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all righty folks welcome to vlog number two the reason this is vlog number two is because if you miss number one which was so highly acclaimed you may enjoy today's vlog lots going on lots lots going on we just got over one hell of a storm last night it rained lightning thunder clacking cracking I was supposed to fish on Monday the forecast was 20 to 25 knots with possible gale force winds so we decided not to do that and there's another reason why I decided not to do it or I asked sort of my customer not to do it which is a long story which I'll get into in a little bit so we didn't fish on Monday I got another package delivery today that I'm going to share with you that is going to be sort of attached to last not the last log but the last video when I talked about the ugly stick tiger light jigging and let me just preface this by saying you would need to subscribe because 90% of all my videos are attached to each other meaning that if I do a video about something then probably the next video is about the thing that I did the first video on okay and that's exactly what's going to be happening today this is sort of like I said vlog number two because some things you're going to go on throughout the day here that I'm going to take you along for the ride there's the jetty wolf just some things are going to happen today they're attached to the last video which was about the ugly stick tiger light jigging rods and what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you some footage of those rods getting broke in and I'm going to show you that footage right now got to get Sara here on my brand new rod and reels ugly stick jigging rods spin or level lined offshore 16 come on girl what tired she won't come tired this morning now we can do we're going to do the net cam oh there he is he's in the other one okay he's in the other line

lines whoo who let the dogs out put all the spots on this off go alright alright broke the spell on my brandy rods 10 pounder box super super multi bottom okay Kyle's hooked up on Maura I'm Iran REO over here and we got one that's deciding to go a different direction in which we supposed to this may not actually be a red fish go ahead and get on them you see these go take you out to no-man's land okay Sarah you may want to bring that one up he's coming in on this side real real real real real fur oh thank you God okay okay we're gonna do the anchor dance I hope not trying to walk them down the side of the boat if you can come let's get him the hell out of here finger oh God pull it like a God dang Polish fryer Oh God dang koulos flounder you know what that's called one one is he cute come here polish flounder adios amigos 28 yep okay go to bed they actually got me

on ta play nine incher hey it's Freddie the freeloader named Freddie come here I think first one of my do now is I'm going to head to the post office I got a box here that's the real then I sold that's in this box I got one more it's the they're all on eBay right now I'm selling these two truth reels and I'm keeping two I have four at a pretty much unbelievable cost these things may have been used once or twice last summer they're super nice reels I mean they're just so better than most of the reels out there today I mean look at the torque that this thing can provide they're just wonderful reels I got I'm selling two of them I'm keeping two of them so I sold one to a guy out California who I guess he's even seen my video when I caught a shark on one of these on the top water plug and another thing I'm doing is I'm I've already sold one I've got these these are Shimano Terez rods this is a black one I'm selling there he's at a mat and a big-time discount that already sold one I had one that was yellowish and this is the black these things MSRP manufacturer's suggested retail price is 260 dollars well this one has never seen water I don't think this has ever even been used with this one right here so I'm selling this on eBay at a big-time discount to sold one already all I got this one left sold one of these reels only got this one left so now on this crappy day I'm going to be headin to the post office and there's a doubt what vloggers do we go to the post office on a crappy weather day fishing report to do for the newspaper and just send them some pictures at him some video footage Lots going on today got lots going on and I'm supposed to fish tomorrow was going to go Monday but of course we did do that so and we'll see if I'm even going tomorrow myself let's head to the post office right now I'll get in the truck and then I'm going to tell you about something else that's happened that's also kind of putting the kibosh in my week alright folks the reason that the camera is sitting so far down is I have to drive with my right hand and one of the big problems that I've had this week and I don't know what it's from I don't know it's from I'm having all kinds of sort of like elbow issues but it's not necessarily just my elbow it's when I move my wrist and hand or put weight on my elbow up inside my elbow I am getting such sharp pains I don't know if we're fiction amar but I'm going to have to make a trek all the way to VA hospital Gainesville

I can't pull back a bow and hold the rod can't pull the anchor I mean just think of all the things that takes two arms all right folks guess what this vlog continues I knew sooner get home and this black Terez that was on eBay is now sold so now I got a package this rod up and everything with one arm so now I've got to package this up and I'm summing these ups yeah I mean I'm not making a ton of money on it but I'm basically getting my money back and I'm putting it other places that's what I always do when I sell tackle is only reason I'm selling tackle as I look at stuff that I'm not using heavily and I replace it with something else that I'd like to try to use heavily it's never-ending cycle of bay of tear tackle junkie so I no sooner get over the post office and now I got to pack up some more stuff head into the UPS store hotel are usually ship rods because I don't trust the United States Postal Service and there it is stick it out of my window because the bed of the truck is sopping wet with all this God dang rain but you hear that do you hear that that's the sound of diesel power baby remember this all boils down to my last video talking about how so wheat and light weight unbelievably lightweight that these ugly sticks tiger light jigging rods are but the whole thing about it is is that what I ended up putting on here look at that that is the jigging master Wiki jigging light tackle level lined lever drag Wiki jigging reel wicking from jigging master I think just means you know it's their light tackle type stuff look at that gorgeous SOB right there I mean you can get these in all different colors but I chose because of the color sort of the colors that are in this ugly stick tiger light to put this on there jiggy masters in Taiwan all of their tackle is so state of the art it's just unbelievable I mean who would have come up with a light tackle jigging reel that's lever drag and level lined and then it has what the like the newest Daiwa salt EAGA has you push that in and it literally locks the spool so you can pull out snags if you have to I just unboxed it it is a thing of beauty you know I got to get my elbow fixed here because I got a lot of fishing to do with this thing they give you this right here which is called a finger fence you're you're supposed to be able to stick your finger right on this little notch piece they put on there to help you cut this real when you're jigging now Pony Lou I think his name lures lie he is I guess the president of the company I mean if you don't believe how good these reels and even their rods are just go look up jigging master on YouTube and watch this man test his equipment this is what I've been waiting for all day long and now it's hell it's after four o'clock by the time ups showed up I've never big been big into thumbing to reel back and forth I mean come on I mean I'm not catching 50-pound groupers and stuff like that I'm talking big Reds sharks maybe tarpon snapper maybe grouper sea bass and I don't know this is just a compliment this is the compliment and let me get it I don't have everything set up right here this is the compliment on the heavier duty side diaiogue is our level line star drag high speed 7 point 4 to 1 gear ratio power handle EBA foam all ball bearings I mean we're good look how this foam handle look all that spins all machine 12 ball bearing real fast as all get-out and I got these just some catfish rods I mean listen to this connect you push that button man listen to that when that thing engages it snaps on it snaps into engagement like like no other bait caster I've ever had this is nothing more than a larger sort of version of that with the lever drag and it's to complement my arsenal and I'll be talking about this a little bit more but I appreciate you coming on by putting up with me today this is vlog number two if you want to talk tackle junkie come on over subscribe sort of vlog number two and until we see some action on here I'll see you again hopefully shortly all I got to do is have somebody fix this elbow the pain is running all the way up in here all around it seals all insula got inflammation in it whatever I did I don't even know what I did so but please come back and watch for this tackle being pressed into service see y'all later



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