15 Tips for Disneyland Paris

by: Sarah Louise Porter

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be my 15 top tips on things that will help you while you're at Disney and Paris now I have never been to Disney World or any other Disney park unfortunately so this is just for Disneyland Paris so I mean it is not in Paris four times now like I haven't been loads some people go every year some people go every month some people have been gone every year since it opened I've been four times so no it's not Lourdes but I do feel like I've learned a lot and I've done a lot of research before I've gone and I do feel like I could share some tips that might help you guys while you're there so hopefully these tips will cover like me and Greece rides food just a lot of things shopping so hopefully it will help you over a range of things and it was originally gonna be top 10 but I can't good 15 so let's get into my top 15 tips for Disney on Paris so make sure you've got a cup of tea at hand and a pen and paper because you're gonna want to write these down if you're on your way to Disneyland Paris I haven't done them in an order I let you sort of things and wrote it down so I'm gonna read off a list so my first tip is fast passes and single Rider use them a lot of people do not realize that fast passes are free when I went to the park the second time I think the fast passes were a thing I don't know if they were a thing before that I was too young to remember but the second time I went to the park I do remember fast passes being a thing and we thought that you have to pay for them like when you go to on towels and things like that you don't have to pay them fast passes are for everyone so all you need is your empty tickets these are mine from last week my 25th anniversary ones and my boyfriend's we were really lucky and got a matching couple how cute so all you need is your entry ticket and if you get a map when you go into the park get yourself a map these are at the entrance and if you look on the map there is this a Fastpass sign it explains all about the fast passes and then if you go into the main bit of the map all of the rides that have fast paths see you next to them and then just find them on the map and then those are the rides that have fast paths and means either you can get through them quicker so not all rights have a fast pass it's normally just the bigger rides like the rollercoasters and the more popular kind of rides so buzz has a Fastpass Krishnas coaster in studios Park has a Fastpass and stuff like that so what you want to do is you want to make sure you get your Fastpass early in the morning because the fast passes that run out by the middle of the day so if you know you're going to want to go on big thunder or buzz lightyear later on what you do is you get your ticket go straight to the ride as soon as you can this should be like little poof's kind of things I can't explain them like little machine things next to the entrance of the rides you normally say fast pass above them or just ask a cast member there's always a cast member at the beginning of every ride and you put your ticket in it gives you a back and it gives you a Fastpass ticket and then you come back at a later time and you have a half an hour slot I believe to come back and then you only wait for like I don't know see it was like a 60-minute cue of the ride you would only wait like 10 15 minutes just off the top my head so make sure you use fast passes also single riders things like ratatouille and crushers coaster use the single riders if you have bends then I understand you're not gonna want to leave you like young Ben's like don't do that but if you can't split the group up a single rider it's so much quicker and you can just talk about the ride when you get enough anyway and you're gonna be on the ride it's not as if you're gonna be communicating that much so we'll make sure if you can't single riding you do it and if you can't get Fast Pass to do it it will cut your queue time down by our loft and I highly recommend it especially for ratatouille we single riders ratatouille the first time I went into like those Studios Park and people walk in 45 minutes and we queued for not even 10 minutes and my boyfriend got on the ride after me so it's really not that much difference you're not gonna be waiting a long time for each other or you are going to cut your queue time down so use fast passes and use single riders so there are a couple of places around the park that are going to be hidden that you want to go do so I'll name a few but make sure if you can you do your research so that you don't miss out on them this is the fourth time out peed in the park just last week and I've only just found Maleficent I know she's hidden under the castle so I'm gonna tell you a couple of places that you want to go to that I hidden so the first one is a photo opportunity everybody stands in for another castle and there's loads of people in the background of the photo if you go towards the castle and then the mean like draw edge road kind of thing that goes up into the castle to the left if you go down there there's like a circular area where nobody ever goes and you can get amazing pictures with the castle just behind you seriously and it's best for selfies as well because you are right in front of the castle so you can't get the whole castle in but still added lots of pictures there for my vlog and for my lookbook and things and nobody bothered us so make sure you go right down to the left if you want to get pictures infer to the castle and nobody else around in your picture see on that underneath the castle there's also like a little labyrinth of areas including Maleficent so make sure you go down left again like past that like picture area and Maleficent's cave is under there and you can see maleficent and you can walk underneath the castle and like in front of it so still outside and you can also go around to the right-hand side where there's a wishing well so there's lots of like his and little things under the castle there not many people know about and it's normally quieter Cinderella's carriage