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I have a special treat for everyone tonight I've wanted to have this guy on my show for the last 20 years but I never had a show until 7 weeks ago so I was the perfect time to have him on way better than 10 years ago this is a guy that I reached out to on MySpace his name is Jerry jimson he's the screenwriter of the seminal movie no pun intended look who's talking because babies come from Cena look who's talking movie screenwriter for that Jerry jimson how are you Jerry I'm great thanks for having me on the show last god I appreciate it I have to say that I loved your movie series your whole franchise did I write all of them no I I I wrote the original and you IMDB heads might notice that uh my name's not listed on the movie I actually had the idea taken away from me I wrote an entire screenplay where'd you give the inspiration for this well I I had a I had a five month old and I was I was a boy and I was Scott's his name like you Scott oh that's flattering and well it's unrelated and I I remember I looked I looked at him I remember looking at him and I just thought what are you thinking what are you thinking and that was that was the inspiration that was the inspiration for looking I said I looked at him Scott I looked at my son Scott sure and I said right I went I thought that I thought you thought that I thought what are you thinking what was he writing well I said that before we get to that Randy I just want to clear one thing up you looked at your baby and said what did you say that or did you think that I thought that in that voice arose oh yes it's amazing so from that you wrote a screenplay which but but now why wouldn't you get credit that's weird well I brought it in to UM Amy Heckerling director of look who's talking right cause I'd like to call her even check early oh whoa can you say that on the radio the Shack still a dirty word I think it's a form of Israeli currency shekel and she took the idea away from me I brought it into her she said I love it let's shoot it and she did but with her name on it how can someone do that she checked the hell out of it she Pizza hundred you see Pizza Hut of that see Pizza Hut in me what's that I don't know she Pizza Hut in the audience and did that did you look at her and say that so what now what I know of you well this was all on your myspace blog you people can go to that by the way MySpace calm slash Terry jimson is that right no yeah and I was and I was waiting for you to look at the fake name to tell me what my day was so now how you have you have an injunction against them well yes I like that engineer Joe who does the legal show before us he may have something to say about this well this is great well because I I lucked out my sister has a lawyer brother mmm which is my mother I realize we don't wanna like brother first okay sure right he's a lawyer and I told him I told him my case and he said I can help you out so we 18 years later we finally got our case together and today we're gonna knock up we're gonna walk up to the studio and a knock of the studio we're gonna walk up to the saudi studios and knock on the door and say we want to sue you that's the right procedure right that's what he tells me that I pretty much I think you're like you're like a modern-day Erin Brockovich yeah ironical steam that sounds exciting so what do we have to look forward to in the suit well I am expecting to lose any proof I'm do you even have a script no to be honest I I never wrote the script so we'll see how this works I make one can I make one recommendation with it further to the trial sure you have a small baby try your case and the jury hears the babies not you sound like a crazy person I have two very available hey why does it have to be let me do a man Kirstie Alley she's sure were female lawyer Thank You Jerry this is really gonna get the legal wheels moving oh well I I look forward to hearing that knock heard round the

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From episode 7 of Comedy Bang Bang. Features host Scott Aukerman, Randy and Jason Sklar, and Paul Rust as Jerry Jimpsen .
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