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there's a lot of things like here in Simi Valley a lot of things I like in Southern California's a lot of things about this home that I'm building for myself that I I want to look back on do I want to give that after I want to give that up one that looks kind of P like that Paul goes man I can't do that I've been a keep looking forward because the moment I look back I'm gonna lose this race because I'm like a runner all I think about is that finish I and all I think about is man one moment I'm gonna see Jesus and I'm gonna spend my life preparing for that moment I want to cross that line I want to get my reward it's all about that because I don't look behind me I look forward I forget the one thing I do I forget what's behind me and I'm just looking to the end I mean how many of us really think that way how many of us live that way look into the end you know what's interesting to me this whole thing about forgetting what's behind and pressing on toward what's ahead what does every counselor tell you to do look back let's go back to your past what happened a few years ago oh yeah well then what happened when you're an adolescent let's talk about your early childhood what happened there may be some things in the womb what happens was they're distressed that your mom have any yeah we're always going back looking back and Paul says one thing I do I forget what's back there and I look forward is it true that there are certain things I do because of my past yeah but there's a lot more than I do because of my future you know I do things and we got it we got to focus on this you guys the world's gonna keep making you look at your past your past your past and we got to keep looking at the future you look at your past you're gonna get depressed and you're gonna get stuck in your past you look to your future and go man what is that moment gonna be like see my actions a lot of things I do is because I'm thinking about my future and I'm thinking about that moment when I see Jesus because I realize that everything I do is gonna bring either reward or regret it really is I've got a extra thousand bucks okay on that day that future when I see Jesus what is gonna bring reward and what's gonna bring regret I I could buy a lot of fun things for myself with that thousand bucks but on that day Paul saying I'm just looking at that day going on that day maybe I just give it to the poor because on that day I'll be rewarded for it versus yeah I mean we've all bought things we regret right you know that was a waste of mine that's a waste away that's a waste of money think about what we're gonna say at the end when we stand before God are you gonna regret the car you drove regret the house you lived in we get the clothes you wore regret you know just just everything what are you gonna regret what how about your time and how you spent it are you gonna argue no all I'm so glad I watched 7,000 movies are you gonna regret why I wasted all of that time yeah it's it's it's about the future Paul's going man what it might have looked forward to Athey and I'm gonna bring an illustration that this is like the first illustration I did it was 20 years ago but I can't think of a better way to to explain it um I actually didn't use a rope back then I used a remember remember computer paper when it was all stuck together and they had the holes on the side that she had to feel off remember that I remember getting a roll that some of you guys have no idea what I'm talking about which is crazy to me but uh because I was the best you know and and it never worked right because they're the rolling things but uh but I had I remember being a youth pastor and I put that computer paper all the way around the room and but I'm gonna use a rope now because I can't find that computer paper imagine this rope kay pretend this rope just goes on forever okay just imagination pretend it goes around the world few times it doesn't it ends at the rock but let's just imagine this thing goes on forever now imagine that this rope is a timeline of your existence you just exist forever you see this red part this would represent your time on earth you've got a few short years here on earth and then you've got all of eternity somewhere else this is this is your existence and what blows me away is some of you all you think about is this red part it's all you think about you're consumed with this you go home and I can't wait till here you know I'm gonna work hard I'm gonna save save save so I can really enjoy this part right here and you're consumed with that and you're thinking oh man I'm gonna get the travel and I gonna eat well might do this during this part and I'm like are you kidding me what about this what about this what about what about all this stuff that says it's crazy to me because because the Bible teaches that what I do during this little red part deep sermons how I'm gonna exist for millions and millions and millions of years forever and and so why would I spend this little red part trying to make myself as comfortable as possible enjoying myself as much as I can Paul says look I'm gonna live my life for this mission I'm gonna spend my life invest my life for this moment when I cross that finish line see I'm gonna forget about all this stuff I could enjoy and I'm not gonna look around I'm gonna be like a runner just looking at that moment when I face God because when I face him then I don't get this chance over again we got one chance at this life on Earth and it can end at any second for any of us we've got one chance at this and then comes eternity and I'm not gonna be fooled I'm not gonna spend my life down here see people look at some of my decisions go oh you're so stupid because that's gonna really affect this I don't know you're stupid cuz it's gonna affect all it is man I I'm serious I look I look at the way people live and I go wow that is so crazy you are so crazy you're gonna you're gonna do that right now just to enjoy right now not even knowing if you have tomorrow and you think that's smart and that I'm dumb it doesn't make any sense Paul goes I'm not gonna look around at all this stuff and it's tempting it's tempting to all of it that's what I'm saying down here it's crazy because everyone lives that way everyone lives for the red part no one's thinking about the millions of years afterwards it's just a crazy deception that we can't get out of our minds and Paul goes I'm not doing that you can I keep my eyes on that I keep my eyes on that finish line and I'm gonna forget what's behind me I'm not looking around I'm just gonna I'm straining because I'm straining forward I'm like stretching forward for that mark I'm gonna pass this thing I'm gonna live this out and I'm gonna face him I'm gonna come before the judges and he's gonna hand me that trophy he goes I'm gonna get it I haven't gotten there yet he goes but I'll you better believe I'm using every muscle exerting every bit about me because I'm gonna pass that line well and then he says brothers join in imitating me he was imitating me do what I'm doing right now keep your eyes keep your eyes on what on those who walk not those who talk keep your eyes on those who walk according to the example you have in us for many of whom I've often told you and now tell you even with tears walk as enemies of the cross of Christ their end is destruction their God is their belly they glory in their shame and with minds set on earthly things but our citizenship is in heaven and from it we await a savior the Lord Jesus Christ who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself