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by: Veronica Gorgeois

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hello again everyone today I have a very highly requested video one of the most highly requested videos I've ever had and that is derma rollers everybody wants to know what I have to say about derma rollers I have been asked about these little torture devices for a very long time so today I am going to tell you what I think about them what my experience with them has been and whether or not I think you should try them just before I get into it though I know that I am NOT the only source of information on the Internet and my own opinion is not the only opinion you should consider so if you are considering using something like this just know that your own opinion for your own needs for your own body and your own skin is more important than mine at the end of the day but because so many people have asked my opinion I am going to give it to you so what is a derma roller they are these devices with barrels on the end covered with micro needles that are designed to be rolled over the skin and the primary claim is that these tiny needles are supposed to poke tiny holes in the skin and allow for greater product penetration into the skin when applying skin care products they also claim that by creating tiny micro wounds in the skin it stimulates collagen production and stimulates the skin's healing process the retail price for derma rollers varies widely between sellers anywhere from over $100.00 $150.00 down to less than $20 and that itself is eyebrow-raising to me before I wrote up my notes for this video I looked at some sellers on Amazon who claimed to be selling it titanium needled rollers for under $20 and they looked to me like cheap brass it was it was pretty suspicious so do your research and and make sure that you you don't necessarily believe what is written on the listings for these devices people are not obligated to tell you the truth I bought my derma roller at anaesthetics Tree show over three years ago so I've had this thing for quite a long time and I believe that the needles online are either point 2 5 or 0.5 millimeters and that is point 5 not 5 millimeters but the needle length can vary widely between the different sizes so you can get anywhere from point two millimeters all the way up to two point five millimeters which is enormous absolutely enormous compared with the thickness of the skin to give you a comparison the area of the skin on the face that is thickest is probably no more than 1 to 1.5 millimeters so I cannot possibly fathom anyone rolling a two point five millimeter need a derma roller with needles like five millimeters long over their skin and I imagine those are probably for use on the body like for stretch marks but oh my god that just sounds insane and the skin around the eyes is a much much thinner point five millimeters so the skin is not that thick it performs its function perfectly well at that thinness but these needles are actually quite long when you consider the thickness of the skin so right away one of my first thoughts when I was learning about these over three years ago was how suspicious it was to be rolling these longer size needles over the skin and creating these quite deep micro wounds as they called them which is why I personally went for one of the much smaller sizes and I I did try to use it in the beginning I attended a sort of seminar on them because I was curious about it it was a pretty new thing at the time and so I attended a class on it and I learned about it and I thought it sounded intriguing and a bit far-fetched but I you know I gave it a shot I took the thing home and I tried it and it feels exactly how it books it feels like torture these things have hurt so much they suck they really suck they hurt they feel like rubbing needles all over your face and they did biggest suck they're horrible um I I cannot I cannot sugarcoat how badly they feel it feels like rolling needles over your face and that is with the thinner smaller needles so I can't imagine cannot imagine running a 2.5 millimeter needle over your skin over and over like every day or 3 times a week as they recommend I cannot imagine that and look I have done some uncomfortable things in the name of experimentation as an aesthetician I've given myself high-strength TCA peels I've I microderm to myself I've I've done the works I have done everything to myself that I've ever done to a client and I am Telling You that these things are so painful everyone's different and everyone has a different sensitivity level so you know it might be just that my skin is particularly sensitive to being poked with a bunch of tiny needles but oh man it sucks it really sucks but the real question is does it do anything so after I bought mine over three years ago and I tried it once and decided it was horrible I put it in a drawer and I didn't use it again for a while and then many many viewers and people on Facebook have been asking me about them so last summer I decided to just take the damn thing out and try it again and I I really just I just gritted my teeth and I got through it for two whole months I used the damn thing every day and I tried it on one side of my face and I used it once a day everyday got not super intensely but I would run over my face every one half of my face once a day before using one of my serums and I was using two really really great serums time I was using the polished choice c15 serum and then later I was using the derma truth serum which are two really fantastic serums and I I get good results with both of those and especially the derma truth serum I saw really substantial results very quickly with that serum did I see any improved results on the side that used this torture device no I saw no difference whatsoever there was no difference between the two sides no improved results from the serum no improved anything at all there was nothing except the sensation of rolling a bunch of needles over my face once a day and that sucked uhm now granted I don't really have any wrinkles I don't have a lot of textural issues on my face like I've taken very good care of my skin I've been diligent about using sunscreen I have some pigmentation issues but again this didn't help with that either if either of those products were going to help with my pigmentation issues you would think that something that was poking tiny holes that would even their absorption would speed that up or something but again this didn't do anything so take that for whatever it's worth I don't have any wrinkles really I just you know I have some very very small fine expression lines but it's mostly from dehydration