is another thing that I've already just seen for the first time when you go through the castle on the right-hand side it looks like you can't go through it looks like it's like a restaurant which it is but you can't go through into the seating area even if you're not in that restaurant and it's pretty much always quiet and I've forgotten the name of the restaurant but it's basically where you meet the princesses for lunch and through there it's Cinderella's castle go through get pictures like it's always quiet and you did have such a senior's castle cinders courage so we'll make sure on the right-hand side you go through and you'll be able to see the carriage if you go around that side and then just go through right up to it you can't let you don't need to be having a reservation at that restaurant go and look at her beautiful carriage so Skull Island round in Adventureland is another place people don't really think to go because it is a very complicated place you go into the cave and we got lost in that cave system for about 20 minutes it's a bit of a laugh there's no queuing for it make sure you've gone check out Skull Island but other than like caves and the odd little bits of treasure and like skeletons and things there's not much around there but it is so cute if you've got a spare twenty minutes or if you want to get out the room obviously people know about Skull Island like the big skull cave and cornets gland I'm not sure if that's what it's called but you can go in them and also so make sure you go and check it out one more cute little thing is the princesses the princesses have a princess waltz if you cool we're Cinderella's carriage is just before the princess sure you can watch all of the princesses come out and walk past you and go down by the castle and then if you stand back like if you go through the castle on the right-hand side and look at the princess stage you can see all the princesses lined up all ready for the show so yes you'll miss the show unless you then walk around but while they are waiting to go up onto the shore you can like see them all interacting with each other and it's really funny because you can see like different princesses interact with different princes so if you've already seen the show or you're not too forced are you going to a later time or something light out make sure you check out round the back of the castle because you can see the princesses that waiting to go up onto the shore like the stage and it's just really cute okay so tip number three if you I want to meet somebody like Ariel or aurora so the princesses in the princess pavilion or Mickey at the meet Mickey Mouse buildin goal their thirst you can't get a fast pass for those unless you have a priority pass which I'm going to talk about later so basically if you all want to meet Mickey you're going to be waiting a long time so especially if you don't have early magic hours so if you're not staying in an on-site hotel make sure you go straight to the walls and I mean straight to them because you will be waiting its average 90 minutes for the princess pavilion so we went 45 minutes after the park opened to like the general public and it was already a 90 minute cure the princess pavilion we had a priority pass so like I said I'll get back onto that but if you want to be a princess or the Mickey Mouse in his meet Mickey Mouse buildin which I highly recommend to do make sure you go straight there or you gonna be queuing otherwise just make sure you know you've got a queue on your hands but it's worth it and one last tip for meeting characters is if you want to meet Minnie or Donald or any of the characters out on Main Street as soon as you go in they're already gonna have massive queues because of the people who had early magic hours and if you don't have that then and if you want to meet Chip and Dale but you're gonna have to kill for them you're going to have to but Chip and Dale tends to have the shortest queue but if you do want to meet you up and deal as soon as you go into the park cute and I mean as soon as the park opens for general public q so the third time I went to the park and I want to start meeting characters I hadn't met characters on my previous two trips I was younger and we just didn't get around to it so we had a look in one shot to get me some ears and then we went to chip and deal and the queue was already closed because they go round to Frontierland so if you want a picture with chip and deal especially now in the 25th anniversary costume but just in general when they're there in front of the castle then go straight there don't got the shops of course they don't go anywhere else as soon as you go to the park and opening go straight at Chippendale because they shut it off because they're only there for like ten more minutes after the park opens so the second day when we were there we went straight there and even with a priority card which we had and the first year when we were there I was like oh my god I want to meet you deal but we'd we'd been queuing to get a priority pass which was only ten minutes and then we went to Chippendale and even was the priority pass they said no so if you want Chippendale in front of the castle and you don't have any magic hours it's go straight there okay so now I'll get onto this green pass priority card thing that I'm talking about okay so this is tip number four and this isn't going to apply to everyone you have to have a medical reason to have this pass so I have MA which is chronic fatigue syndrome so I got this pass the past does different things to different disabilities so what they'll do is you have to have the right evidence to apply for one and I can't see what evidence you need because I don't know why you would need one so all you have to do is go onto Disneyland Paris website and if you want to pass there is a leaflet on there which you can download which will tell you what evidence to take and it cuts down your queue time if you're able to get one so I'm quite fatigue syndrome so I can't stand for as long I can't walk around as much that sort of thing so my past allowed us to queue for a