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alright ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another episode on the hermit crab season 6 server up everybody everything fan-freakin'-tastic today I'm I'm a little bit sick me I woke up this morning and I think it's from all the traveling and the Boston trip etc because I got a very sore throat and it is yeah I'm very worried when when you're a youtuber and streamer the last sort of illness you want is something affecting your voice so hopefully it goes well and hopefully it doesn't stick around starting off today by repairing my Alijah all right all repaired very nice what I'm gonna do to start off today we've done a lot of like progressive massive episodes here over the past like five six episodes has been just massive progressive ones today it may be a little bit more chilled a little bit more calm I want to kind of take my time with some things and and the first thing we're gonna do we're actually gonna switch it up from the nether castle there they keep the demonic keep which isn't really demonic it's just very cool thank you guys so much by the way for the feedback on the past few episodes has been really nice to see so much good input and stuff but anyway what I'm gonna start by doing today is I'm gonna head over to the hermit island I haven't been over here for a while and yeah we I want to take a look around at the shops oh there's Red Dog scare him a little bit I did what is he doin it's like running away from creeper is like in a river I don't think he knows that I'm here oh oh come on that's the worst place for this guy to explode okay that's better I gotta change the cobblestone house for for grass blocks anyway I feel very dizzy already what I'm doing today but I wanna head over to the shopping district like I said because yeah it's been a while since we were here and if you guys were watching or the the people here that was watching the hermit craft livestream days a couple of weeks ago just before minecon you will remember that we claimed a little bit of a spot for a shop right up here in this very corner stretching over to this weird-looking ball that's floating in the air and the shop that I want to make was to be a prankster shop like you could purchase pranks and yeah we have a design idea for therefore the pole there unfortunately Exuma messaged me this morning saying that he needs this plot for a bill that he's come up with and he sketched something out in a creative world but i believe and he didn't actually see that I had already came sort of this and this mountain so yeah I was the nice guy I gave it away to him and he got very happy with that I hope that I hope that what he's gonna build there is gonna be really cool I did see another RDG voicecrack there I did see another plot right over here on the by the Pirate Bay by the way that we've been working on and this kind of makes sense as well because we got the Black Pearl over there and this wall this mountable here I think could do with some touching up and possibly host the prankster shop so today switching things up and not working on the nether keep as I said I think the plan is gonna be to yeah start sorting out the main issue that I didn't think about when I decided eh let's have a fog layer in the ice biome where it snows it's really stupid because as you can see yeah the snow kind of destroys it and for those of you missed this I actually did a little extra stream before I went to minecon and we started searching for spiders corners and we got so lucky so right over here where I have my beacon I've actually done together with you guys live and this is not part this was not part of a video so if you want to see that footage there is a vote on twitch.tv slash Siskel 85 but we found one two three for spider spawners that are all connected and the reason I want spider spawners is of course because I want string string will stop the snow from settling on the on the glass but I need large and large quantities of it so we built this on a stream and right now it does not have any collection system whatsoever so I think what I want to do today even though I said I don't want to get into any massive project this is kind of a big one and so right now they fall down they die on the magma blocks unless they track me like this guy does here and I want it to be fully AF cable I don't care about XP I don't care about looting and I think if we stand on either of these mostly blocks we are activating all of them so basically the first step to this is to create a collection system and I'm kind of an idiot because I went all the way over here and I didn't prepare any items that I'm gonna need so yeah I think I have to head back to town and I may have to go mining as well because I need to buy some gold we're gonna need a lot of rails and preferably also powered rails quite a bit of it so yeah I'm gonna check my base though I may have materials enough for this alright so do you have a decent amount of gold and I think yeah I have more in here and more iron so I may actually have enough for this project alright so back down at the spiders bonus I'm just down at the this is the triple one one two and three and then we have the single one over here this is right below the platform where we're supposed to be standing so the first step is probably to install the rails and unfortunately I sort of did this in the wrong way in the wrong order I think the best way is to remove all of the magma and unfortunately I'm gonna get spider spawning on my head yeah and yeah this is gonna be it's gonna be messy you have two minutes into this project and these spiders already driving me absolutely but the gist of this what we want to get done here is we want to have a layer underneath the magma blocks of traveling mine carts with hoppers in them and that's gonna pick up the loot it's gonna pick it up through the blocks in case you didn't know about this trick it's a really really handy thing the main problem with this form is how many mine cards I'm gonna have him where I want to place them down so I think and I'm not sure about this but I think I'm gonna go with one minecart traveling