see Paul says imitate me he says imitate me he goes so imitate me see see how I'm living see oh I'm striving for this see I'm not distracted by all these things he goes imitate me but here's where it killed me he says for many of whom I've often told you and I now tell you even with tears walk as enemies of the cross of Christ he says many and he's talking about people that attend church many walk as enemies of the cross of Christ don't miss this many walk that's how see I'm not gonna ask for a show of hand to say how many of you are enemies of Jesus Christ this morning you know notice how Paul Todd didn't do that in the beginning hey how many guys are enemies of Jesus oh good good I see that hand no one's gonna admit it no one's even gonna say it but he says many walk you can look at their actions and go he'll say that he's a Christian all day long she'll say she's a believer and follower but look at her actions look how she walks she walks as an enemy of Christ and he's saying he goes man I'm not happy about this he goes I'm saying this right now I've said it many times and I'm saying it and I'm crying at the same time because I'm crying as I say this to you that many of you guys are walking like enemies of the cross you talk like it but you you're walking like enemies of the cross and in the reason why he's crying is because he says their end is destruction wait but they're professing believers but they said they found Jesus but they prayed a prayer I don't care the way they walk shows me that what they said they didn't really mean their walking as enemies of the cross of Christ and he's crying he's going man their end is destruction this does this makes me so sad you know what destruction means he's talking about hell he they think that they're gonna cross this line and get really because no look at their lives their end is destruction he goes and it's killing me he says by their walk and he explains them he says their God their God isn't Jesus their God is their belly their God is their belly what does it mean by that it's their hunger what they hunger for whatever I want I'm gonna get I want to eat that underneath that I want to buy that I'm gonna buy it because God's not your God you know you don't buy the things that God wants you to buy you don't say the things that God wants you to say you just say the things you want to say because you're your own God your God's your appetite what you hunger for so if you desire that you're gonna get it and you'll figure out a way to justify it biblically but you know you're not praying before to the decisions go God should I do this should I pursue her should I pursue this relationship should i watch that movie should I eat this should I buy this is knowing you just do what you want your God your God is not Jesus Christ your God is your belly it's your appetite whatever you desire you're your own God you walk like an enemy of the cross see the cross was all about denial the cross was all about suffering the cross was well this is what the father is set for me to do so I'm gonna do it it's not really what I'm hungry for right now longing for but you know what so those who just go with their appetite they're just their gods their stomach he goes you know what they're their glory they glory in their shame they show off things that they should be ashamed of [Music] we can do that we're so proud of some possession we have you should be ashamed of that they just want to glory in these things all look at this you know surgery a down look at how I look you're proud of that should be ashamed of that your glorying and things that you should be ashamed of because you're looking at their things of the earth and you're proud of it he says because you know what you're setting your minds on earthly things your mind is set on earthly things it's like on you're just thinking about the things of the world and you're showing off the things of the world that you know to everyone else you know you should be ashamed of that because you're showing that who your God really is it's you whatever you want to do you're gonna do they said well God wants me to be happy God would want this God would want you to just follow him and deny yourself pick up your cross and front that's what I read God would want you to so long for him and that finish line and be hungry for him and not thinking about the things of the earth the enemies of the cause I hate that phrase who wants to be called an enemy of the cross but we walk as enemies of the cross when we live for this life and our minds are set on earthly things he goes but our citizenship is in heaven and from it we await a savior what do we wait for a savior what do we wait for wait for Jesus it so we're gonna man life really stinks right now but when I see Jesus it's gonna be awesome you know yeah I've let go of a lot of things and I've suffered a lot of things but man when I see Jesus I'm living for that moment and I can't wait for my Savior I can't wait to leave see I'm in love with a person and that person happens to be in heaven right now and I can't wait to see his face and be with him I'm not see that's there's such a big distinction there are those who love it down here and and there are those who are going nuts because they love Jesus so much we can't wait to be with him and the question is is how do you walk I'm not asking how you talk is honestly I could care less anymore I've been lied to so many times and so many people come to church for years and years and years it isn't till way down the road you realize who they really were so I don't care you know because you can hide whatever I doubt very few of you would say that you're an enemy of Jesus Christ I'm just saying by your lifestyle where is this sermon based questions live for eternity I just put two questions on there and if you have a pen that would be great to actually fill this out cuz imma give you like a minute or so but just answer these two questions first question what have you done this past week that matters in light of eternity that makes sense like what did you do during this last week that you'll actually see the results of here okay what did you do this week where you'll see the results here the matters in light of eternity and then the other question is what have you done this past week that will not be remembered when you reach eternity what stuff did you do this week that's just gonna end right here and it's all gonna burn it's just it's just pointless because there's things you do everyday that you'll see the results of here and there's other things that it ended you did it you see you spent the day you spent the time you spent the money you spent the energy but you're not gonna see any results of that in heaven and just for you to evaluate your life and so just take a minute or so and and just start filling that out and and if anyone needs pray or this morning I know this is heavy and I think it's it's maybe you're just blown away like wow this is so much because I was always taught man just love your family and that's a Christian thing to do and if you got some time and served in the church a little bit and if you got a little leftover money throw it in the plate now Jesus says now everything you just lose your whole life and you'll find it but you try to save it lose it maybe some of you are saying today you know what I want to follow this Jesus I'm ready to give it all up I'll trade in my old life I'm not trying to add Jesus to my life I want this whole new life where I live for the end [Music]


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