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morning sir Monaco promotion how are you getting on with the reorganization of the medical stores fine sir once I decided to miss breakfast that gave me a good for our runner I'm very impressed corporal liar on the one end I'm telling you I've been hard at it for four hours and on the other there in my end for all the world to see is a maggoty which makes it obvious that I scribed all for five minutes to run to the naffy did you say you miss breakfast look so when I say I'm going to do something for my commanding officer that means I'm gonna do it it's like my missing supper last night I mean that shouldn't even come into the conversation no see here you must try to remember that you're back on duty after your convalescence there's no need for you to knock yourself out oh it's simple cause and effect with me sir you mentioned that you needed the medical stores reorganizing and I am reorganizing themselves I didn't expect you to do it on your own man good lord this hospital is crawling with bone idle national servicemen get some of them to help you is that an order sir no a suggestion good because I would never disobey an order but I'm gonna take my life in my hands sir and disobey your suggestion why because I am old Air Force like yourself sir and when an old Air Force NCO says he's gonna do a thing for his commanding officer that means he himself is going to do it guard those were the days and he's peacetime national servicemen they weren't there scramble scramble chocks away hit Don before across at the coast but I were there sir pine close up son Johnny's captive but what the hell we'll have a beer in a singsong they weren't there we'll meet again

mind you I'm not saying I was oh I'm not saying I was there live a certain time in 1946 my legs were too short to be a pilot that's why I wasn't there look sir if anyone froze your short legs in your face they'll have me to deal with the point is we know what the old Air Force meant and it didn't mean unless enlisting their help a national servicemen who don't care a damn whether the medical stores are reorganized or not I'd sooner do it alone sir a keyword Marsh yeah also no alone that's the key word we were alone in 1940 oh no I am alone this morning sir and that's the way I like it good now I will sir alone sir I said you should be finished by now bone idle that's what you are boys Oh get your nose out of it you dirty-minded little nose like you're looking at yeah but not in the same way you was looking at it no in a dirty way she was just a naked tart you wasn't she well what was she doing I already noticed I was reading the article what do you want anyway yeah says on this box one gross or vamp yours only sums be taken out I call something's been taken out it's Ospital in it they use them don't know what's not wanna labelling how many's left in the box oh you don't mean to say oh god can't every single one booyah Oh use your low you know how many's been used it's in the book you take that number away from the gross which is hundred and forty-two and there's your answer oh and that's without a slide rule Sonny I'll be the judge of that yeah it's very nice that yeah very nice indeed thanks very much yeah I've done a good job there right crawl back down whatever else you came out this miss yes corporal you're on duty aren't you yeah well you should know you puts it like it do ya horrible good I like it I'll pull the other one kilt nasty do you think I don't know I just said I liked it no more corporal ha I know that's what you said you're just trying to make me think you like it you said you liked it because you ate it and knowing that you ate it when you say you like it makes me like it when you say you like it that's when I hate it I don't know what you're talking about for broke it means I've got you two plus proof ass and only Joe Lily all doing a job that you ate which makes me very happy now push off before you curdle mighty I really do like it in the more corporal yeah now you die I do it comes

well gone no you go I don't mind going Matthew just thought you might like to know thank you oh right well I'll go then yes

excuse me we're from the morgue we've been sent up to collect the amputated hand come on quick the lift come on let's open the doors for me all right

oh wait awhile status D multiply last night look ya'll / erease well out of it no he's not you said it was D mop party no it was I only got drunk and plant a snowdrop he's got another 90 days to do now huh what's that it's a box Timothy I know it's a box but what's it doing there why don't you ask it wears as 50 rubber catheters estores isn't it he's not laundry well put it on on the way past later oh god it's gum he can't have got well where is it then it's gone we've lost a hand to each it's an amputated hand from the theater we put it in the lift upstairs and then the lifts work without us and we've - downstairs and now it's gone well that's ridiculous saying don't just get up and walk away does it where is it then whoosh don't honey look well spit look Rick can't make you wish we had my spaniel Willy with us he'd soon find it oh you have an idea so we've got to there's no time he retard to report straight back to incinerate it you'll be punished for that you'll be horribly punished for that this is Philip for everything right all we got to do is produce an end nanny angel do-right where do we get aim from