on this specific spawner here and then have to mine carts or one other minecart covering these two spoilers here and then one over there so in total with four corners I'm gonna have three who and I'm out of food now as well I'm gonna have three mine carts to take care of the loot and I think that should be enough okay so I'm ready to place down my rails here and not really sure how I want to do this but basically we want the minecart to go back and forth and right over here actually we're gonna add some powered rails like this and I'm gonna use a redstone block this is a little bit unrest or SFIL but to be honest I'm not too bothered about redstone resources that's gonna be our end station for the minecart so it's gonna bounce back there and make a loop and then we want to wire this all the way to over here where we have to create some kind of pickup system and the spiders man then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add in powered rails like this just to make sure that they have speed and momentum it's unlike doctor disrespect there for a moment all right so that brings it to over here I guess this should also be a power drain just to keep consistency like I said I'm not too worried about the whole redstone issue and wait a minute did I do this on the wrong level no I did this on the right level okay cool we have to also figure out how we collect all the items because essentially we want all items to travel into an item elevator so we need unloaders per rail one on row 1 a loader here one for these and one over there now these are overlapping so the next this spider form will like have overlapping magma blocks like that but that's fine that's that's totally fine it doesn't really matter a minecart with the whole pre can pick up five stacks and never gonna have five stacks per cycles so should be absolutely absolutely good in that regards am a little bit stupid by the way the witbox is right here and so is all my other schalke boxes with all the material I gathered for whatever project we were doing with the clay actually can't remember now wow it's just blank in my head okay so the way we're gonna do an unload right here is should be pretty simple I've done this many times I'm sure you guys have as well I got two powered rails one is over a hopper this gonna be on our unloading hopper here we're gonna have a comparator there and that's this should be leading back to a torch I have redstone torches I don't let's make let's make a few that goes into a torch and that powers this block which powers this block and a redstone dust there which means that whenever nothing is in the hopper these rails are on and I can't remember if I need to shut this off maybe because otherwise the minecart may get stuck so we should try this with just that and then it's important to have a block here because otherwise it doesn't bounce but underneath that block we have a hopper another hopper and that's gonna shoot into a dropper hopper dropper right here which essentially will lead to our item elevator which will do last because I need to install all of the others other things for so let's try this out kill the spiders off we're gonna put down a mine cart with a hopper inside it of course I'll put it down here now it's gonna collect the string that you see and the spider eyes in the specific example and we should see all of those items being emptied when it comes back alright here it comes they've got some stuff in it and it stops our loads and once it's done it should be shot back nice that's working beautifully very very simple a loader here's the blueprint in case you want to make one of these I'm sure you've made them before so now all I got to do with this specific spider farm is cover so that this doesn't happen I have to cover it up in magma blocks these types of clay systems are great the only problem that I have with them is if the minecart ever gets stuck because of whatever like a like a iskele stepping in front of it like that then it's very hard to repair it you have to break the magma blocks to access the minecart come on spider all right that's the last of the cover-up there and so now spiders are going going to die it's gonna collect stuff and it's gonna currently put it in this dropper we're not gonna get any spider eyes because spider eyes are only player kills so that's that's actually that thumb wasn't too bad you see that piece of string over there we should see that beam picked up through the magma blocks once the minecart reaches oh no this guy is gonna climb once the minecart reaches that specific area why are they poisoning you so much before they actually are near you okay so that boom disappeared that didn't despawn it went into the minecart 100% nice so what I got to do now with this one done I have to do the same for these two this is gonna be a bigger rail and I'm gonna have to be a little bit clever around this general area here so that I don't spider place so that I don't interfere with the rail that goes underneath these micro blocks it's gonna be a little bit special and then I gotta do the same over here once that is done we can get to the next step which would be the items sister or the elevator and the connecting system and all of that stuff but yeah I got my hang of my work cut out for me and the reason I need to remove the magma blocks is of course otherwise I can't place the rails so yeah that kind of sucks a little bit I wonder if I am safe to be down here or if these are active there actually ah I seem to be okay yeah they don't seem to be active down here so this would be a little bit easier and that is the second rail system installed and I have to be a little bit trickier like I said because because of these interfering the important thing is just to make sure to cover all the blocks it doesn't matter if it loops like this I think we should be good here once again I'm gonna test it out of course but I think everything should be fine and this is the third chamber all done boom nice I do need to make to make a minecart for it though that's like where's the minecart by the way but I haven't actually made it yet so that's good but that goes there and yeah this