Free Beginner Bluegrass Lesson by Banjo Ben

by: Banjo Ben Clark

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benjoe being here again but but it ah welcome to my newest instructional video today is a very special day as you know most of the time when I teach lessons I do it on camera I teach you all out there and in YouTube land today actually I'm going to combine both a live lesson of face to face lesson and an internet lesson two and one I found a student that is willing to come on camera with me and I'm going to give you just a little taste of what it's like to take a lesson face to face well the first thing I'm going to show you is just banjo one-on-one and there are only actually three chords that a banjo player has to know okay I get through 90% of the music out there okay are you ready I'm a lawn mowing man real that's my background yeah and there's three chords that I need to know cord to plug in the lawnmower if you got an electric one some people run them you know something yeah put a cord to plug in a floodlight if you gotta mow at night and then a Accord to plug in the radio if you're nearby because you can listen to some extra time pass it really does well these are a little different believe that it really does well the first chord let's go ahead and talk about in the first chord that you want it it's the easiest chord perhaps to make on any instrument okay and that's what we call just a barre chord Barre chord and it takes one finger okay so if you got one fingers you can do this okay so a man with no no fingers can't play the banjo actually there are I've seen people with no fingers play the banjo you know Arizona feller uptown BJ Telus and he ain't got no fingers from hello he ain't got no fingers on the horn on his right hand you got that powerful right little nub on the right hand with no finger here punch it riding a Tuesday people make do with what they got you will do well we're going to make do with our next chord position here okay this is what we're going to call the Y position Y because that's what it actually looks like it looks like a Y okay they're like a letter Y like a letter Y a little letter Y and the way that that one looks is just like this here we're going to start on the third fret a couple weeks back I don't know if you heard about this daddy's thunderstorms I mean lightning thunder everything rolling in town today dreams of this real - and I could not I could not get any lawn mowing done because well it's raining I tried I try to do it whenever I can but it's just so bad and you know what me mum told me look Peter don't prep you do not fret about tapping because there the Sun will shine again and you can pick up all them on and sure enough many more just say you don't want to happen you don't you fret about there well this is a different kind of fun I didn't and the Sun came out a couple of days later and I mowed them long so I know what you're talking a little took care of you so right down here at third fret you want me to fret I want you to fret it's okay I don't tell me ma all right and we're going to just switch our first two fingers there you see how we just switch the strings and we're gonna make what's called a third inversion okay can we do that my third a third inversion third inversion you know there's a feller no he don't live in town no more he's out in the country I tell you what though speaking of inversion he got this thing and I don't know if it's the same thing on the inside of his toenail where it grows down in so deep today you got to get go to the doctor and I remember the pus cut out this morning you pop it open boy and I'll tell you what he said that that's like taking a deep breath and having a whole new life when you get that thing fixed because he couldn't walk on it he couldn't walk on it and you know daddy and he's a husband aren't hanging out he got a lot of things he need to do with that foot and he couldn't even step on a on the accelerator for his truck but it hurt so bad cuz he had like a third toe inversion well you know we got something to be thankful for we got all our toes and our fingers but what I don't have is much more time okay so I want everyone I'm gonna have to wrap it up for today okay we had a dinner over there at my aunt Patty's okay that I need to get in for but I appreciate it speaking of wrapping it up if there's anything left at aunt Patty's from that little potluck if you could just drop by my trailer oh it's the third one down you'll see me mom she's been out it's been so hot in a trailer lately that she swamp coolers off so shoot see down there on the front porch just yeah I don't know what aunt patty makes it she makes pecan pie pot roast or whatever she could live we'll see you later



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