BRUTALLY trolled by TED slot machine

by: LetsGiveItASpin - Casino Streamer

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so often the gamble and suffering a mystery window and hookahs bonus welcome come on you're super good and I'm super good but at least we can't you have to wheel of fortune big money bonus no last time we should have a gamble last time we should have gamble I have some green mate welcome yeah rusty Marcie I always play with Ramona always deposit my own money as well this is this is this is the last time I'm gonna collect on the flash free spins collect his lost time I'm gonna collect if it is the bad bonuses every time we had flash Christmas from dad thank you thank you okay last time we're collecting if we don't get a really good one

doesn't sound good the thing is is gonna pick like two weeks Beth oh okay I just instead I just don't say and is the nice to see buddy welcome to show

no it's 40 minutes left thanks for any minutes left I think someone told me that it would replace locks it never almost never picks the extra strings here I forgot Feder welcome to and for extra spins for acceptance but we're all right we were pretty safe here I think we're pretty safe if we get it if you get it for extra spins we're gonna get screwed over again we're gonna screw you come here okay that was good that was very good I expect that it's backfire okay so we want to get up to the top that is perfect that is perfect we will get it now we will get it out won't we we cannot miss care with this commune you 50% we chance miss return means to free spins can we nah nah nah you the two lost times where I would a hundred percent goes to the top it doesn't give it is it like one in a thousand one in 10,000


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I love TED but trolling like this makes me want to never play the slot machine again. I've been looking for the big money bonus for quite some time now and this is as close as it gets. Session went good anyways so guess we'll give it a new try soon again ❗ Disclaimer for casino links: 18+ T&C's Apply, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly

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