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by: Pretty Southern

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oh hey there guys it's been that kind of week you know works got me like help me it is Wednesday January 24th this will hopefully be a short video because I don't have a lot for you because I don't have to show you yeah that's normal closed okay update from last week talk to farm girl she actually is a copycat herself and does not have a problem with people come be catty she doesn't know why she said something about copying but I think that's hilarious because I think we're all ultimately copycats let's see okay so this week I made a list

of the projects oh I'm wearing this shirt for Yvonne are used to wear it to work but I don't wear to work anymore

alright I have three knitting and crochet projects and I have myself as booked up for the year we're doing strategic planning I actually taught strategic planning this week prior to making this list that I was like maybe I should be strategically planning my crafting um okay I'm in Human Resources but I teach things like strategic planning okay quilts I have the Fox book I don't think about a month this stripes quilt it'll take about a weekend to finish the houses remember the houses I showed you last week that I did like that trade they should take about two weeks to finish meaning that app like order the backing so the backing together send it to be quilted get it back cut it down as a binding it won't take two full weeks but by the time I start all that process it'll be like a week to get it all together than a week to get it all done by the time I get it back that takes the quake quilt my cool this month this is the backing for it right here I like a week I've the one for my friend that's machine obligated about a week to finish the flax quilt figuring out what to do with them and doing it about a month and then I didn't show you guys I have another half square triangle quilt that I started right after New Year's for my friend that's supposed to have a girl but it's not having the voice and now we have to adjust all of our crafting that I have about one month so I'm officially booked out for the year no more quilts I have to make one more at some point for another friend that just had a baby last week but babies don't really use quilts and I make them until they're like two so I'm good okay cross-stitching grab some wine grab some coffee you're gonna need it I have all the things I've showed you and then I do I put because I need to be more realistic about what I make and at work you always are like where you should be your could be or maybe are realistic about how long it'll take you to do a task so I have like February words word play it's right in your I'll show it to you I have that it'll take about two days to finish pink needle santol take about one day the next thing two days one week two weeks two weeks two weeks heritage sampler six weeks two weeks one week three weeks Halloween stockings we'll probably but take three weeks to finish them all heart and hand Sal with a needle and thread one month all the Valentine's smalls I want to do one day each five days so that says I'm five months booked out for cross stitching just to finish what I need to finish and do what I want to do and then I have my wish list I want to make the plum street samplers his and her stockings for Thanksgiving that's about a month some freebies from plum street samplers for my bread basket I have a week for one a couple days for another and then the rest of the gifts the rest of the schoolhouse series for my Sunday school teacher miss Carolyn I have two months on that so that puts me three months book down on my wish list that means I booked out eight months on my cross did you list that includes like some freebies and other little smalls and booked but it's gonna help you be more realistic plus I'm a list person I like to check off my list so this is going to be helpful I didn't I haven't even had a desire to buy anything because I did acquire some stuff this week Heidi trans stitching one over two things I'm all into said the other other least smooth for your hands and a lot of people uses a lot of knitters use it it's still in its like Amazon bag because I got a pack of 4 2 ounce things for 10 dollars with shipping on Amazon I like it because I can have one by the table one of my bag whatever so I got that thanks Heidi for that suggestion or the push to actually buy it it really does sink in your hands and you have no residue for your stitching let's see I got this little weak side works gunmetal for one of the smalls for hands-on design Valentine's Day I copied someone on Instagram I did take a trip to acorns and threads on the way to date night we've been having lots of date night night I needed more colors for fabula night smalls for

