Conejo - Life Is A Maze

by: SixTrece Rider

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life is amazed who so many ways that one could get killed or live on the dais and said no one even knows about the shit out go hoof it break it to my mind you will see what I do to keep myself going and shame to keep myself from feeling their pain the sound of grain it keeps me cool I got the sturdy yeah sure that I could fit my balls they say in porn but no I'm not I got that fucking in telepathy you like it or not can we stop and for a second review how everything I've done has developing - movimento she raps official cuz the words that got that grinded ballistic missile pepper crystal I could get him for cheeky cuz I'm connected to the people that were booked on the street it's against the rep in the game I'm dressed but I'm good for the shit cuz I'm bringing the best I never gave up the colors there till these name motherfuckers can't be compared the product that I break it's wrong I'm cut it said these bitches be indeed you when I'm busting a nut I said if Sam Bush and I thought we should be done there's some count bullshit how the question was wrong and they wanna give me credit when they know me spoon that's why kick down doors gonna send us the booth real Kingdom fucking fellas run a mission for the boat I could get their melon I got him plated I know my moves this hat is giving teeth on a smash some food some dad who never killing this soloist on my leg up a little squaw face my nose the work that I put in this beyond the reach fate dance niggas tryin to fuckin breach the contract that's burning the bridge I'm gonna pull motherfucker put your head in the fridge it's a reference here my boys can't believe that I'm going and no shilling in the past with the end of the road and I'm strolling surveillance cams it's a game paranoia when I snorting grams damn I got the six could laugh personís you dude bitch don't change the gym i dismantle the instrument pen i'm problem by the Sun solar better before in these less for boys I'm a special DJ for whatever you want I'll take you back to my condo like I you been DC 12 I know my stream more young Brueghel's

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