hmm all right to take that amputation all right Richardson yes sergeant it's in the box good let's have a look

right no that incineration can I do that for you sergeant I've said it before nice head again Bruce you were what we in the trade call an MN a mortar e natural of course you can do the incineration sir you go ahead enjoy yourself rare quality rare quality well I'll see you later that's I've just got a pop up to ward F there's an airframe fitter up there he won't last the night out so I'll see if I can interest him in my new method of embalming good luck sergeant Oh Oh neatly done Bruce well you've got to stick together I just hope I haven't betrayed the trust it puts in me neatly done Fritz Kreisler but oh you the master fiddler almost believed it was somebody else's hand myself I hope you'll find everything Bristol shaped an aeroplane fashion sir yes my goodness me so I can sense your presence here that is because I'm standing beside you sir I didn't mean that I mean look at it please for everything everything its face yes that's your corporal here such an utterance makes missing a few meals unimportant sir come on you've even polished the end of the stethoscope a fighter pilot keeps his guns clean sir surely this isn't so different you know quite right of course would you also care to note sir that I have alphebetical eyes dog surgical instruments and horizont lives or bandages inside first-class job thank you sir first class but I still don't think you should have tackled it on your own I thought we've had that one out sir I want to be totally responsible for the fact that you as a surgeon a most brilliant surgeon if I may say so sir may come down here at any time open any box and fight

you made a tiny mistake there didn't you corporal what do you mean sir that is a box of catheters uh-huh you had it on this patch of a shelf yes sir when I'm corporal how even you're allowed one mistake give it to me I'll put it away no no it's a personal box sir I see what's in there sandwiches sir

yeah I brought them in here sir because of missing those odd meals I told you about no need to look so guilty man nobody would blame you for doing that what you are immensely kind sir I will say this you've made yourself entirely responsible for everything in this store so if there are any discrepancies I shall know who to come to of course there won't be not with your dedication I'm doing theater new most numerous or acts you know oh one of those sir set of operating kit masks

beautifully organized certainly know where to find things now they were done Oh jolly good thank you sir Oh give me a hand yes would you open this door please call me

MSU Oh wonder if you come and take a look at more fam it's an offer certainly now what seems to be the trouble oh it seems we'll come off you are stupid fancy falling for the same trick twice you know that seven flake is one of my delicate areas funny hey Cass we might tonight seems igc side a decent day i room service lovely and two bottles of chateau light ale 1955 would you care to try it sense oh thank you my good man yes yes simply splendid thank you sir cheeky but with an insistent after a

beer at lunch we are living pretty high off the roof so the great five-fingered connor of the century oh what's that what's that only convinced you sergeant foot that we incinerate your name that we never even ate a toast time the hang maybe we never see it again here here

yeah decent beer what's the matter I'll tell you what's the matter what's happened to the hand we lost yeah we all late I mean one of these banana team what did you think he is lost I mean things do get lost buttons pencil there's a hand Harris do not get lost no it's got to turn up somewhere perhaps already maybe send the sausages

what you've just said Oh better on me everything else why not accountable any luck now you know it's such a bizarre thing to look for when you can't just go up to somebody and say excuse me but have you seen a hand lying about oh no all right be dead casual when I might inquire about whether there was any blocked drains I did think I'd found it once yeah it was just somebody's glove yeah you don't written Bruce could be right there yeah you don't think it found its way to the cookhouse Navin Roth cooks wouldn't mind you la CPS did find a toe cap in his iris Judy other day the tongues weren't still in it what I know no that's just ridiculous Richard animals never did like Alsatians my spaniel William would never have done a thing in the guard dog compound I asked mr. clever lucky with his idea that was perfectly logical if somebody had phoned a hand lying a both they could have said I know I'll give it to the guard dogs poor Nina you had to go in there wasn't dive Amelia me which proves my point guard dogs are partial to human meat will you shut up to us to yourself I'll stop eating out sausages Bruce well we've had it then haven't we look chaps I'll take the blame after all it was me that put the hand in the lift in the first place now let's stick together blind shared blame aft forward then hung and drawn I daresay it's no family we hadn't of course hello mate oh nothing nothing up I was just wondering actually it was just wondering Timothy do you two usually do the laundry then no we're brain surgeons do we do it for nine months day-in day-out did you do it this morning at all yeah of course we did I don't suppose you happen to find a box at all in the lift did you