hands-on design works got my brain like mmm okay I got this pink from weeks dye works I don't even know what it's called it's this one and then I got more cocoa so then I matched the thread color to the this one and then this thread color so these are four twos tiny smalls from hands-on designs these are not the colors that are called for I just grabbed two Valentines looking colors fat acorns and starts on Saturday it was nice to see them and all I think I got was this and like a one or two Foss colors I needed some February wordplay this is my current status on February wordplay oh I left the tag it's like what it's called for so this is like seventy eighty ninety five percent complete like I need a couple of words over here so this is usually when I stop I get bored and I stop like I'm like it's time for the new thing I take those behavioral tests at work a lot of different versions of them I did one today just so we could test the new one out and they all say that I don't have a preference preference for completing things finishing things seeing things through but I wouldn't have a job if I didn't do that but at home I don't stick with my rules I could do it work to pushing myself over that 80 percent completion mark and pushing myself through which is why I've gotten myself to where everything is 90% done and not done because I stop and move on to the new thing which is much more fun for me so now I'm going to get all my cross stitch projects down to three and that's it I'm gonna get my quilting projects down to one at a time and if I'm knitting or crocheting anything one and then that's it that's all the projects I'm gonna have but it's gonna take as you know from my list and how far booked damn it's gonna take me all year to do that but last summer I only stitched three blackbirds designs land that I love book pad and I just rotated them and I kept them on the same project back with their patterns and just rotated them as I felt like doing them and I loved it and I didn't have a bajillion whips so yeah but for completing things I need to complete things this morning when I had my three hour call from it started like 6:00 a.m. at a 3-hour call I started filling in the house at last night before I went to bed I undid this if you remember the only thing I had to do was rip out the cream that was on there because the dialects are different I didn't reach digit so I'll finish this tonight it's all I have left but because I'm almost done I don't want to do it anymore because I don't like to finish things because that is not my behavioral preference um another thing that I did I really wanted a way to put threads somewhere but I needed it I needed it to be portable so I thought about it I felt bold but that's not really portable especially since I carry my projects around in a quartz bag um I wanted to be able to use it at 8 coins and threads and on the couch in a table and just wherever so I just kind of let it this idea of needing a trash bag kind of first threads just kind of ride and I walked into paper source which is a really cute store lots of paper last week for Valentine's paper I buy their big artisan like paper each season and hang them in my office and now I just need frames for them because I like the idea of just just rotating the artisan paper and nice big frames and that's my decorations pretty minimal pretty inexpensive so I went and bought three $4 large nice printed Valentine's papers and then I walked into container store and I walked through there just kind of passing through I walked through there wrapping aisle and I saw their tiny little gift bag bags on clearance from Christmas and I was like trash bag so I bought one I took it apart I went back to the paper source I bought a rifle Paper Company piece of paper like one of their big they have like 18 by 30 pieces of paper for four dollars that are really beautiful but I don't buy them because I don't know what to do with them I want botany another one check the paper bag apart from Container Store and I made myself a trash bag see threads but the best part of this about this trash bag is it folds like one of those paper bags I thought the straps were annoying and the original bag so I did not add I bought ribbon to make little handles but this can slip into my court bag or it can slip into a project bag and then when you get to your next location the trash bag and also so here's my little dollop $0.99 like a little tiny bag that I got and took apart tip for a template of course you can just wrap a small box or at the bottom of it like wrapping paper and then just fold the top over but one piece of that right article paper company makes seven six six total miniature trash bags these aren't folded I just have them traced and I use my rotary cutter to cut these and a straight edge because that's how I cut a lot of paper in my craft room but I can give these as gifts to people they're easy to stick in the package when I send something or when this one when this wears out I can just throw it away genius so this week and I said I was gonna upload yarn and stuff and I didn't feel like it so let me show you what I did finish remember last week when I held this up and it wasn't quilted and it was just a and back in the binding done it's just a mini it's like eighteen by eighteen but I could hang it on a wall but yet don't freak out I'll hang it on a wall I just won't do it yet I'll explain but it's cute this next one took a lot of thought and I undid it like nineteen times I did this this one's like 36 by 36 getting the binding to do that see how the orange folds under and then the white kind of to kind of make it be that I guess I didn't really have to because it's white to there why just what I just saw that like why did I even put all I could've just put the binding to there made it mat the next thing I finished um the binding was already on this last week all I had to do is iron it around and sew it I just machine sewed it from the front to the back that was it so this took like 20 minutes

and that's why I say it's funny that I have all these incomplete projects because they're all 90% done last week when we met these drawers were full of scraps so I donated them because I will not use them and I cut them into 1-inch strips by high mm-hmm want to see what I made Joe after we got engaged and I was funemployed can you see it it's really big

I made in the aminals quilt and then I had it coltd and it's quilt unlike a tree trunk pretty cool huh he picked the back it's very Portland and the best part of today I got a care package from Tina at Emily and closet my homey we did don't judge me because I'm not done with it yet but I will be soon a small exchange and this is what she made me look how cute he is got a cute little back so this is the first small for my bread basket that shipped this week so I should have it next week to show I also got a barn quilt mini for my bread basket very Valentine's focus very cute colors I'm so excited for February and then I also got my very first project bag and look she made it tiny just for me like the size of a court bag how cute is that thank you so much Tina this is like the best gift ever I'm so excited I already put a project in it I had to take it out I put February wordplay in there ooh look see your trash bag can go just in your because it's flat it's genius cool anyway that's how I have for you I don't um I didn't watch a lot of floss tube this week I've been super busy with work and I have to start listening to some audiobooks for work and I've been watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cuz sometimes you just need drama in your life thank you guys for watching thank you to all the new subscribers thank you for all the comments I need to get back to kind of the second half of the week and respond to everybody's comment the comments are probably my favorite part about doing this and getting to know my little community getting to know you guys getting direct messages I do need to go through and figure out who I'm sending what a lot of people have requested very specific things and I need to need to sort it and get and take it some time and stick it all in packages and send it I did that last week so then I'll probably do it next week I do like every other week mail call so I'll figure that out when I have time works a little suffocating right now which is wonderful I like it when it's busy um but that's it looking around that's all I got I'm going to continue working on stuff I haven't been posting it on Instagram but I'll start maybe I go a weekend week off with Instagram normally sometimes I'm weird you'll learn sorry I think that's it that's all I got thank you guys for watching thanks for sticking around I'm so glad you guys are here I'm glad to welcome you guys into my hot mess of a craft room it's very it was very kind of scary to show you guys but everyone was very happy to either know that they don't have this much or and feel good about their stash there are other people were very happy to know that we're all this and we all have a lot of crap but have a great week and I

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