SGB Compilations: Subspace Emissary Death Montage

by: LionsEatNoobs (Mighty Lion LPs)

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[Music] Elliot voiceover shut down purpose no I knew there was something there but I forgot the floor beneath it was temporary you see Donkey Kong Hank oh I can't vertically recover eggs Matt thar died tar tight oh wait tonight those things that's in the wing yeah they're really good hey where you going we have we can't go up there yeah we have to UM we have to we have to get kissed by these little things now Matt is taking the homeless Fox uh-huh finally I'm dead

it's got an uncontrollable bushfire Johnny Matt Hughes boughs wisely not that puppy it's a great yeah this wasn't there at their track I like now my turn oh they're very slowly nuts get to the hog trophy I thought that was C nose clapping nice yeah it meets in us yes in us oh you know my kingdom got ravaged ovoid came out of nowhere and somebody change might move sent around it's enough yeah there goes uncomfortable just go just go damn three switches Oh ice away who went down first Johnny and Johnny lost his life for nothing god damn I'm gone get stress a little bit of god damn in a very awkward position

oh I guess I'm gonna shake like 30% in [Laughter] Hawley blow yourself up again look yeah it looks really two-dimensional maybe we're all characters in the stage play ah calm poof like in Mario 3 actually no shit oh shit that's it Oh Frank our lives damn and I'm the 1% pilot-house me huh that was me ah

I do believe this background is accessible through a custom stage it is the customs it is see this in the or mites auto-fire if you say that so he's modeled off right yeah Brett gen3 Gretchen won't would have him in hysterics butter oh it was early what's the way to the silent beyond her player to your dog but Matt does on the other hand I tried to get down about wake you sticker secrete your attributes so any different no you know I thought that was i I thought that was telegraphed seriously that was that supposed to happen don't was it the videos funny breed to sad asshole bad asshole Johnny Smith creepy oh now I'm Yoshi shit how your bus oh just down I've never really played this Yoshi and this sort of game just just keep spamming down an a in midair yeah Johnny hi rift as I'm saying you have to fight the witness oh you look I play what are their match it's like a bitch it's good nobody's good buddies and coupons and I think can't say the same no Johnny Webb Boop you bitch well I do that you do you shadow of a bitch I miss more yeah hopefully won't be ever variable oh we don't know what the hell happened you guys don't know what a fuckin go oh just the white thing those Midna do my power suit house you lied false advertisement to the VAX now where's the platform probably on a drop-down gonna do shit leaders and space pyres my ass fucking goombah stopped you dinner of the space pirates fuck yeah oops damn I'm way for our land show up well then take very long so now I am all about tell me Falcon when did you last let your heart decide a whole new game [Music] and if I can take it that's a whole new system a new fantastic graphical view cut she sings up two heads now do you think you know Yeti was it but good done there's someone that's allergic to water I pity that person he's allergic to himself is giving me the pedal all rights all I sacrifice myself for John better up to it fuck that you're they gave a successfully wasted our time Falls home oh no no no oh there goes mad I blew up start putting four huh start putting Haley's I get to be met at night don't hurt him ow ow niggers John that's how you die now that looks fun that's what's funny why Bailey with style unfortunately fuck you shit house I thought you got a Reese I don't know that Blanco Bobby asked if it was so just for the record I am under John's name damages shut the fuck out of the home I would have been some shit if you got hit the soccer ball it's our only hope fuck I guess me alright just feel silly Pikachu learn well it's just puckers my

robbers damn it oh you're dead that's why nobody would recognize it you killed us where am I I don't know offering in the abyss [Music] eight years of throwing feces of Kate off

there goes Matt's sure you are dragon chow [Music]

