbors and even meet new friends that people here that live in your own hometown and like you notice I have to listen well the boy is decided to go with their friends so they're actually walking around here somewhere very very jolly occasion okay but these pickups furnace we want to have all of our to please please be sure that you're holding your children by their hand okay we will be turning off absolutely all the lights here in mainstream all of them so it's going to be very very very very nice

[Music] my mom shows up places he needs to feel he needs to feel that you guys are you guys ready what I wanna say to you all this

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] this is great I love them with a selfie this is the greatest team that came to grade it especially wouldn't be likes you this is great so take me see beauty children here oh really who you are you know who you are if you guys been cleaning your room are you brushing your teeth are you hoping

[Music] [Applause] [Music] I think that we are ready I think we can bring through the lights now okay here we go




will your idol ready whoa [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Music] I'm doing your video I was telling them that I see your videos beautiful oh yeah yeah nice to meet you

damn alert

[Applause] [Music] yeah wish I got that from here oh boy oh my goodness


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We are going today to a community Christmas event here in miami lakes main street shops. That we never knew that it was held every year This is going to be our first time going. The event is done to bring the community together and to see the lighting decoration for the holidays. They close off the street in front of the shops and put music for everyone to enjoy. Christmas lights for the tree link

snow flake projector link

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