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okay we're on the ferry we're not on the Irish ferry we're on the other one the other is a little more flashy but this one is peaceful I'm gonna do a quick tour while I'm walking to go get us some food okay this is guest services you see guest services that's where they change over your money is like a currency exchange you can see you can gamble on the boat if you like that they got slot machines which is awesome so not that I gamble we have telephones they have a trucker's lounge so I guess the truckers who got their trucks you saw trucks pull up on the on the boat these big semi trucks we call them semis they call the lorries in Europe but that's what they are there's a restaurant a grill it's not open but we're gonna go upstairs so I can order some food they have a movie theater here there's a free movie too so that's the movie theater don't go look at that real quick and let you see that very quickly this boat is rather quiet it's more quiet this is the movie theater they have a free movie in here oh you want to say hi this is another passenger and there what movie are they playing Oh Dumb and Dumber - I like Dumb and Dumber one did they start over it's just starting oh wow okay I'm from America but I live in Ireland can you see what no you're on video are you hearing me tell me to go away if you want well I tell you what the world to see this I grew up in Illinois I lived in Arizona and I lived in Kansas turn off the video I'll see now you don't call me and it's too late now now where are you from from Ireland say hi to all the people in the US and around the world fantastic well thank you when is the movie start

no I'm not gonna tell him say hello Yuto say hello you hear him he's trying to give me in trouble with his dad so anyway this is the movie theater oh they can't um play in both ways okay okay so okay you just threw something at me you know what that's not nice see they gonna make me catch a case y'all okay so now I'm bad okay now I'm about to go up this is the hallway we want you to see what they have like guest services is on seven you can see the truckers lounge children's play area they have cabins where you can sleep you can have rooms and sleep you pay extra and shop teen town which is all the video games and stuff guest services they have a card deck we walk through the card deck actually let's see okay so we're gonna go up the steps and we're going to they have a shop as well so let's make this quick cuz I'm hungry we've been traveling it seems like forever that's the restaurant but we'll go in there in a second this is the hallway oh let's let's pop in here real quick this is like the teen town part see it has all these video games it can look and see what they have they have games you can play so this is all on the ferry it's lovely we just left the movie theater but here's the game room so we're gonna come out of here that's called teen town we'll go this way they have they all the cabins are on the top one so let's see well you got their specials and stuff this is the shop I don't know if they'll let me take it in the shop put anyway oh and this one I like you get a free movie there playing dumb and dumber and that's cool so Dumb and Dumber to this is the shop so they have shopping in here you can buy Gucci and all of that good stuff see you can kind of see all the beautiful stuff they have they have the perfumes and everything in here imagine this is all duty-free yeah so they have all of the stuff here you see bad bad stuff the goodies purchase books chocolates yeah you can see so they have all the Irish stuff actually these are not bad prices either because I saw these lovely book bags as well so you get a chance to see they have shopping and everything in here is with maps let's see this is the priority lines you can pay to just have privacy book where we're sitting me at privacy anyway so we don't have to pay the extra 18 pounds okay this is the little barest coffee house they have stuff you can have you can sit in here you still get window seats they have nice cushioned seats in here so you can see all the goodies they have here but we want some real food not just the little junk food you see so we're gonna get us a veggie burger I think so we're gonna go in the restaurant now I don't have time to show you this whole ship because we're hungry but you do get free Wi-Fi on here as well that I see so we're gonna go on the restaurant they have a bar in here as well so you can get drunk and Gamble if you want and if you want to go all the way they got cabins upstairs so you can rent a room and get your groove on mm-hmm here's the restaurant so oh and look at the toy the children's area you can just get a brief look of the children's area yeah and the restaurant so now we're dairy order the food they got some good food that I see why not try it classic out at sea and some I'm gonna turn this video off now but let's see possibly the bar is over here let's see oh yeah they have the bar so you can get your drink on so this is a grown folks area but now the other boat is real flashy it looks like Vegas has got lights and everything on it I was on that one last time but we took this one this time just you know so we can shield and see the experience so have a wonderful day I just wanted to show you the ferry that we're on heading to Ireland thank you have a wonderful day

badass children

and we'll see you on the other side bye

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. K. Jones #travel #uk #ireland #dublin #stenaline #videoblog #travelblog Dr Atiya Jones takes you on a short tour around the Stena Line Ferry which travels from Dublin (Ireland) to Holyhead (England). Stena Line is one of the world's largest ferry operators and the largest privately owned shipping company in the world
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