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[Applause] okay I said on what open phase today I will not introduce myself different of you this why because everybody know about me in my youtube channel so today it's a very healthy and important topic and the topic is important guidelines for design of energy system new tips for a design of NRCC sleep of course it's very important and many student they commence on my youtube channel did what is the standard depth of sleep or what is the minimum or die of steel bars should be used in RCC slip or spacing between members and distribution walls so a lot of kitchen are what is the percentage of steel bars in our cities name so you are all Christian also are present and this video lecture so let's just start so at this video is simple for you so mister like this video and subscribe this channel for more update several engineering videos and remember that there is there I can here with red subscribe button so missed this that will open they are able to get notification about any value if you place the new II give notification if you did not wish to miss personal and also do subscribe principal icon to get notification about all videos so let's start so first step is your question and the question is what is the minimum wear of steel bars should be used in RCC slave question number one and this is also not number one in this video okay so tip number one is use minimum 12 millimeter die of steel bar in RCC slab [Applause] remember at this point the thing that is what is the maximum gaya of Steel should we use in our CC slip so main student and many engineers they said it is 16 mm die of Steel are currently are 25 so use this method which I'm telling you in this second tip okay that is maximum value of Steel should we note more than D divided by 8 so what is d divided by 8 so where there is depth of RCC slip there is a little error CC slip for example if you want to find a guy of steel and you want to use an RCC slip so we should use this formula not more than D by 8 okay so there is a depth of slip suppose if your select echinus is 6 inch or 2 so 6 into divided by 8 so it will give us maximum daya of steel bar suppose anything so that will be the mix of and I are still in RCC slippers very very important okay so now third type is here spacing I've main bars and distribution bar in RCC SLIB many student they asked this question that what is the maximum spacing between members and distribution bar and also minimum spacing between member and distribution law okay so maximum the first one is maximum spacing for main bars that is 3d or 300 millimeter so what is there there is again here depth of slip RCC slip for example F 0 depth of the snake is 6 inch so multiplying it 3 so here your spacing mix or spacing for main bars should be here with this formula maximum voltage that will be 18-inch means 1 point 5 feet right use this formula and what is minimum spacing for sorry what is the maximum spacing for distribution bar this is maximum spacing for member now mixin spacing for distribution but okay so second number is here maximum spacing for distribution bar so for that you can use 5 3 or 4 50 millimeter they are same here depth of slab that will give us maximum spacing for distribution bar in RCC slab working now what

minimum spacing for Maine bars and distribution bar should should not be less than 75 millimeter okay these pieces remember in this division event will not be less than 75 millimeter NRCC stable so you can take hundred millimeter or 75 millimeter but not less than 75 millimeters mean men even the spacing should be not less than 3 inches in RCC slab right the other the fourth tip is here tip number 4 this is very student they have also this pistol that have it will find that how we can find depth of RCC Slobodan this is stencil which I am writing tip number four okay so find depth of slip wet for when we sleep improve asleep for both we can find that Club slip by period okay the system would remember this point okay these are thumb rule tongue moves this one right cannot standard this is tell goals so that find depth of sleep with the formula of L divided by 22 to L divided by 28 okay with this we can find net of an RCC slept by 10 rules okay so suppose if you are room length is slab length as for example select length as for example L suppose if L is here length of slit s 14 fit okay so what will be the depth so formula is L divided by 22 T L divided by 28 suppose I will say the first one suppose I will take the first one okay so L has here L divided by 22 so LS 14 divided by 22 so it will come 0.6 this is 14 fit okay so 0.63 fit when you multiply it with trills where it will give us thickness of the slab in inches right so this is also the method to find depth of celebrity hungry so the tip number five is here that is very important use 0.3 percent to zero-point-five percent of Steel [Applause] NRCC slip new 0-0 principle still in RCC slip with X cross sectional area that's classic you later for example this is cross sectional area for slab okay this is RCC slab suppose we have to find quantity of steel okay so take 0.2 percent to zero-point-five percent remember that if the area of the slab is cross sectional area of the slip is for example for example if i say 25 feet suppose okay so it will multiply with 0.2 between 0.3 to 0.5 percent okay so it will give us for a centage it will get us quantity of stay in or a CC slip so this is the topic which i have discussed the front of you so if you have any question about this video so you just permits I will try to reply your answer but don't forget to like this video and subscribe this channel for more update videos so thanks for

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