when those show up so I don't have any deep wrinkles that these are purported to help with but again it did absolutely nothing for me I was just rubbing heels all over my face for two months and it hurt the other big claim that manufactures make about derma rollers is that they are good for things like pip type acne scarring they're good for reducing scarring in general and stretch marks and I don't really know what to say about that I don't have any personal experience trying to treat those they they claim that the larger sizes of needles are supposed to be good for those again these these hurt like hell and if you can get through it to test it let me know if it works there are some impressive before-and-after pictures but like I always say these companies are trying to sell you stuff so you never really know if based on the materials they're presenting if the products are really effective you can only really trust the results that come from studies like actual objective studies not company bad studies or you can trust there's also real people are getting and there just is not a lot of information about these things because they're very new and they're just trend devices in my opinion so I don't know what to say about the treatment of acne scars some people are saying that they're extremely effective these are quite a fad right now um if you have any personal experience using them and have been able to get through the pain then that's awesome leaving a comment let me know so that I know there's some there's some you know ray of light behind the torture of these terrible little things it would be very nice to hear that because treating textual scarring issues and stretch marks is always a long-term battle and personally I'm going to keep recommending my program and treating those kinds of issues for the combination of microderm and and acids because those are proven therapy so it's are proven therapies with minimal discomfort and downtime and you don't have to roll needles over your skin and the results are there proven but again if anyone has a personal experience and has success with these do let me know and again keep in mind that my experiences with a smaller needle gauge I don't know that I would have been able to use a larger needle size I don't think I would have bothered I think I would have just thrown it in the garbage and run screaming in the other direction but you know for those who use the the larger ones and tough it out I'm impressed I was reading the policy choice website I went there there article about derma rollers and their arguments they're skeptical arguments against them and they made an interesting point about the product penetration claim about derma rollers which is that these little micro wounds that are being made may cause some ingredients in products to penetrate further into the skin than are intended than they are intended because skin care products are really only designed to treat the epidermis of the skin they're not designed to penetrate into the dermis in the skin but if you are running needles over the skin creating these little wounds into the dermis then you can in fact cause ingredients in products to penetrate much further into the skin and that actually can cause some problems especially with some natural ingredients I'm going to link in the video description an article about a woman who's a documented case of an allergic reaction an anaphylactic allergic reaction to goat's milk because of products that she was using that had go through goat's milk in them that enter her bloodstream and then she when she ate goat's milk it manifested ads an allergic reaction so keep in mind that skin care products are designed to go on epidermis they're not designed to be applied over broken skin that can lead to direct contact with the bloodstream and the dermis itself things like food ingredients are designed to be handled by your digestive system and not designed to be taken in directly through your skin but your skin's primary function is to keep all of these things out of your body it's not supposed to be letting them into your body so by running needles over your skin you it sounds like a really good idea like oh great I'm going to let all this stuff deeper into my dermis and that's that's going to be a great thing but you're literally defeating the function of your skin by doing that so it raises some it raises some safety concerns so in summary do I think that they are worth the money and the effort and the pain all I have to go on is marketing information and the enthusiasm of people selling the products I don't have any first-hand experience suggesting that the pain and the risk are worth it and there are no studies that I've seen or real objective information that's just that this is a good idea but again if any of you have had a positive experience do you let everyone know my official classification for these is try at your own risk this is a more high-risk device so if you are going to try it it is a try at your own risk type device please if you are going to use it be gentle do not press these things firmly into the skin run it very lightly over the skin there is no reason why you should be like pressing these needles into the skin to the point where you aren't bleeding or it hurts even worse than just running it lightly over the skin because trust me these these things really do hurt even a very light pressure and my recommendation would be to start with a smaller needle size especially for the face if you're trying it somewhere on the body out for stretch marks or body scarring then maybe maybe go a little bit higher but so again then you're getting into the safety questions and and yeah I don't know I just I don't know guys I it's just a big it's a big question mark for me so I hope that was helpful and I will leave more information in the video description with some links to some articles from some sellers telling you all of their sales pitches on why you should buy these things and some links to some articles on what you should not as always please do read the video description before asking your question and check out my Facebook page and read through the notes there to see what information I have written out there in note form and you do not need a Facebook account to read through the Facebook notes a lot of people have said to me that they don't use Facebook and so they want to have the answer their questions on Picon YouTube but I can't I can't answer individual questions that much anymore so you do not need to have a Facebook account to read through the notes just FYI and please do give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and share it with your friends and thanks for