[Music] it's still loading me a little bit of icing I got blown off my old ship that was always Matt was talking about you have to jump with that right time I'll let you go with the ship perhaps the power of flood you're optimistic fuck exactly did you can't reach try I try there a little left that counts for something fucking creeps I gotta do it to tell anyone about this I kill you dee dee dee save samus fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ah - troll mat just for that I'm giving you a beating speech I want anyone you're getting a beating his beat-up Zelda I will make you respect her item although I get there goes damn it I guess that's fire from his forehead and harm might shows us the reason why Matt hates him so much I hate the word nigga it's just what mispronunciation with my racial slur that - how's Fargo funny oh I don't know buddy don't play with myself for that one royally fuck ain't nobody got time for that I did I was like hitting the wall repeatedly resumption oh oh I am taking the LMF link mr. down let's do that and now your Meta Knight I did it want to switch all here no you sure cuz I really can't handle men tonight oh god I don't want to go through this go back hey you're why to go through it this is your face you saw the dark door we have to go through a regardless and that's down Johnny I got samus once once again key handle samus no I can't I can handle Sam what's better than men tonight all right here here again don't want you to fuck us over whoa and there goes me still fuck us over no no shit and then John Anna Jesus no yeah bitch I know you just lost - you did yeah you're right hey man yo if John has 50 candy bars and eats 45 what does he have happiness then you got those names reversed then there goes me die Venus John is diabeetus say what if you if you eat 50 candy bars that have 45 you get diabetes bet it was a fish Oh what did the magician States in a fisherman pick a card any card and I'm Lucas bitch one switch yeah whoa I'm just punking him right in the fucking mouth oh it's that Elliott just you have to double that here no no no just wait who died I did he did out there guys man I got blown over so John you are Mennonite I believe and we're back here it wasn't my fault I know then I go home you're drunk what seems to be the officer problem all right

yes oh yeah hi Ridley Judi rammed your ass oh that was funny so sort of another gets chips it's dumb but not impossible no it's pretty fucking downs there goes Jeff there goes man well die here no he dumped up that barrel that way either death or mourning our sister left Oh [Music] well shit that facepalm moment brought to you by a link between worlds there goes me but still we have confidence even Matt that confidence is gone this utter lack of commentaries we brought to you by subspace subspace some sweets emissary what do you want to beat it when you want to be the end of the party I hear that you can hit meta-ridley enough times to get him to stop dragging the ship I've never actually tried it I can never get it oh yeah right in the fucking face I've never seen that move before with the fireball yeah I think it might be a pitch move you bitches all over the fireball constipated ball who do you think this is ah that's me I want that in smash 4 deal he stopped you you won right the fuck up ok Mario yeah sorta that's probably way he's doing he's a child at heart other tail I was like oh dear Johnny I want to take another aim of that that's on me now no Nate died yeah motherfucker Tom oh shit see what see what yes hi ah here it is oh wow and then the knife sees this I love the odd Johnny I'm at 300 fucking percent here Jesus Christ please don't die alright I'm gonna level with you dude I'd really rather not myself what do you let le did the drop oh shit you gotta learn from better release you noob oh fuck me for not having a great plan of attack against the giant dragon

wills it yes see if I can go through doors we went in there already to die soulless beak ah why do I have to be the one with no soul why am I in the Shadow Realm checkpoint we made the checkpoint five other points okay al you done died two bloodthirsty Figaro good we're next I want two hundred sixty four percent you don't watch the show for money back to our show for the game and watch oh I get a controller regardless now it's funny as fuck Jesus Christ Jesus man but badmouth my team accent get fucked up I just never why I just feel like I've heard apparently really big in Japan apparently yeah Martha's beat our asses over you have a start button of yourself Elliot I can't pause okay geez really don't have a soul your reflection of my imagination I forgot he has different forms he also has different attacks the one we're all familiar with is the reason why a lot of players never like his career sonic goes up in flames Oh cannon watch out prepare to be heroes Luigi fuck I'll be in this meeting and that gave us over our Oh here comes the franchise killer Oh Johnny did it well done throw something innocent nose throw it throw some pepper explosive I saw that radium good for us oh you had to say something fucking jinx I own the soda [Music] oh shit guys gonna have some bullet on this thing fucking take that was actually an accident oh that's how you launch a goalie puff why that's me well I'm not doing that

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More death, or in this case, more turning people into trophies... Subspace Emissary, when you wanna be the end of the party. I included deaths for all three players, and I was too lazy to keep count. If someone else wants to do it, be my guest. The answer may just shock you... or not. SGBs' Channel:

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