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during my teenage years I was searching quite extensively in regards to spirituality and also religion and through that I found yoga and I think what attracted me to look further into the actual practice of yoga is the fact that it's experiential you have to go through a process to understand my parents they raised me quite well telling me okay live like this and this and this do these things but when I started to practice yoga there was a sense of connection on the inside where I really wanted to be a good person where I felt motivated to to to transform myself or move myself higher up and the moment I came on my mat I felt like I was home I really felt like this is a space where I can really be me and really connect to this internal part of myself I felt at home within myself I felt at home with even the things I was struggling with and that was huge for me in the beginning when I started the practice and one reason why I continued to do this practice

so in this jungle yoga practice we learn many many asanas we go through this process of being taught and we guide ourselves through a sequence of postures and it looks to be on the outside very physical or to be representative of something very external but underlying through all of that what's really moving us and within these asanas is the breath is the focal point our sense of concentration and through the asanas through the active of performing the asanas were internally aligned I feel like personally this is what really moves the action of the asanas this is what breathes life into the asanas it's like a form of of expressing this internal aspect of ourselves to the outside or also just using the asana to feel on the inside and it's a marriage of both

the transformative process really comes through with feeling this connection so the change really came from within I think that was what was huge for me instead of these rules I was trying to follow on the outside to feel like I wanted to fit in to want to fit in to want to attain validation or even approval from my parents when I started to practice yoga it really came from the inside there was a connection from the inside where there was a motivation to be better to be more aware to live on a higher level to connect with people more authentically because I was connecting on the inside because I was aware of what was happening inside of me there was more motivation to lead my life externally connecting on a higher level that internal connection is really what transforms us because we start to feel the importance of just shedding the layers that kind of just hold us back or cover up who we really are I fell from a height of 40 feet while rock climbing and for two years I was in bed in one way it was very dramatic and in another way it was very introspective it gave me the direction for my life because I guess when one of the most important things that you love the most which is movement which was movement for me is taken away from you you become even more passionate you you feel like this is what you want more than anything in in the world

you I started reading up a lot on yoga I realized that there's more to this body there's there is this mind-body connection there is this connection to God

I felt like it was all these things that took me in the direction of yoga and and eventually gave me back my power gave me back my power to move to express you know I feel like I'm extremely grateful because for the accident and also for finding yoga because of it

I have a lot of passion for movement I guess it comes from the fact that it's not something I take for granted and it is the yoga practice that to me really really really helps me to be able to move everyday and which is why it is my prayer it's it's how I express devotion to God it's how I express devotion to myself it's how I feel alive it's given me wings I can dance I can walk I can run it's it's thanks to my daily yoga practice because the days that I don't do it I I mean they're days that I can't really walk that well it's the practice that just keeps it all going for me for me dance is freedom I don't like to move too much from my mind when I dance yo guys is my grounding and I feel dance is my freedom and that's why I feel like the two of them complement each other for me I think for me relationships whether it's relationships with my partner or relationships with my family or relationship with my friends I think yoga really helps me with this the physical aspect is of course is challenging but I find that the connections with people and relationships and like I feel like my yoga practice is giving me training for that which is the real yoga for me

it's a more richer more fuller experience because you can watch your own self and you can watch how you're relating to other people and sometimes maybe in the past if there was any you know miscommunications with people you could blame it on somebody else but I think when you start practicing yoga you or asana you become so much more awake doesn't mean you become enlightened but you can see your own self the other person becomes a mirror for you to see stuff in your own self and that's where I feel the daily practice comes in because you become so much more present to watching all the patterns of your own mind

when I first started with yoga it was really an individual process I was feeling that I needed to heal myself in some way or understand my myself through my body