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Video Notes: I was instructed to use the roller daily. That's why I used it daily. Also, if your criticism is "it doesn't hurt", that's... not a fact. Case re: goat's milk allergy:

Dermaroller reviews, marketing, and other articles:

(read through these carefully--many are using needles so harsh that they are bleeding at home, some are talking about dermapen treatments, which are a different treatment done by dermatologists and RNs under lidocaine, and some say that dermarollers do nothing)

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-- This is another dermaroller seller admitting that there are no FDA approved dermarollers for home use. Some sites claim that there are, but it's all extremely sketchy. Here's the FDA warning letter from 2013 mentioned in that article:

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Basically there's a lot of conflicting information everywhere, and anyone who wants to give this a try should just proceed with caution and do a lot of research. Alternatives to dermarollers: 1. Laser treatments. Supposedly dermarollers are meant to imitate the collagen stimulating effect of a laser treatment, but laser treatments are practiced by professionals in professional settings, whom clients can consult during the healing process. You can also do dermapen or microneedling treatments in a clinical setting with numbing cream. Like choosing the cheapest roller off Amazon, choosing the cheapest practice for laser/needling treatments may reflect that savings in quality. 2. Microdermabrasion. A proven treatment for textural issues in the skin with minimal downtime and high customization. 3. Chemical peels. Again, high customization that allows tailoring for individual clients' needs, and combined with microderm, extremely effective for treating a variety of textural issues. Also look up TCA cross treatments for pit-type scarring. 4. Consistent daily use of skin care products, including antioxidant serums and sunscreen. Your skin will respond to consistent care over everything else. Whether rolling needles over it or spending thousands of dollars on laser treatments, no short-term treatments will pay off as much as daily skin care. Intensive treatments will help clear up acute problems, but without daily care, you're just wasting your time. Whatever you choose, be smart and do your research! I do not give personalized recommendations in video comments or answer private messages. It is just not feasible for me to do so. I will try my best to answer questions in future videos, but I regret that it is not possible to answer thousands of questions individually. Please check my back catalog of videos and facebook notes--there is a lot of information in each! ---------------- Hi, I'm Veronica! This is my 12th anniversary of becoming an esthetician, and I'm happy to share the wisdom that I've gathered over the years with all of you. My resume includes practicing in a famous LA plastic surgery center's medical spa, a five-star hotel and two of the most famous waxing institutions in Beverly Hills. My skin care philosophy may be a bit different than a lot of what you hear about on the internet, but it's based on many years of professional and personal experience and study. If anything that I say is helpful to you, I would sincerely appreciate if you take a moment to share my videos!
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