we might oh it's a new double cheese box pick the wrong time cheese right right mates all right we don't you having a laugh yeah we'll stop laughing hey and tell me what you did with the Fox I had a medical label on it so we stuck it in medical stores I don't think the Big Cheese has come through for you again nephew I wonder if you care to step into the mall through with me there's just a little discrepancy I'd like to clear up I think the cheese is just going mouldy squeegees now before you send them off Tsar's there is a little matter of military procedure I would like to discuss with you Oh Oh might you be corporal corporal Mouse GM oh yes I've heard about you I didn't come down here for pride a sergeant you're not gonna get anything what do you want I want the breakdown on multi procedure regarding an amputated hand as laid down in station Standing Orders oh you do do you I am of course fully backed up in this matter by the commanding officer whose best friend's life I tried to save when winning this medal all right what do you want to know I understand the hand was amputated only this morning yeah well then would you care to tell me why the aforesaid hand did not arrive in the Moultrie did hey that's all down in my ledger look that's only right and that is that's normally what you're doing a ledger yeah but you never actually saw it cause I did what saw it were your eyes that's generally what you do with your eyes and it was incinerated was it yes can you prove that of course I can it's down the ledger looking syn rated 10050 don't fall back on right in Shakespeare done that and look what happened to him they chopped his ear off I am referring to visual verification as laid down in station stand in August paragraph 17 subsection E the NCOIC more must underline personally underlined supervise underlined the incineration of any amputation did you personally supervise the incineration well I of course the good corporal sergeant food does everything by the book quite right of course I supervise it personally as a matter of fact sergeant I do seem to remember that you asked me you won't mention right the door so you can put a hand in personally corrects me ah good how many hands have there been only one in the last three years which you yourself incinerated in front of four witnesses anyway why are you so obsessed with this particular incineration oh I'm not incinerating anything about this insinuation I was just trying to make sure that all hands were accounted for well of course there are you don't get odd hands floating about very true Oh were you doing the Fox corporal sandwiches as a matter of fact sauce that's why I put down here not to stir up any trouble or anything that's not in my nature it's just that my sandwiches are cold up and gone dry and I was wondering if I could pop them into your incinerator oh no station Standing Orders expressly forbid underlined the use of the incinerator for any other purposes than medical yeah all right well I'll just Chuck the sandwiches in a dustbin somewhere could I do that for your corporal nah man sandwiches are a personal thing when a man sandwiches curl up and go dry I think it is down to the man personally to throw them in the dustbin it's very interesting you know these days refuse collecting oh yeah why'd you say that Incan well these days they're so thorough they sort through it all with a fine-tooth comb you know they put paper in one pile methane and other edibles for pixel in another any unusual objects in another rubbish rubbish rubbish should just be rubbish you're obsessed with the hands now you're obsessed with throwing your sandwiches away not nothing I've just got a tiny mind I was just trying to make sure that there was no chance of any hands slipping food in it of course that's what happened in the Beast with five fingers what's that this film about a hand it kept trying to strangle anyone who got in its way stupid idea yes that's right it kept sort of crawling about its own accord like trying to five-legged spider-knight would I now be aimed at a table I mean tore itself free and come after if you believe in something like the curse of Tutankhamun do you know that's it it was the Mummy's hand and the mummy was after the bloke that had two hands what's behind itself you're on gold working Danny has turned you all into

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