and this this was a practice that was really just about being on my mat by myself of course I went to classes and had a teacher but the the practice was very individual and as I have moved along in my yoga journey it's become more about connecting with other people I think lots of us know that the word yoga means Union or comes from the same root as to yoke which is another way of uniting I mean it's still a individual practice you practice on your own you do not practice with other people but to interact with other people um helps a lot to develop your your your own yoga practice my teacher at sac pouran pod she taught me a lot about how opening the heart is possible in your individual practice and them that really helped me with our relationship and them on the other hand on the other side list helped me a lot with my practice of opening the heart as well so I think it was an influence that worked on both sides so my practice had influence on our relationship and our relationship had a big influence on my on my practice my physical practice on my my spiritual practice my meditation practice my meditation practice for example did not exist and it was something that I really have struggled with and it's so helpful to have somebody who has a meditation practice and gets up in the morning and does that and then I can just be in that space with him and and kind of feed off of his strength and and there's a way that we practice together um in terms of being in a relationship with with another yogi and this for me is really a wonderful experience it allows us both I think to really commit in a way that's much deeper than then one might do on their own so that's it's a nice way to to create a meeting point where we can all kind of grow even though we are individuals with different different perspectives and different ways of living

I left Brazil very young I was about 17 years old to do to work as a model in Europe and coming from you know working industry data constantly being judged that maybe 210 or too wide to fit or twist continue too big within the ears I just felt like I didn't know who I was that's how I discovered the practice of ashtanga yoga


I started practicing yoga because I was feeling completely off-balance it felt very familiar I felt it felt like going back home I loved in quite deep I was practicing every day and going to India every year to study and then within the ears I started sustained and slowly start teaching

I feel like to practice yoga you should not exclude yourself in the society it helped us to leave with more mindful mindset being more present

respect is gonna give more clarity clarity of who you are and how you can relate better with the others how you can relate better whose nature calculate better we can work

so regardless if you're a doctor picture an engineer or a model what matter are imitations the role is life were you working your job is just a role that we play and if it's done if you love respect that's what matters

I used to have to wake up at 10 to 5:00 pretty much four times a week I was the elite swimmer for about ten years I'd always been very strong but I had zero flexibility I hated stretching I hated cooling down I hated anything that required any sort of muscle to lengthen because it was so painful this is a whole new yoga journey was something that was completely outside of my comfort zone but it inspired me because I was I didn't think I was very good at it so I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and try something completely different so I started my yoga journey last year in February and I was still studying at University in the UK and I was so stressed so my best friend said well why don't you try yoga and I was like that no that that's not for me and then he was like well if you don't like it you never have to do it again you just go to a class and try it so I said okay I'll go I'll go just to keep you quiet and so I went to the class I had no idea even what a downward dog was but I loved the practice I loved the class but I also loved doing it by myself in the comfort of my own room at university at that point I couldn't even touch my toes


it was something that I could dive into and distract myself from all the worries the stress anything that was negative in my life yoga started to bring all the the light to any negative area so I started to see everything shift in my life from something that was so negative to something that I could be proud of so when I was an athlete I was always told what I had to do I had to do things a certain way it was you have to you have to swim this much you have to do it this often and you have to you have to do this this in this and when you get on your mat you have this freedom when I started practicing yoga it was like this whole new world that opened for me and it was refreshing I could get on my mat I could practice whatever I wanted whatever I felt like I needed to give my body on that day it was more nurturing to my body and I felt just completely refreshed and energized for the rest of the day and that's really what inspires me is not not looking in a class and saying oh well they're doing downward dog better than me maybe they're better at yoga than me because your practice is about you so when I'm on my mat it's just about me it's not about how how good something looks or how flexible I am it's about how I feel when I'm in in each pose and how empowered I feel in each pose and for me that's that's what makes me want to wake up and get on my mat every morning is because I'm better than I was 18 months ago I'm better than I was yesterday