shorter amount of time and on the quiet rides we actually pretty much just got straight on which was amazing and a lot of it and I did feel really guilty as well because when I walk up to a ride and people have been queuing for 90 minutes and we get on in 20 or straight on then people do look at you're like why have you walked straight onto this ride do not judge a book by it's cover people's disabilities are always available to see to the eye and I felt like we definitely got stared up quite a lot or by the end of it when it's like you know what like I have the pass for a reason I'm going to have to use it so they'll obviously put on it the DFT therefrom and depending on you disability you can't have a different amount of people on your pass so I have chronic fatigue syndrome so I was allowed I think four people on my pass but there was only like me in the math 3 like my boyfriend and my two friends so we were allowed to use this passed like all four of us to get on two rides but I was only allowed to take one person for the parade like special standing area and the Illuminations special area but I was actually allowed to take my two friends into the Illuminations area as well later on even when it was like five minutes before the show and it was quite quiet and there was room for them so she was gonna let them in but then I couldn't find him anyway it gets very busy in front of illuminations so make sure if you have some form of disability that you check out this priority pass like just looking at this there's like loads of different ones so if you have I have the box ticked for guests with difficulty standing and walking there's also a guest with out hands I have wheelchair guests and cognitive and mental disabilities autism blind there's also the expectant mother as well and if you have a guide dog and then it tells you how many people and then they will depending on what disability you have they will stump how many people you're allowed to take on an attraction with you and next to the parade with you so I did see someone government illuminations and I don't know what passed they had obviously but they took six people into the illuminations like area for people with paths whereas I was new now to take one so it depends on your disability but I highly recommend it because it cut down our right time and I think that was why this was the best trip I've ever had because not that I haven't enjoyed the trips beforehand but standing and queuing when you have chronic fatigue syndrome is horrible and I was getting headaches and all soft so if you watch the vlog from September I wasn't very well on the first day it didn't ruin it at all but this time was so much better and I was nowhere near as tired just in general on the trip and it was amazing so check out the Disney Empire's website and get yourself a priority card so tip number five is Auto pass if you come off a ride where you've had your fall or taking other such as Buzz Lightyear and or if you've met a character saw Mickey or Darth Vader you'll get a photo pass and you will go straight to the thing and think oh I'll get this picture now you don't have to get it now you can keep this and this lasts up to 15 days so what added is our looked at the picture on the first day and remembered how much it was going to be and I thought if I can afford it I'll come back and get it and I did I went back and I got out on the second day so don't worry if you think that's a lot of money for a picture but I have to get it now so you dawn to keep a holy for path it lasts 15 days and you can just get it at a later date and not a lot of people know that people thinks I have to get it straight away you don't this is my dog feed a Fastpass which we never fold or pass away which we never used so that's why I still got it but yeah so you don't have to get you fall off straight away off the PhotoPass roads so this tip is about shopping if you are lucky enough to have entry into the studios park the studio shop as soon as you go through the barrier on the left is the best shop to shop in in the whole of all the parks no joke so what happens is basically Main Street shops are always going to be busy because they are Main Street shops especially when it gets later on in the day most people are coming back to the main bit of the path for illuminations or because they're leaving and the Main Street part like shops get so unbelievably busy and it's not nice so if you are able to go into studios then I recommend that you go into that shop not the shop when you're in the main like food first building or studios I don't know what it's called so once you call me in here to scan yourself in go past the and the statue of Mickey and Walter or is that on the inside I'm getting confused and then you're going in there's lots of food places and it looks like you're kind of in Vegas I want to see and you're walking down the street and there's all the villains and all the shops so before that shop on the Left come back out and there's a shop on the left as soon as you go into the park you're still outside that shop there is always we're quieter than any other shop so what we always do is we make sure we see what we want around the park the first day and the second kind of morning then we're going to studios and then on the way out studios but the earlier the better and go into that shop and it's so much quieter because they're inviting you go back - the main park or if you want to go to any other shop it's going to be busy just because men like the main parks shops are busier so we went to that studio shop the third time we went to his land mid D and it was dead and then where we went last week we went about four or five o'clock and possibly even six o'clock and it was still we we're quieter than the shop into yours and the main street shops which we also went around to so if you want to do some shopping it might not have everything but it's still it does have like a good range of stuff and it has stuff that isn't in any other shop as well it has a lot of really nice clothes but you normally only find out in the village make sure you check out that shop as