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[Music] run free in dive until the sky here the cry


[Music] hey hey hey hey hey you guys this is your girl fabulous see Caroline I'm back with a new video I know I have been in my a for a little bit of time but I'm back now with this new video this is a get ready with me wig audition can you believe it let's make my wig so I can put it on and get out the door


okay first things first this hair is already shampoo i shampooed and conditioned frontal and the bundles that I'm gonna be using so it's already shampoo and conditioner don't bleach my nuts on my frontal or my closure anymore because it tends to get the frontal bald spots it's your preference but I don't do it anymore what I do is just apply some foundation to the front tool to cover the nut and later on in the video you guys gonna see that so right now I'm just placing the frontal imposition on the spandex cap that's on a mannequin hair and of course I'm gonna take my thread in my needle and I'm going to start the stitch the front so from the back



okay so once I was done applying the front row to the mannequin here as you can see it snuck down it's nice and neat I'm gonna start to apply my bundles of course I'm gonna using two bundles on here because like I said I want this vibe to be natural looking I wanted to look nice it's not gonna be bulky so I'm just using two bundles here so I'm gonna start to apply the bundles to the cap I'm going to sew it down going from ear to ear in a u-shape style or position whatever you want to call it but I want to sew from ear to ear from one side to the other okay so this is gonna move back really quick let's go [Music] such a father long good day people feeling like the light has just come we must never stop [Music]


[Music] all right you guys so now that I'm at the top of the wig you can see I have a little circle that you the u-shape turn into a circle now I'm just gonna leave mine tracks straight across and sew them down close to each other until I get to the least front part of it [Music]

the birds of we will always is [Music]



[Music] okay so I'm almost done with making my way as you can see I have a very tiny space left all I'm going to do now is attach my last rack to the front so I can close up this bad girl okay [Music]


[Music] okay you guys as you can see I'm done making my wig now making my wig is the first step of mine get ready with me wake edition my next step of this is customizing the wig making it look as natural and of course styling it the first thing I'm going to do is tweeze the frontal a little bit I'm not gonna do too much tweezing because the frontal came free plucked so I do have a little bit of baby hair and I do have a little bit of 10 edges but I'm going to just go in just a tiny more bit just a little bit and take a little more hair off not too much just a bit okay




[Music] okay so now that I have a all tweeze out I think I like the way it looks right now I don't have the part of me cutting off the baby hair cutting a little bit of front off I don't know where that footage went but I did cut a little bit off the baby hair to make it look a little bit shorter and so it looks a little more realistic anyway moving on the next step is to blow-dry this hair make sure that is dry plus I need to make it straight so when I do go into cutting it's okay it's not too curly for me to cut okay so now that I'm done customizing my next step to this get ready with me wig additional is of course to style my wig now I'm going to use my clippers to cut my wig until the style that I wanted to be and of course is gonna be a blunt cut into a blunt Bob I did went in here and try to wig on off-camera just to help me show a God of where I want the wake to stop so I did go ahead and I put our hair pin there to use as a guide now I'm taking my clippers I'm just gonna go straight across and cut my wig into the style that I wanted to be


oh I love the razor's makes cutting so much easier anyway I'm done cutting with my razor now I'm going to flat iron this bad girl I'm gonna also use my scissors while I'm Flatiron and I'm gonna be cutting just to clean up the cut making sure that is at least even okay

there's a distance between eyes it's getting hard to reach I haven't seen you in season [Music]

she can break me down bad-uns a bean-counter for quite some time now just to see you again [Music]



[Music] okay so I'm almost done making this wig I'm done styling it now next I'm just going to cut off the extra days from the front part of the wig and around my ears just to make sure guy fits nicely and neatly around my ears all right people it's almost time for me to try on the wig but to make sure the wigs fit before I tried the wig on I'm going to add my elastic band and before I do that I'm gonna take the wig off the mannequin head I'm going to cut off the extra spandex cap and the elastic band that's attached to the spandex cap in the front is what I'm going to use to attach to the lace front row underneath so that the we can snug and fit my hair neatly and comfortably okay

[Music] oh hey yo I'm all dolled up I'm ready to exit the door but first I have to put my wig on okay this is I'll get ready with me WIC Edition for first things first before I put on the wig I need to make the list frontal look like my scalp make it look realistic make it look like this week is falling out of my cap okay so I'm just using my foundation powder actually this max can finish powder in the color dark and I'm just applying it to the lace front row just to make the list front to look a little more natural and realistic before I apply the wig to my head after that next I'm taking my cut to be glued oh just a tiny bit and I'm going to put it to where my weaving net stops this is not on my edges because my edges are not too much so I don't like to put too much stuff on my edges but I'm putting a I'm right above on my forehead okay you guys can see where is that all right then after that I'm gonna take that got to be glue screech it's like a freeze holding spray and I'm gonna spray a little bit on top of the gutta-percha they just help my lace frontal really lays flat snugs then once I'm going out I know it's not gonna lift it's not gonna move even though I have the elastic band but with this metric it just makes it stays on and stays put all day all night okay

oh my god you guys do you guys see I'm ready to head out my wig is on I'm looking a little bit flawless not too flawless for almost there now I'm just fixing up my part and of course I'm not a fan of baby hair if you watch my channel you guys know I'm not a fan of baby hair so I don't do the slicking down baby hair but I am going to comb a make it that make sure that is blending in with my legs so that my legs look seamless and flawless

okay so now that I have my baby in here all nicely laying down I'm gonna take a little bit of hairspray I spray it into my palm I rub my palms together and I just go over on my parting space and I go over the top of my wig just making sure that I don't have any flyaways over my head making sure everything is nice flat and neat and that is pretty much it you guys thank you so much for watching as always I love you guys I will catch you all in my next video all right

[Music] [Applause] [Music]


don't look behind your back [Music] she's alive when the world is cat and

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