when I first started practicing yoga I probably didn't even realize it was a practice I just went to a class like it just signed up and turned up in a class and I had no idea that would be a practice that would change my life maybe going through a period of my life where I was just not really finding happiness and I was a little bit off-track what I can look back now and I can see was depression and so I joined this class and I still remember when I came into the room everybody's standing at the front of their yoga mats and I had this really kind of sweaty smelly rental yoga mat and I stood up at the front of my mat and the teacher called everyone to what he said was some assisi he and then he made this really loud home sounds and it really brought everyone into unity and I remember my mind stopping and me feeling overwhelmed with this pure vibration far more than just about the body there was something in my soul that answered yes one day not a lot the ethos what muscle come aboard nitch day I say John le carré llaman some solder ha ha ha ha ha shanty ah Purusha Cara who shun Degrassi the aadheenam Sahasra Sheena some joy from prana mommy but and after I'd been practicing ashtanga yoga for just a few months I read tree K Pattabhi Jois is book called yoga mala I had a dream about him and he appeared as the salvific figure that reached out to where I was and a point of darkness and he picked me up and he put me in a place of peace and I woke up from the dream the words I have to go to India were on my lips and I woke up and I just knew that

over the last 16 years I've devoted myself to practicing ashtanga yoga in the traditional manner and I turned to this practice as the foundation of my daily discipline one of the defining things that distinguishes yoga as a spiritual practice is the idea that the asanas themselves are not ends but that they're vehicles for a deeper knowing of yourself and ultimately a deeper knowing of Goz once you access that place within yourself where you are infinite where you are free once you see yourself through the eyes of spirit you know exactly who you are the way that the asanas work is that by approaching points of difficulty within yourself you recognize who you are when you're tested it's like we don't know whether or not with truly peaceful people until we can experience ourselves at that moment of difficulty so we have deep backbend of challenging handstands difficult leg behind the head poses so that we can know who we are when we meet difficulties so that we can understand what it means to be strong on a spiritual level

you hear God's voice inside of yourself speaking to you through your breath through your practice through the sense of surrender in your heart this is the essence of the journey of yoga because once you experience that spark of who you are at your deepest level you're a better person you have more patience more tolerance for yourself and ultimately for your whole world

as soon as you realize that what makes you worthy it's not any sense of achievement that the only thing that makes you worthy is the purity of your soul it sets you free so yoga really is a path of freedom a path to knowing God and to setting yourself free and the beautiful acts of surrender that is faith and grace every day of your practice when you practice yoga your world changes one breath at a time when you practice yoga your heart softens so that you understand that the spiritual essence of who you are can never be shaken no matter what happens the faith and grace that is the essence of surrender guides you through every moment of your life

it all began at age of seven planing my garden I stopped at watch the sky and I wondered Who am I what is this existence where am I I was born in a wonderful family but when I was 13 years old my father got sick and died few years later since then the most important thing for me was to find the answer to those questions

few years later the age of 20 I decided to go to Canary Island to discover myself for seven years I absorbed myself totally meditating and chanting the mantra and living in NASH ronson temple in Spain in Italy and in India

Oh love God but um

for me meditation is to sit and chant a mantra and try to absorb my mind in the sound and let the sound enter in my heart and be focus if we think about meditation we think to to gain something but reality will lose something we lose fear we lose darkness anger most of all ignorance and then we can see and we can meet our self as we are and we can see everything as it is and when we do the meditation all together is powerful

the most important thing I found alive is when you have a strong desire in your heart to fulfill so then the universe inspire for you guiding you showing you the way

I'm a part-time yoga student and a full-time professional hula-hoop performer hula hooping is genuinely absolutely my favorite thing in the world to do as well as what I'm hula hooping or or or doing yoga I think they're probably the only two things in the world that I can do that make me absolutely not think about anything else whatsoever in that moment

when I hold who I approach my practice with the with the same dedication that I would in yoga but the purposes are very different with all hoops I think about how a move looks you know how I can I get my body into the perfect shape with the right angles so it has the most impact on whoever will be watching me I'm trying to create a beautiful picture with the sequence of movements and I intend to take the audience on a journey

but when I practice yoga it's nothing like that I'm not doing it for anyone my creative mind is turned all the way down I just follow the steps and the breath I need to take in order to to stack the bones and the muscles on top of each other and to line everything up so that every single part of me gets attention and not just the parts that look good and I think that to me that's the ultimate relaxation you know there is no pressure to look good the only way that I should get my leg up this high is if I if I can do that any exact alignment that I'm being prescribed it goes almost losing completely against what I want to do as an artist


