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all right what's up guys it's super here and welcome to another injustice to video and today we're gonna be playing with random character select and I haven't done this in a long time and there's a good reason for that just because I haven't been playing injustice to them all that much like other than when I stream and record with you know the legendary gear which you guys have been seeing videos of I don't play I haven't been playing injustice two just because I haven't been and really enjoying the game too much so that means that I don't have practice with characters that are not the ones that I have legendary gear for so this is gonna be like the absolute best chance for me to lose with you know a lot of these characters like Robin you know to get some of his combos you actually need to get some practice going with him so I don't know if I'll be able to

I don't know if I'll be able to do as max damage combos and you know optimize some of these stuff but then I want that oh that actually ok good he converted off of it nice Swifties yeah so there's gonna be like a really really big chance for me to lose with the characters that I haven't played which means uh you know other than like raid in other than Raiden and the characters were legendary gear how they help

how do you do is his everything again ok that's how you do that okay I'm getting mixed now it's gonna be a really good chance for me release ok got the first life bar I could still make this comeback I'm pretty confident I could still make this comeback but I'm gonna have to play really really well he has a lot of meter plot this one I was gonna be hard down yeah that one's gonna be hard I told you guys I don't have the practice with the combos and the footsies and just with the experience that I have with these players when I first started playing this game but this is this is gonna be the challenge of random character select I'm probably gonna lose with these characters and then when I get a character now to play you know I could run it because these are set so I can't change my character when I win but I could change the characters when I lose that wasn't as bad as I expected but if I get a character like like Black Manta or someone like that and cheetah not so much cheetahs always 1 1 2 and then I just got to remember how to do the pounce which I think it's back forward back forward 3 cheetahs is not gonna be that bad I don't think at least

yeah this is what I do with cheat all the time

okay conversion that's the command grab Oh

punished with it right yeah see cheetahs not gonna be too much of a problem to like remember what to do with her cross up

I'll take the trade that meter oh I was trying to push block it push block too early is it gonna be ready for his wake up there no I'm not gonna wake up

hey he wasn't ready nice break right before right before look at that he has nine point one I'm gonna do it because I'm a trade up right now oh that's actually smart that's what I was like looking for him to do okay it's fine

nice he chipped me out with that I was smart I better he's gonna try to go for a 55th floor

oh no chip I thought that was gonna chip him out yeah he couldn't take it I saw the idea he had but he couldn't really take the damage yeah cheetah cheetahs gonna be flying or vixen I'm sorry vixen I'm sorry vixen beautiful character model yeah vixen is one of the best-looking if not the best looking female character model in the game I think she's right up there with with Starfire I'm sorry chief I mean vixen I did [Music]

[Music] no mix-up there right she's got hit that's the old classic with Atrocitus there's no mix-up there you just get hit

air sweep is insanely good her sweep is so good yeah I think cheetah will be one of those characters that I will always like sort of have an idea of how to play with all right I'm just gonna like sit back here and push block push block my way out of it oh I thought I was gonna make it over nice

I should be it right yeah you didn't have a chance to break no chance to break free you sir okay but like I was saying before I don't know what it would is what it is I don't know if it's just like I definitely don't play the game too much even when it came out like when I was pumping out a lot of videos like when I make videos and stream is literally the only time that I get to play but I would go occasionally in here into training mode and like play with these characters but recently I just haven't really been you know wanting to play too much I don't know maybe it's just the games meta right now like very very defensive oriented and you know the best the best you know strategy is you know like walking back and stuff oh I missed out on that punished

so yeah and like for the last month that's why I'm so thankful for the I'm just Alice isn't a wake up there I'm so thankful for the legendary gear because if it wasn't for a legendary gear I would have had a lot more trouble playing game so that's why I don't have a lot of practice with these characters that are not you know like Batman Batman scarecrow Supergirl of course Superman always know how to play Joker I have find them a lot of fun so I'll probably always play him I still jumping with into training mode with Joker occasionally I should really use my four three there

yeah that's a better option oh yeah I think he just got really frustrated with with how vixen plays if you don't anti-air vixen she is just going to jump lunge jump lunge you know what I mean so once I got vixen I was like comforter I told you guys I'm like please get a character but I not a plaything vixens one of those characters that's very very easy to play when someone doesn't know how to fight her because they will not answer you and sometimes it's even hard even if the person knows how to play versus vixen but for me at least one one two is a is the king string or the queen string for for her at the moment so let's keep on going and hopefully we could keep getting characters that I know how to play a juice okay sub ey be huh oh I like his uh his chrome color I like it who are we gonna get who are we gonna get oh yes one thing all right I'm down with this but the only thing is that if I do lose one game I will lose my Swamp Thing and have to go to random characters to like but I yes I got a character I know how to play good good good good good good good good good good good I just can't lose with him I gotta go 300 if I want to keep playing with him

