Edible Bubbles Challenge: Delicious or Disgusting?

by: Vat19

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oh no and that is edible bubbles turn any liquid into floating bubbles you can eat so we decided to try everything the good anymore sir in the bath right Bon Appetit kind of nervous yeah there's some good one but there's some really bad one uh there's a lot of not looking forward to all right Danny I'm feeling it I'm feeling good [Applause] thirteen okay lucky number 13 okay I'm gonna come oh oh yeah oh oh yeah I definitely got a pretty girl that's vinegar stop my eye in this escena Willy Wonka yeah gonna start flying vinegar balsamic vinegar yeah what why don't you just yeah definitely is that what it is I got it all right number eight great [Music] don't tell me we go into a little bit I don't know yeah favori I'm going to say it's a turkey gravy I'm not getting that I'm getting a little sweet yeah I think they're all going to be sweet I think the bubbles is intelligence I'm sticking with turkey great I'm not feeling turkey gravy I don't know I really don't know double down turkey gravy okay turkey gravy ah was it soda I knew always more noticeable I knew it was sweet buddy go uo3 [Music] come on come on oh they're popping okay it's kind of sweet I can heaven taste it again well go give it away no spoilers are not gone I think I know that is I know that it I got 100 that Bogart nose bubble I was thinking coke but then this is crazy I was thinking let's dream honey cocoa if we both talk my initial okay that's why I was - will do all right we'll go coke one Grima weird have fun no look one I'll have you up finding I'll have your finest bubbles on the menu [Music] come here miss you so bad oh I'm gonna get on oh I am I going from all right now french-kiss beer still bad I think we got it I want to try it off it's vinegar vinegar vinegar all right boy like the lottery just we might not win what is it number six not just a sip you ran home oh look back in Oh all I know what that is oh wow oh yeah that does definitely pickle juice yes yes pick that in a quick a few shells like I know that ha ha ha yep maybe pickles was my nickname in college getting that lock Oh more sir got a mouthwash huh yeah all of us yes you we read yes number 9 laughing it was a number John oh yes number 9 number 9 oh they're like goo it's a disgusting it's brown bro oh I know that confirms my theory that's the most out of goodbye Charlie so we're all wait I take that back I take that back no let me always thought soy sauce tonight one more time boy make these bubbles with a little little fried rice you know I'm talking about you oh my gosh gasping isn't one of it please don't spit a loogie in your hand hi this toy stop yeah like we did this one unavailing this one really bring it we're pretty good bubbler taste the taste buds come on up top on that one turn beverages into bubbles and enjoy edible bubbles the subsea snacked pick up a pack and shop for hundreds more gifts at vat19.com vat19.com try your own edible bubble challenge by tapping here to pick up the edible bubble kit or tap over here to watch that do some other crazy challenges hmm apple juice

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