MG 1/100 GM Type C Review

by: ThePunisherMAX17

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all right guys punisher max 17 here today and this is the review for my master gray GM type-c this was a really cool kit if you saw the unboxing video I really really liked how this looked it's a really incredibly detailed kit for as old as it is I really loved it and it turned out to be just as good as I hoped so without any further ado here is my Master Grade GM type seen I quite like it to be honest here's a 360 view of it and back around a really cool kit you know some things to say about this before actually getting to the into the review is I shaded all of the tan parts I guess I didn't shade the black but I like I said I shaded the tan and well I guess that's it because I didn't shade you know internal frame the black and there I did shade the red though and with just these two yellow I didn't worry about that anyway a really cool kit I actually did decals on this one they were all dry transfer the ones that came with the kit you know I haven't ever done decals on a kit and I decided you know what I have the dry transfers here I'm gonna do it see how it goes and for the most part it went pretty well there was one decal that screwed up and that was just on this zero on the zero one seven I put on the shoulder but I have the efsf the zero one seven some decals on its feet and then decal on its shield I didn't really do many of them just because of the fact like I said I hadn't done them before and I've been just kind of trying different things anyway I'll actually get into the review I'll take the beam saber out of his hand and we'll start at the bottom alright the feet can go a little ways to each side and then back forth the ankle armor pretty much hinders most of that movement but the ankle armor can move up and down a little bit not a whole lot see at the knee you can get a little over a 90 degree Bend and a little waist forward to at the top of the leg you can get pretty much all the way out and a little the way back because of the back skirts aren't poseable they're fixed so you can't get the most articulation out of them that you would otherwise the leg goes actually not as far out as I thought it did only a little ways out so actually there's not that much pose ability in the legs but to be honest I'm okay with that I'm not a person who's all about pose ability and my kids so not that big of a deal to me personally the side skirts go all the way up to the top that way that far front skirts are a single ball joint they go up then you know wiggle a little bit like usual and something interesting about this kid I just remembered I was going to tell you is almost this and the entire body of this kit is the same as the rx-78 toover cause all of the plates in this actually were labeled as the verka so I actually found that interesting that almost everything you know aside from the head and a few other things was recycled from the rx-78 too and let's see the waste it goes a little bit to the side not a whole lot of ways there its hindered because inside of here it does have a core booster I think that's what they're called let's see the arms they go up that far as you can see the shoulders really don't move you can get the shoulders you know to go all the way around but aside from that the shoulders do not move in any direction the arms go all the way up and get a little less than a 90 degree Bend out of them there and they don't go back any the hands on a single ball joint but actually can't do all that much other than just go 360 and go a little ways forward a little ways back but it's hindered by this the arm design and it's the three-in-one trigger finger hand okay the other arm obviously the same and the head on a single ball joint of course and go up down to the side but can't go 360 okay let me get this thing back set straight so it'll stand up the shield is on a very strong connection actually and it can go 360 on the arm like that really good connection on the shield to be honest I quite like that about it see the back here like I said the back skirts are fixed you can move these thrusters back and forth I actually painted those chrome I never painted chrome before because I just got the paint I bought Tommy a chrome at a local hobby shop not local it's a ways away but they had it and it's the closest thing to me so I call it local you also have thrusters under there under the little Baxter Park what's also cool is these back here these little cables are actually fabric you know they did that on several of the old master grades and I thought it was a cool little added detail I liked it let's see what else to say about this the accessories okay first off we have the shield of course which I already showed you one other cool thing is this here is actually a clear plastic piece so it's actually more shield like meal where they have the glass and there I thought that was pretty cool you know I'd never done a masquerade with that before cuz I haven't actually built that many masquerades so maybe that's typical but I thought it was neat now you get two beam sabers you saw the one I had here earlier that believe you can clip the other ones under the shield here yeah you can have another one underneath the shield right there so that's really a little - then you get two guns you get this little gun that looks like the kind of things the old GM's had looks like a powered up version of the ones that the geums had of course since this is a GM type C and I like this gun to be honest I think it's a it's a small pretty cool little gun you also get a larger gun that is interchangeable with a few parts you have this and you have the ammo clip down here and you have this front to the gun where you're able to use this front which makes it more machine gun light and you're also able to change the ammo clip and put it up at the top and I quite like that I mean I think it's kind of cool I'm not gonna be using the guns on mine I'm just gonna have it posed with the beam saber and the shield so doesn't really affect me but it is something cool for anyone who likes you know posed with the guns or something so you know like I like I showed throughout the review this kit really doesn't have the greatest pose ability but I honestly think it makes up for it in looks I think it's one of the coolest looking kids I have on my shelf you know it's a really simple classic design but it really stands out and looks good I also really like the color scheme you know this is the original color scheme out of the box color scheme but I think it's nice I like it more a whole lot more than the just of the GM color scheme so yeah I'm givin this kid a thumbs up you know I like it it may not be for everybody but it definitely gets my approval so you know I hope that you found this review helpful or interesting at the least you know let me know it's that you thought and thanks for watching

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