Conejo - Notes From A Psychopath

by: SixTrece Rider

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he's lyrics every I need to I you much it's a fighting full course we hunger strike I got this bulletproof would he give his proxy flat red being that you don't make you see the lake that's killing back then this back to kill and soprano blue nation that's the personnel I can't spell that make me sad my spell motherfucker from the place they breath that's a bit for my work my temper boy whoa poison in my band if you've been destroyed and sacred sword I'm gonna shoot the store I'm a wrecking ball cut it loose you read me you'll hear shots living out your thoughts then it's back to slagging at the corner spot a million watts fucking burn the woman to 1/3 is accomplished not for these are loose from a psychopath if he had enough you need to do the man look bad my thing I'm pulling up on the back and let that Matt Jim wait I got you rolling straight the puppet master was crowned the king that shit I prayed and said ain't your average everyday feast and I try to never kill you did the kids come out to attend the function they don't give a fuck about no gang injection interruption utilize that weapon they said empty out of dip and that's a full of expression I'm sweet like bit my cup is filled to the top red plum nice about to disappear this shit is scary I'm giving back to a milk are you laying motherfuckers on the city just cheered Oheka scrapped total two against I got a bullet for your head do we waste him Jess turned up it's it through the mass on top tier let me get them rats my boys lava or folk a new way of life and share on the opposition is some once a destructive less strong their sinister Kingdom swap - it looks simple cycle death and fate a did you do the math no when I do my thing I pull up on the back you left I met him wait I got you wanna swing the puppet master it was grab the kid that shit up great it's an angel where every Jimmy Pakistan I tried to give a deal yeah I'm in the blue should pick you up fucking with mr. King from a limb like a fucking chip kingpin how this motherfucker he said won't bitches battle for I ain't no sucker for your demon nightmare you're dreaming for the needle million in the background scheming not to even when your brother limits big co-branding uh coughs uh spirits it's the parish windows window Ferris they like pong boys if they recognize the brilliance give assistance to the street and innocent gripping my feet getting ready Jake flying again Bennett's come first in the next of kin that's why been it said all this time he said you don't wanna trouble with the chief will crime he's a loose I'm a psychopath if it ain't any no you need to do the man you love bears when I do my thing I pull up on the back and let that neck team place I got you wanna swing the puppet master was grabbed the kid that shit I bring it's an angel we're rich every package then I try to get a deal two damage memorandum for the guy you see one

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