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hi guys it's Samantha today I'm going to be sharing my new way of sort of organizing and keeping track of my bills and our home budget now I had done this previously in my home management binder or in a different notebook but I think this method is going to work best for me so the actual book is from Target and it was um it's just a monthly notebook so for a monthly calendar so there are no weeks or anything like that in there it's just the months and it wasn't expensive at all I live ended up a little bit with the sticker the letter stickers and then this is just all washi tape and everything inside of here is not our actual information it's different numbers and just made-up things to show you so let's go ahead and take a look on the inside and inside is on the front cover I actually taped in this little pocket and that way I can shove in receipts or anything really and then up here I kept blank so that if I have post-it notes I can put them on there like notes of things I paid or things to remember that sort of thing so like I said this is just a monthly planner January to December since it's now April when I'm starting this I went ahead and I did January but I did it to show you guys so it's not the actual stuff and the actual months of April through January will contain our information that is private so you have a first page here which I'm not going to be using and then this was actually a contacts page and I wash it over where it said contacts and then I think it's a name address and phone number I wash it over that this page is safe to spend so things that we want that we want to save for such as furniture trips anything like that will be the ones and then details about it maybe when it's happening or where I found the thing that I want anything like that the cost and then once we purchased it and then the other side of this page is kids activities so I have a section for Matthew Lillian and Joshua and I don't know why I just like to keep track of how much her dance classes or how much his baseball costs or what activities we're going to put Joshua and it's a good way for me to look back then be like oh we did this class with Lily and really liked it so I think I'm going to try it with Joshua so um I just am going to list that there as well just write maybe the name of the class and how much it cost per session and how many sessions it was so those are where the contacts pages now repurposed and then we go into the monthly spread of what was January now what I did on these pages is first I wash it in green washi along the bottom of what would have been our pay days and obviously my husband does not make a million dollars a paycheck but I would just write in there how much he makes which would be pretty awesome if that were the case and then on the monthly pages I just write our bills so in blue I write like the mortgage or preschool tuition or credit card bill or cell phones or car insurance and then under it and pencil I write the number of the check and then I put in green a PD for paid and circle it once it's been paid and the date it was paid so at the beginning of the month I would go through the month and write in everything in blue the lake bill that's due and how much it's due and then underneath as I'm going through the month like I wouldn't write in the check number until I was ready to send out the check so then I would write that after and then along the side here where the notes is I decided to do a like end of the month recap how much we earn that month and then how much we ended up saving and then just any additional notes could be put in here like maybe we had some unexpected home repair or something like that that was out of the ordinary I could make a note of that there's plenty of space in this calendar then on the other days where I could put a sticky over and write notes about things as well this planner is only for finances nothing else will go in here at all so that's a look at the month out of glance and I also put in our grocery day and an example of like how much we'd spend on groceries so then I would put again on the 24th I wrote it in red because we shop at Target or our Costco trick trip for the month I would write in Costco and how much we spent that month and then just throughout the month as well I put like how much are you saving this week or I spent way too much on clothes this week whatever it may be just little notes and reminders throughout the month so those are the months at a glance if I'm going to do it the same exact way the whole way through until December and then be high it and then I just put a little paper clip there to point me in the direction of what month I'm in and then after December there are a bunch of note pages and some of those I have made into my own individual pages customized so first one is my 2014 budget we sat down along we sit down regularly and go through a budget of what we want to spend what we want to save that sort of thing so we we try to budget but we don't live paycheck to paycheck and we don't budget everything so like the kids activities we don't budget in we just um we just pay for those because we save a lot more than if we would have budgeted if that makes sense so we just we have different accounts and that comes out of a different account this is mainly just for the main checking account what comes out that sort of thing so we have like our mortgage my husband's student loan which were aggressively paying off our utility bill will happen every month no matter what forever our cellphone bill our car insurance um our van lease our phone and internet and cable which will happen forever no matter what in our life insurance is just something that we'll always have and the total of that and then what we have budgeted for groceries per month at Target and Costco I do them separately just because it's easier for me to visualize it that way so how much I'm spending at Target a month how much I'm spending at Costco per month our gas we separate by vehicles so how much is going into my husband's vehicle and my vehicle per month and then our weekly spending allowances of going out to eat or shopping or play dates or anything like that so it'd be like our weekly spending then and then I have a monthly total and then I figure out our church offering for the month and then our goal to save and how much we hope to put into other accounts are my main savings account and then just like another account that we use for things that are budgeted in that sort of thing so that is our budget and then the next page is my Adsense earnings since I am continuously now earning on YouTube for the most part I want to keep track of it pretty like pretty detailed and anything I earn from Adsense goes either into giveaways or shipping giveaways or working on different projects one like tackling new organizational project so that I can film them not sort of saying anything that's left over then gets put into our savings account so my Adsense earnings goes there and then our kids bank accounts each of our children have a bank account so I wanted to have their account information available so I just have a column for each of them and I'm going to put like every few months I don't track it very um like continuously because they aren't using them it's just accruing interest or if we transfer money in there or if they have a birthday or something like that so just every so often I want to update the amounts on those and then the next page is um sort of password and private information so I have like our account so it'd be our bank account our credit card accounts our car insurance like website information just things that I need to remember the username and password for it's a lot of different things if you think about it because every account that we have we have an online presence form and are able to track it online and pay online and that sort of thing so I have I'm going to write the accounts that we have the website that you go to and the username and the password the password I will be writing in pencil so that whenever I go through and change all of my passwords I can easily erase it and write in the new passwords which is very important to do every so often so this page is pretty much just for I mean it is for me as well but it's also a guideline for my husband if he were ever to need to do any account information that sort of thing he really wouldn't know where to start I have a feeling I mean he's a grown man he had his very successful businessman he could figure it out but this would just give him a guideline okay here are all of our accounts listed out here's how you get into the websites to pay the bills or to cancel things or whatever you would need to do I do all of the banking and our Emily so I just feel like if I were ever out of town and needed something or god forbid like in the hospital or something like that he would have somewhere to at least start so that is a look inside my bills and budget um calendar and I think this is really going to work for us for now like I said I haven't had much success in the past but um I'm hoping this new system works out I hope you guys enjoyed this video and let me know how you organize your bills and budgeting I think it's a really cool topic to talk about it's hard to talk about sometimes because you want to keep a lot of things private but yeah so that's how we do it I hope you guys are having a great day and I will talk to you my next video bye guys


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