one should be simple so all of these I've tested these two they are working fine we should see some stuff in there yeah a little bit of stuff in there nice just being produced as I build this I think what I want to do here I was originally gonna do a water stream that joined these things together into nighttime stream but because they ended up being pretty close to each other I'm just gonna use hoppers and shoot everything into one central dropper that we then make an item elevator out of and this is actually a perfect 3x3 right here which is what we need I just gotta make sure we can fill this up which we can so if the dropper is to be placed anywhere I think right here is a great place for it and I'm gonna install a normal item elevator I actually got a tutorial on my channel in case you guys are interested in how to make item elevators and yeah this may actually be well if I do this if I have an input hopper there and then change this hopper up to be facing that hopper we should be good I need to craft up some more hoppers but the way you make these is super super simple you need to make a clock a clock that starts a cook in Minecraft by the way I like to try and explain a little bit why things works for those of you aren't redstone interested or have never got your head around it a clock in Minecraft is just a something that sends a signal over and over and over again like a ticks right that's what I that's what I cloak is so the way we're gonna do this I just gotta make sure to not interfere with any hoppers here but if I do something like that and then I know I'll just do I'll just do this we'll have a repeater here into a block a block in Minecraft transfers power by the way in case you didn't know that that's gonna interfere a little bit with this hopper every time this pulse this hopper is gonna be slowed down I think but it shouldn't be a problem and then we do this so now whenever something is in here it should be spat out that's our clock right there and it's bad out drive up or straight upwards which is good so on top here now we can go ahead and place our item elevators we can use either we can just fill this in with solid blocks in a cross shape and that will make the items fly upwards as long as there are solid blocks or we could make a water elevator which I think we did over at the mind and I think that's a little bit quicker alright I got all the hoppers in the stall and this seems to be looking like it's gonna be working one thing is when you work with redstone redstone looks a redstone powered signal locks hopper so whenever this minecart is here unloading this hopper is actually frozen but I don't think it matters because the minecart is never gonna fill these two hoppers up so it's gonna go away before the items get stuck in this hopper so I think we're fine but just a little bit of a thing you may want to test if you do this yourself so now I should oh you know what I should have done I should have looked into where this actually leads us cuz this may not be the best place I'm so stupid I am actually stupid at least us right here hmm and we can stand like their limited amount of blocks where old spoilers are within 16 blocks I think it's only these six so right now the item elevators can plop up here I guess we can make that work I think we can make that work well if I'm right any item that I throw in the magma blocks should eventually make its way up to the underside block here and let's just let's just do this properly let's let's let's get rid of this caliber if I'm wrong I'm gonna lose this caliber if I'm right this caliber should be flopping up on this block the sword is gone okay scary let's see if our sword comes up did I get it I got it nice sweet web and it's sending up the string already of course yeah this is working beautifully not a problem in the world right there so now we're just gonna put that into a Chester into a hopper again so water source goes there and yeah that flushes it down to the hopper at least the one there I think for precautions sake I'm gonna cap this off as well with some blocks making sure they don't the items don't fly all over the place so just do something like this but essentially oh crap no no no no no no no no please say that I did I shut everything off I hope I closed all the walls off did he wash down here that would be terrible if you did oh my goodness don't they ever play with water guys don't ever play with water it's worse than playing with fire in this game all right anyway we seem to get we seem to be getting string into this hopper so that is the start of our collection system now it is a little bit awkward that this item elevators right in front of us I'm not gonna lie but this is our a of case but I wonder can we be standing here this book works got all of those got that one this bloke okay this book does not have that spawner there so yeah it's a very fine it's a very fine line where we can be standing here we got to make sure to not mess that up and I do want to do another test here with the now the way of the water source so I'm gonna drop down excalibur one more time and we'll see if it makes it all the way into this hopper its caliber yes nice okay so that make me confidence makes me confident that this thing is completely working and that is actually all we have to do to get this spider spawner to work since the excavation has been done now it obviously looks really bad this place looks it extremely extremely horribly bad and I do want to spend some time on fixing that up but I think the very first thing I want to do between which we're gonna do today it's going to be to make this look or feel a little bit better we are we I don't just want to be collecting stuff out of this stupid hopper here I wanna be collecting collecting things out of chests okay so I did raise this up and without capping this you see here this this string just shot over I didn't actually see it happen but I saw it now so I think the whole capping it is important now did make some glass here because it would be nice to actually see the thing working and not just take that for granted because once we like now we're at the point of like