soon as you go into studios it's always quiet and it's a really nice shot so the next tip is about eating if you are going to be having your lunch in a quick service restaurant so when you just go in and you go open your audio food like a burger or chips or a pizza and stuff like that so not table service then triangle a little bit before lunchtime because we went in about half 11 and quarter past 11 to get some lunch and it was dead and the day before when we'd gone in to a very similar restaurant it's like 45 minutes later like an hour 15 later it was so packed the kills out the door so make sure if you can go for lunch a little bit earlier and then just like get a snack later on before tea or something I'll go for tea earlier and then just get a snack while you're waiting for the fireworks or something like triangle for food earlier because it makes such a huge difference and I'm really bad with the restaurant names but with the restaurant when you come through a Fantasyland through the castle the one on the left not the toward one which is up in the corner next to Mickey Mouse that one is so much busier than the one that is on the left as you gone in near Adventureland and it's pretty much the same restaurant so what was it I've forgotten the semen of it but the restaurant before so if you walk around past the princess shop there's a restaurant on the left and it's all really nice outdoor seating and stuff and that one is pretty much the same as the toward restaurant next to meet me meet Mickey Mouse and it's way quieter just in general so try that restaurant rather than that restaurant sorry I don't know the names otherwise triangle for lunch Bell yeah I'm sorry if the position has ever so slightly changed what the camera just died so I had to put a new battery in so hopefully it hasn't moved okay so if you are after a princess figuring it's a little bit more expensive so the one like that a musical one or a worth or Lumiere or that big Ariel there if you have to something like that go to the princess shop and don't be disheartened if there isn't one out or there's only one out of everything the display ones which I was confused by the first time I went into that shop because a cast member told a girl who was stood next to me because I had a hold of something and I was gonna buy it and then the customer told a girl because she said oh I want that too and then the customer said that's the last one so I don't know if he just couldn't be bothered or what but I went to the tail at the back of that shop the princess shop through the castle and a woman went out in the back and got me another one and because there was some damage on the display one the art display ones there's plenty more of them out the back so do not be afraid to ask for one of them and they will go and get you another one out the back and when you do get one make sure you check it over properly because the first time I checked all that the Aurora that should brought me out and a crown was missing and she didn't notice so don't be afraid get it out the Box have a good look at it and then give it back make sure it's all wrapped up properly so yeah I didn't know that I thought although there's only one Cogsworth left all those only worn in the air and I was like oh they're just display and if there's any damage on them there's more out the back don't be afraid to ask and don't be afraid to check so for the parade and the illuminations so if you have a prior to pass you don't really need to worry about this because there's somewhere specific for you to stand but if you don't have a private pass which is most people then make sure you get to the parade or illuminations a good hour before it starts and that might seem like a long time but if you especially the parade if you want to be that at the front of the parade get to the front of the parade and do not be afraid to get a hold of the rope and stop people from push in front of you I've seen that when people will be clearly I've stood there for ages making sure they get that front bit and people push their kids in front of you and yes kids is one thing because they're shorter than you it's fine but I've seen adults push in front of people as well because they're stood with the kid and it's like no that's not they were stood there an hour you can't just push in front of someone because you have a band and all bands like can easily stand in front year and not block the way adults should not push in front of adults that's not fair so make sure you get to the front of the period like lines an hour before they'll already be there and if they're not just have a look on the map to see where the parade's gonna be you'll get an idea for it stand next to a wall if you can like where the period first comes out so that no one can push in for a year added that for the stormtroopers thing over in studios I stood next to this big thing so that nobody could like try and push in front of me I was like up against it like no nobody's getting in front of me so make sure that you get there an hour early if you want to be right at the front assume with illuminations try and pick somewhere that has like a fence in front of you so that no one can get behind light in front of you or if you write back get like a fence behind you so you can like sit on it a bit and like be a bit more up just try and make sure you're in a position that if you want to be there and have a good space that you get there at least now we're early and make sure that you're in a position where you feel comfortable that no one's gonna push in front of you or whatever another tip is that if you're not bothered about being at the front but you want a good space if you go to fantasy land outside the pasta shop and the ice cream shop across the other side of the road there are seats people don't really use the seats when the parade's on because if you sat on them nobody can see in front of the people stood up so what I did is that stood on the seats and I could see everything no I wasn't at the front and I didn't get any character interaction but I could see the whole parade from a very good angle so stand