Familias Anfitrionas / Host Families @ Tec de Monterrey Campus Querétaro

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I'm Guadalupe García Alonso I've been participating for 33 years

Mi nombre es Shannon Smith Soy de California, en los Estados Unidos Soy Lijia y ella es Valerie, ambas somos de Singapur

My name is Maru Díaz Montes de Iturrarán and I've been 4 years in the program I'm Ricardo and I come from Belgium

My name is Imelda Resendiz and I've been participating in the host families program for 8 years

El programa de Familias Anfitrionas es, en lugar de rentar un departamento, nos quedamos con una familia durante nuestros 4 meses en México Es como tu familia, lejos de tu hogar, porque estás en un nuevo país, así que es una experiencia donde te exponen al país My host family helped me a lot in the integration here in Mexico with a lot of support, care, attention, understanding as well and I'm so grateful to them At the beginning, the idea of hosting foreign students caught my attention mainly for the support with English language, so my kids could interact with the exchange students I had the first experience and I liked it very much I liked being able to welcome people and to help them Clearly, while they're out of their homes And until this day I enjoy taking care of the students I like meeting new people, a lot You really get attached to them because once they're gone, you miss them And you worry and think about them all the time What time will they get home? Would they like to eat this or the other? For me, the students are my life More than my own sons, you know? We always integrate the student as a part of our family We tell them about our habits and our lifestyle here in Querétaro and we try to involve them in everything we do Trips to places near Querétaro In Querétaro we go to museums or restaurants You talk with them a lot You meet their family, their friends, do their activities Algunos fines de semana salimos con ellos de paseo Nos muestran México y su riqueza Habría lugares que no conoceríamos de no haber sido por nuestra familia anfitriona A few days ago, we took them to see a banda music group, which we had never seen before One family member is in this group We thought they wouldn't like it, and they loved it, they were singing, dancing and they were really integrating well with our culture, they like it Knowing celebrations like the Quince Años, very traditional in Mexico and that's very rare to find in other places If we have the chance to go out and know a place, we go out eat something, and then we go back home and play cards A veces vemos la tele o platicamos, o le ayudo a uno de sus hijos con su tarea We go eat gorditas, which they love. Lots of activities where we integrate them in our family. Son muy buenos y comprensivos, son muy chistosos todos son relajados, también eso me gusta Son cálidos, siempre se preocupan por ti Nos preguntan como nos fue en la escuela siempre que llegamos a casa Maybe they didn't only learn about Mexico, but also about our culture and warmth To see it's ok to hug your parents more often The coexistence with students after the program, once they leave, are unforgettable experiences They write, they call, some even come back and stay for a few days in our home I've had students who have married mexicans and their birth parents couldn't come to the wedding, so my husband and I went with them to the church or to ask the hand of the girl I learned things that you can't if you don't live with a host family for example, humility, affection, the importance of religion in Mexico, patriotism Todos son muy buenos y es una buena forma de practicar mi español, porque es muy malo Aprendes de cultura mexicana, las normas y como son las familias La diferencia con mi familia en mi casa Es una forma de ver que tan diferente es la cultura y de experimentar esas diferencias I feel very satisfied of the relationships I've made and I know the world through them Living with a host family is available to everyone It's an opportunity so rich that shouldn't go to waste Sí, definitivamente recomendaría que los estudiantes extranjeros se quedaran con una familia Es una buena forma de practicar más tu español, porque cuando llegas aquí, a veces no terminas juntándote con muchos hispanohablantes Es una buena forma de exponerte a la cultura, no te preocupas de comida y tienes un buen lugar donde vivir, es una buena forma de conocer México Sí, definitivamente, está muy bien Te cuidan, tienes otra familia aquí, tienes tus comidas, Si tienes algún problema puedes acudir con ellos y te ayudan inmediatamente It's a unique and unforgettable experience Something that has changed me for ever Quiero decir gracias por todo Gracias por estar ahí para nosotros en estos 4 meses y por prepararnos nuestra comida y asegurarse de que seamos felices Y por siempre ser tan cariñosos con nosotros We were very happy with them, I'm not sure if they'll miss us, but we'll surely miss them Los vamos a extrañar muchísimo, gracias por todo y

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