finishing this up we don't want this thing to be failing in any way if you know what I mean but I think I think everything should be good that's our item elevator I didn't shoot up there they go into these chests the way hoppers work is that they suck first so they will try and they won't try and go downwards but this hopper will try and suck from this hopper quicker then it puts stuff into this chest that's very very important to understand with redstone oh I didn't know you could do this now you can actually kick chest through hopper is nice that's why the bottom chest is gonna fill up first and then it's gonna go bottom chest hopper second chest hopper third chest hopper and and this is not gonna work what am I doing here [Laughter] that's not gonna work hiss girl I can't believe I okay so either erase it up one more before I remove these chests because yeah that's kind of stupid what am I thinking these hoppers needs to be facing this way like a soul they're not gonna be facing any chests I guess what we could do is just install chest underneath instead and that would fix that so with all of the technicalities worked out the only thing that remains is to try and assign this a little bit and originally or normally when I do a spider for any mob farm I kind of like to see the spiders falling down I don't know what's wrong with me I just I just like to have a vision over it however well this one is kind of a no-go already because we got there we got the item collecting system here and I don't know if it's gonna look great because these two are like children at different levels and stuff maybe I'll try and incorporate seeing these two through some kind of window or something but because it's a quartz spawner the amount of space that activates also owners at the same time meaning the amount of space that has also owners within a 16 block radius of me is so tiny and because of that it's gonna be a little bit tough to to design this properly we do need however an entrance and we do need some kind of design here because right now this is not my greatest creation in terms of design it look at absolutely terrible but I gotta say one thing though guys I've been here for maybe 15 minutes this farm is insane tip this is gonna be a lot of string we can definitely open up a string shop and sell string for the people who wants it maybe the reason I built this farm though is again because I want to cover up the snow in the ice in the ice base with this string that we're getting from this and I think I'm gonna afk here for I'm gonna give this a test in afk for about 10 minutes see how much stream we get and then instead of designing this today I'd rather go over and fill in the folks so that we don't get any stupid snow in our beautiful eye space okay so 10 minutes afk or actually 12 minutes FK Wow yeah this thing is this thing is incredible looks like we also got a skeleton jockey to spawn in there I assume that's what happened because I don't think I don't think mobs can spawn a magma blocks oh wow oh that's a worrying thing why are there so many strings there did someone something break it's always good to test these things live oh yeah I see the minecart being stopped there oh yeah I'm not entirely sure why this thing stopped because it seemed to work there I'm just gonna help it out here a little bit that is worrying though and now something I will need to look out for because that was that one specific area that was a little bit trickier to get things to work the way I've wanted it but it may also been that it never actually stopped well I did test it one hand finish it up yeah I'm not sure but the good news is that the forum was even more efficient than the 12 minutes of string that we got there so that's pretty incredible I'm very very happy with that now listen guys if you have any idea for how we should design this remember we we only have this area to stand on but if you have any idea of how you want us to design this or how you want me to design this please do let me know down below in the comments because I do have one idea that we could do but I yeah I kind of want to hear what you guys say it's it's an interesting one for sure so now we're gonna do a thing that I actually also started on the stream and that is to place down string over all of this area and this is actually gonna take a little while because it's so freakin hard to see this string that you have placed down and they haven't placed down much this would basically prevent any snow from falling and if this doesn't look good I'm gonna break it and replace it and put it on the in the CDF high up in the sky instead that's another way to stop it from from even raining in my area or snowing in mariette completely but hopefully this doesn't look too bad I did notice a little bit of a grid pattern obviously because this is great notice you can actually see the string a little bit but if you don't think about it it's not too bad actually how on earth did I think that I had enough string I barely got half of this done and that's all the string that we had Wow yeah that was that was incredible how quickly that went so I guess I'm gonna have to afk a little bit for more string but yeah this is actually not looking too bad I don't mind the it's very very hard to see the grid lines you have to look closely you have to kind of know that they're there I think if you play with the out the texture without the connector textures it's probably not even gonna be visible and it's way better than having snow ruining ruining our fog layer I think that's really nice I really really like that so yeah I'm gonna probably have to do some afk in between episodes to get some more string but that's all I got for you guys today so thank you guys so much for watching I hope you have enjoyed this episode of hermitcraft we got the string form set up we got the collection system all finished and yeah we got to go back there and finish out working out a design for it but of course if you've enjoyed the video make sure to hit the like button down below subscribe if you are new and I will see you dudes in the next episode


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