I'll take that trade Oh my log still kept going it ate it it's completely safe

nice ice wall yeah that that uh the charge is not invincible this is the one that's invincible still caught him I messed up the combo though oh gosh oh no that Xbox one tea sink please don't desynch I don't I'm not gonna get it swampthing again I don't think I'll get someone please don't be sink Xbox one please ideals me of course Thank You Xbox I appreciate it I appreciate you D sinking our game either that or his connection just went haywire if they go up to a lot of ping but a lot of times Xbox just disconnects people and it had to be when I got Swamp Thing how much you want to bet the next character I get is not gonna be a character right now to play I bet Joe's gonna be like blue beat or someone like that okay let's move on okay here we go was it gonna be guys who do you think is gonna be well we got a Supergirl player fighters are pro-life slaughter swamp and he has the classic skirt Starfire okay hold on I don't remember how to play her I haven't played her since her release same thing with Black Manta same thing with a lot of these characters the only one that's familiar with me right now is Raiden just because it was like less than a month ago so let's see if I remember how to play Starfire okay so that's that I do remember her yeah that's reticular just wake up

well it's down forward as teleport how's it quite a bit of damage their house not a good punish well what's her forward advancing move again oh there you go Danna has a lot of pushback I never notice how much pushback that charge for Supergirl actually has damn how do you block that I didn't even know what side I was gonna hit on

calf will meet her here

Church has done a regular jump instead of the air - nice I'm trying to press buttons where I'm not supposed to good keeping it

oh okay got a break I feel you weakening forgot a plea neutral with this character I'm gonna go with two I don't think he's gonna sacrifice anything if he does I'm okay good that's what I thought oh I forgot she has stuff my move yeah I think that's gonna be it I told you guys Starfire was a gray hair for me I'm like let me remember how to play this character I remember the buttons in the combo strings I just completely forgot to play neutral her okay it's fine it's fine I told you I wasn't gay Swamp Thing you slip for my hands oh it be beautiful we get swampy again yeah I don't really mind losing Oh ma'am Brainiac oh man this is another character that I haven't played in so long like three months probably ah only untouched in training mode

forgot his combos okay I think I kind of remember his combos

oh that was a beautiful punish right guys yeah well you can't really well you have to sort of take a guess with her the Cheetahs gonna do down one or down one breath because my damn wind is gonna be fast enough for that

I remember that our rights

let's go Brainiac I am in my home turf because I'm in my ship that's why one guys trust me there's not because I remember how to play Brainiac at the start he's not too complicated just died kicked I take that kick it was because I'm playing on my home turf you better switch stages you better go to character selects Oh Mike nope uh-huh no girlfriend you are uh you are screwed now we're playing on my ship this is my turf do you really think that Brainiac is gonna allow himself to news on his home ship No

there's stuff my wake up or I think I just didn't press the buttons correctly damn I just stood there and all okay she stuffed my wake up this time that's good

okay stuff my wake up again nice okay that was a really good stretch for him it's just low for that I gotta wait for her there we go wait for it to do that I forgot what to do all whites

I'm trying to press trying to push out I forgot what to do I swear on anything I don't know why that that thing didn't work though I was kind of disappointing

and got to use down forward

and keep it safe with that

Oh No

I can really call out you got a hold one

damn it this is a fake ship this is not my real ship I got on the wrong one this is all multiverse this is the world that's why I got it I got on the wrong ship how embarrassing oh my god my face is red right now I'm blushing I got on the wrong ship I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't have I thought I had home-court advantage but I did it because I got on the wrong ship is my face red right now guys I'm sorry man I thought I thought it was my ship okay let's forget about that and play with some magic we got some black Adam kryptonians susceptible to magic we got some magic right here

yeah and black Adam I've been playing with him because I've been trying to get his his legendary gear

nice he knows the mix-up huh he whiffed it and still had still had time to do stuff

he's gonna be it for him I saw that setup too many times he should have gone with the fake-out she had gone back to back to low

i'ma do it

okay nice yeah this guy is definitely not bad with Supergirl it's pretty good oh no I didn't know what side he was gonna she was gonna be on he actually pressed buttons after that oh my god I can't believe this guy

there we go yes the magic prevails the magic prevails I had to stop the uh had to stop that because he he's going down one crazy witch Supergirl has an amazing now one of the best in the game so I don't blame I'm doing that okay to to the magic prevails got to finish this off though

hmm yeah see I block one of his attacks and he goes for a down one afterwards I got to stop that on the way I'm gonna stop that is down one into Palpatine hands which I was doing before so he has to respect it


unblockable damn it [Music] yeah the orbs the orbs of infinite the orbs of like the Saran come back potentials pretty much

yeah I'm Plus after that

oh I was about to say not clashing yeah versus black Adam I think he has the best uppercut in the game because the hitbox starts off so high up before his fist even start I think he has the best uppercut in the game okay he's gonna be able to yeah close it out here okay this is still a winnable game for him for sure

yeah there we go black Adam good thing that I'm trying to get his legendary gear because I'd know how to play with him at least I was just doing stuff that it's very very basic I wasn't even throwing in his overhead I wasn't throwing in the forward one to low lightening mix up any of that stuff I was just you know trying to play him as basic as I could but props to that guy he had a nice super girl I really enjoyed those matches and I didn't get too many characters that I didn't know how to play I got a couple and then I got my butt kicked but ended up winning it with the power of magic and black Adam so that's gonna be the end of today's video if you guys want to see some more random character select videos leave a like rating and that's it I'll catch you guys next time what's going on it's super here and thank you for watching today's video I hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure you guys subscribe if you are not already also check out any of these videos linked at the top thank you for watching and I will see you guys next time

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