on those seats there's no minder you're not going to annoy anyone it does mean you know if the front but you get the goods yeah good you get a good view and you can also do that for the Illuminations if you can get a seat and you know there's no one behind you and like if you get one up against like a fence and there's just a lot of grass behind you if you stand on that or even sit on the back of it it's not really going to annoy anyone on like round the back because they're so far away like you won't really be in their view so try and do things like that get a seat stand on it sit on it try out to bugger and you want obviously by getting in the way but you shouldn't bother anyone if you do things like that a massive epic tip that I learned the last time that I went so if you always see people wear epic pictures in front of the castle on a night or sat in the middle of Main Street and there's nobody else around and you think how did they get that it's really really easy so when I went last September as soon as the illuminations finish everybody soft walking out the park and it feels like a long time like we kind of tried to go slow so they to see if other people would leave but at the same time you like all but me Matt I mean last books might leave or if you're in dissociated hotel the buses stay till half one like they will go up till half one mean check with your hotel don't like you know but check with your hotel when we were there the buses weren't like gonna be stopping from Disney until half 1:00 in the morning and the illumination was at 11:00 so it wasn't even twelve o'clock so what we did is we were right in front of the castle after illuminations and we waited five minutes and around the castle was dead take your pictures the cast members I'm not gonna ask you to leave yes if you take in an hour to take pictures the probably is gonna be trying to shut off but remember that there's people still in the shops there's people still even further towards the front it's like that first buy castle bit will empty so here's my picture just as an example I'm in front of the castle and there is nobody there to stop me see you can get that picture it's really really easy it's easier than you think to get that picture say there's nobody around me and that's the mean like road just in front of the castle and you would walk up to the castle there and this past dead straight away because people start going towards the main entrance so do not be afraid to weird even just five minutes if you do have to catch a bus or whatever that first bit of the like castle will be dead before you know it the cast members are not gonna ask you leave I thought that the customers will be assuring you out or they I would like miss my boss and there was plenty of buses we even went in the world of Disney as well so like we have plenty of time I mean obviously check with your hotel or the bosses like it depends on your circumstances but we found it really easy we took pictures right outside the castle by the time the four of us have got all our pictures right from the castle and we started walking back to Main Street and Main Street was pretty much dead as well so then we got some pictures in front of like right and of Main Street so you can see the in Street and then the castle so do that as well and then leave and then do what you got to do so don't worry about it I always thought like oh they must have like a special pass or I don't really know but it's really easy to take pictures in front of the castle in Main Street when it's dead just wait five minutes that's it so another thing is well is that we kind of found that some things in the shops in our hotel were cheaper then the shops in the park so my friend was after a keyring and she noticed that and the keyring was I think the keyring was like $7.99 in Disneyland would only $6.99 in the hotel and it was the exact same keyring so that's what they noticed a person didn't otter but some things are gonna be a little bit cheaper in hotel and do find that the hotel shops are better stocked they have the princess autograph books in which the like Disneyland never seems to have or at least it doesn't went out there and if you can't get your ears although there's a bigger selection of ears in the first shop you're going to on the right once you've like gained entry into the park but if you can't if you're after the classic ears or the pink ears get them in you shop at Hotel because it's gonna be quieter in there and if you're like waiting for a boss to pick you up from your hotel or whatever just go in get your autograph to get your ears and then when you get to the park you can just go on in so I do find that the shops I'll bet I stopped in the hotel it would seem that there is a little bit cheaper and you just you're just gonna be a bit more straight apart and do what you do and you've already got years nor graphic ready because you're gonna be wandering around the main street shops longer looking for them because the bigger another thing they found out my friend when we were there last week is that there was some hearings in studios that were exactly the same as some hearings in Main Street shops in Disneyland but the Disney odd ones had 25th on them or something like that or it is not Paris they said on them whereas the the studios ones didn't so sometimes it's good to have a little shop around before you actually buy things and go back to things if you can one thing that a lot of people forget about especially if you're an associate hotel is that when you buy things I think the cutoff is three or four o'clock but if you buy anything I'm pretty sure it's anything in a shop in Disneyland you can send it back to your hotel so that you don't have to carry it around that doesn't mean that you can't collect until the next D and I did have a problem with that because the next day the shop didn't open till 8:00 and our boss was picking us up at half seven now the cast member who was opening the shop happened to be there half an hour early so I managed to get my stuff but bear that in mind if you're going to be sentenced to back to the hotel you