when I practice yoga I simply have no choice to leave my ego at the door because if I take it with me I'm not doing yoga you know if all I'd want to do is look pretty in certain positions while I'm in the classroom I'd be wasting my time

this practice has transformed my life my personal journey with Kundalini Yoga has been powerful on a powerful one very difficult at times but absolutely worth every single minute of the of the pranayama of the huffing and the puffing and really moving beyond one's limitations my journey began at a point in my life when I was I wasn't very happy and I thought there's more to life and I wanted to know how I could move beyond a place of being a victim to a place of feeling empowered a place of not having my mind take over so I was in a place of needing great healing and and this is exactly what Kundalini Yoga has given me it's really it's given me some powerful tools to heal myself to heal my body not just my physical body my nervous system but my mind when you practice Kundalini Yoga you your mind feels clearer your heart feels more open you have more energy you have more vitality you radiate who doesn't want more energy who doesn't want more clarity in their life who doesn't want to let go of the past we all want these things so we do need yoga everybody needs yoga in their life

Kundalini Yoga is is such a powerful technique because the arson is and the breath work are working on such a deep level from from inside from your inner core this has such a purifying and cleansing effect so obviously the work the work happens from inside and then everything else on the outside changes a lot of people that practice Kundalini Yoga are often people often say to them wow you know you look so good you're what are you doing you know you're radiating you're glowing and we all know how infectious it is when you know when we feel happy we want to just spread that happiness to everyone that's around us so this for me is is this is what Kundalini is about beyond beyond the arson you know beyond the actual beyond the actual practice beyond you know the breathing and the planning arm and the chanting the after effects the energy that's flowing through you this is the magic

it's really like coming back home to oneself you you remember who you truly are

the inner process while I'm practicing is the deepest and most intimate experience I've ever had I've never had such an intimate experience with another person I've never had and it's this kind of experience with any other thing outside of myself it's the deepest kind of listening that's what I'm doing essentially it's not just a physical experience it really is like making love to life to nature to all the aspects of life that's so precious and so beautiful which is why I'm so passionate about teaching

because if I could help anybody to find this kind of connection to their self they can experience the love of their life and the love of life so the love of the universe through themself in their physical embodiment and that is the most precious gift ever and surrender that's you when I'm practicing I feel like I'm I'm guided by something else I feel like there's a language that is being spoken all the time that is the language of the universe and then it can be divided into different aspects of nature and each one you can listen to on its own and you can listen to the combination of all of them and so it's bending on where I am in the world the conversation of the surrounding nature is always different and I'm always moved in a different way

I've practiced so many different types and now my practice is definitely influenced by all of them one of the things that I love the most about where I am at right now is that I can see how much faster I can drop the the self-critical voice that may in the past have stopped me doing from wanting to try something new or would have made it harder for me to want to try something new because I was would be a more afraid of of messing up let's say so my practice changed in this way actually from from moving in a sequence that perhaps I had learned or practiced for many years that was regimented in one way or another that in a way that I had been told that you're supposed to move from this post of this post to this post to this post so I was calculating or what do I do next what should I do next in my mind and it then changed to a spontaneous movement that would come before the thought and the sequence unfolds now and often I don't even know what I did on one side and if we can trust for a moment and just just even trust enough to to say okay well maybe I will mess up maybe I won't know what to do on the other side but let's just see and who cares if I who cares if I don't know what I did on the other side then we start to become a little bit more pliable and we start to give back the trust to ourselves because one of the reasons why we always calculate every moment is because we're afraid of messing up but if we can give up this fear of making a mistake then we give the trust back to ourselves and then we can really let ourselves unfold

some in the sky no sir riffalot ah you know how I feel it's a new dawn who will tell you who day you sits on you fish in the sea yes you're low I feel river running free let go I feel awesome mom the tree but you know nothing it's a huge dog yes it's a new day until you like


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