can't do it after three or four o'clock ask when you're in one of the shops and you have to be able to pick it up the next day once the shop opens at your hotel so send your stuff back to your hotel so you're not carrying it around if you're worried about things getting broken but they're in mind the cut offs and that does include associated hotels because I've stayed in Soccio hotels and they've always said that we can do it and I have done it before as well for the B&B hotel now a lot people say that you can't make a plan Ford is now in Paris but we did and we stuck to it and did more so it's hard and it's it's not gonna be as clean code as Disneyworld like you can you can use the fast passes for that you can really plan Disneyworld but we planned Disneyland Paris and it was fine like this at like the first day we stuck to it and did more the second a wooden stick to it as much because we knew we'd done so much and off the top of our heads we knew what we had left to do so we did stick to a little bit on the second day but not very much but the first day we stuck to it and we managed to stick to it and we got so much done so I'm gonna do a video on how to plant is now in Paris so if you can make a plan like don't expect to 100% stick to it and put like a longer waiting times and in stuff and for things because you don't always know you know like if you're gonna be able to get on something in a certain amount of time you use the app that is numb Paris up and try and see what the queue times are like the day before you go and stuff so you can get a general kind of view but if you can make plan or at least write down everything you want to try and fit in and one of the best things you can do is like move around each land rather than being it bores and then say oh I'll go on Big Thunder and walk it all the way over to like frontier land and then going oh I'll go and I don't know Dumbo and then having to walk all the way over to Fantasyland like try and find it like land pile and one tip that I have is a bit random but you can buy land yards in the park which is all well and good but the little plastic bits are separate to the land yards unless you're buying a pin war so you can buy like a separate little plastic thing to put your tickets in but they are quite expensive for a bit plastic like the dual con with most of the lanyard so you're by yourself lanyard then you have to buy the little plastic thing so I recommend that you get one of them before you go I got this on eBay or ordered it four weeks before my trip it was 99 pence and it's just like the plastic thing to fit my tickets in these are like $5.99 in the park so on top of your land yard which you need one to put your tickets in so make sure if you can if you know you're gonna be getting the line yard get one of these before you go and then attach it to your land yard when you get there just to save yourself a bit of money because they are expensive in the park and not included with most line yards so my last tip tip number 15 this is something that I learned the third time I went but I didn't use it myself so water is available in fountains all around the park and I had heard that it's different water to tap like French water that can give you an icky tummy if you're not from the area and I'm so person that will get an acute or me from having foreign water like I will so the third time we went to Disneyland last September I didn't drink it but and my boyfriend really wanted to because what can be expensive in the parks and in the hotel so we didn't drink at the third time he was like but everybody's drinking it and I was ignore will get an icky tummy and I had heard that it was okay to drink but I thought well no I'll still get a tummy like egg bought this time Matthew my boyfriend was like I'm drinking it it's so much cheaper it's free than buying like three-year-old little water and stuff so I was like okay you drink it but I'm not drinking it and then Jamie and back here we were with they were drinking it as well and they were fine so I was like you know what it is right I'll drop I'll try one bottle of water and if I can't Nick you to him you straight away and then normal but I don't get it and I was fine and I drank it for the rest of the trip as well so I recommend the water in the parks it's free take a bottle fill it off that all over the park I'll kind of know where they are now because I've used so many of them and I'm pretty sure they're on there on the map as well they are like quite commonly around the park know me at like toilet spots and things like that so take a bottle and fill up your wallet for free at the fountains now I'm not saying that you're not going to get a bad stomach but I like the most sensitive person in the world to like bad stomachs and stuff like that and I drank that water like naw tomorrow on the first day just after lunchtime when I gave in and I was fine so if I can drink it in you can drink it and that will save you a lot of money and make sure you fill it up is about to go back to the hotel on a night so then you're not having a Bywater in the hotel so that was all 15 of my dues now power strips I hope that helped you and those are definitely things that I've learned and some are like common knowledge now I just thought I've mentioned them for any like really newbies that don't know what like a Fast Pass and stuff is but yeah like some people do know about the water fountains and things like that so I hope that helps yours I've definitely learned a lot in the few last times I've been the last two times I've learned a lot more now that I'm a bit older and hopefully I'll continue to learn more hopefully I'll get to go to Disney World one day and do like a tips like video on that as well but yeah I hope these tips help you out please let me know if you have any more questions below and I will answer them the best I can like I said I'm not an expert but I like to think I've learned a lot on the four times I've been so I hope that video helps someone I'm going to stop blabbing and I'll see you in my next video bye guys

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