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segment I think is gonna be really cool and I've been holding off on these this is the third week in a row that I've had some form of corruptions up that's a big contrast to the year where I did no corruptions however I think I can confidently say that these corruptions are in fact very much worth it they're gamecube corruptions which is not something that you see often and well I'll tell you who made them as soon as I start the thing just so his credit is in the full sauce video I have three games for this corruption segment Super Mario Sunshine it's gonna be better I promise it's not gonna be towed and then Luigi's Mansion and Mario Kart Double Dash we're gonna start with we G's mansion so let's do this

no more Thoth don't worry you're not gonna listen I promise you mmm no more maybe no more Thoth I'm gonna try to avoid toad for the corruptions but but first we're gonna check in on our old pal Luigi and this includes a whole slew of corruptions so um let's see can I do a thing here no I can't okay we'll do this hmm I can't actually capture this it's interesting

now I can't that's weird so this graphics engine does not appear to be compatible with my streaming program also why I started late tonight I was having some issues but anyway this is corruptions this welcome to corruptions for Gamecube and these are by brand 175

seems pretty normal again that was some I was interesting so Luigi it was practicing one of his dance moves he was spinning a little bit like a record baby right round right round and then now is it I I don't think it's supposed to sound like this welcome to our mansion [Music] it's good there was never a scream in the Luigi's Mansion music was there [Music]

[Music] better music it's already better than it was oh fuck I'm sorry guys here's Tony [Music] at least we don't have to hear his fucking voice

okay it's been a couple years since I played this game but I genuinely do not remember it sounding like this there's a washing machine on does this man should even have a washing machine Luigi whose clothes are washed in anyway everyone that lives to you is dead they don't need clothes

I'm hearing like Mario 64 stars the washing machine is going absolutely fucking mental well whoa whoa whoa whoa that door oh fuck there's another toad I can't escape him

welcome to clown land

[Music] hmmm this is a good man sheets of clown vomit instead of lightening klouey G oh my god it really does remind me of what we thought the future was going to look like when we were young and like in the ball from me late 80s Early 90s I thought this was like the future you know why I don't know maybe I watched reboot too many times it's a good game play we end on clown bomb alright so now we're back to a nice normal nice normal game of the weeds wait what [Music]

Mario Mario Mario Mario so the name of this corruption is walk around and press a I might am I anywhere I died I'm in the fucking space between the walls this is like stranger things I've become part of a fucking nether dimension all right well that's an interesting corruption yeah there's just doors there's just real fake doors all over this bitch literally like yeah the others just doors just doors in the middle of nowhere so here's one for you I guess he's scared stiff never underestimate Luigi's carrot cowardice and no that wasn't the name of the corruption the name of the corruption was Luigi gets hard I think scared stiff works a little bit better I guess even the Ravens are scared stiff so never mind it's just a scary mansion for everyone involved something tells me even the toad is scared and cannot move or scream which is just great it's haunted before we even get in

the fuck

it's smoothing out toads face real quick I'm just buffing the face off of toad he's soon going to be a blank like no faced mushroom as God intended

[Music] what's this music kind of reminds me of like a pizza shop in fast-forward like I could just see a bunch of dudes making pizza I like triple the speed [Music]

and if I think this is helping [Music]

[Music] all right oh fuck the camera is on a spinner I could just see it alright guys we've got this great fidget spinner app here mate [Music]

okay yeah no this is this is not even fucking viewable [Applause]

this one's called Gameboy collar music [Music] the perfect very accurate name [Music] I'm surprised Luigi's Mansion never got a gameboy advanced entry I mean Medal of Honor got to okay that all right okay I see what happened I was like why can't I press anything it was a crash which as you know rhymes with trash yeah there was a little melee in there you saw that that's from a previous thing melee I don't remember if that was a modded version of melee I think it was I got a couple other things here but melee was modded and if you want to see that stream you might want to check out what the fuck was it called I think it was just melee corruptions actually

okay I'm having a little bit of technical difficulty once again but this is very expected for corruption so please please be patient we will get there we will get there shortly

open a new window and then I have to load the we cheese mansion there we go

so yeah there's a Vulcan engine whatever the fuck that means is preventing it's preventing me from using my capture software properly


[Music] fokin is a graphics API like OpenGL I don't think these will work without Vulcan are you out of your Vulcan mind Spock


it's definitely spoopy so this one yeah yeah that's good it's so much science this guy's using Tesla coils untested fucking unproven technologies he thought he could do it without any problems he was convinced so naive whoa get the stanky arm I can kind of see into what until Luigi sculpt I hope you guys can see that I can see his teeth through his cheek every now and then Luigi you need to you need to invest in a better physical therapists because you have not been fixed since the incident ten minutes ago

no he's good now he's good and it turns out pointing to a map fixes your um your arm issues mario has the stanky leg and Luigi has the stank arm this is true this is very very true together they make the stanky the stanky appendages

guys is the game supposed to look like this

like is this is this how Luigi walks or something wrong because if something seems wrong yeah that's fine that's that's normal holy shit paper Luigi that's fucking amazing [Music] egads fine kind of kind of fucked up but now he's okay again

all right this one's called Luigi is satin but I think it was meant to be spelled Satan oh my god I've made that mistake in grade school when we had a music teacher is luigi's cock lighting up luigi would you do you dick I don't know Mario what do you mean you know what I'm talking about come on I know you're into the modification stuff but did you have to put a flashlight in there I thought it was unique I don't know Mario sometimes I can't see my way at night the man hotel what I'm trying to go piss

now this isn't normal for Luigi and no one here can convince me otherwise if someone a trailer no oven this is what Luigi's Mansion was then then we're gonna have problems I mean it's been a few years since I've played this but I'm pretty sure this isn't okay it's not okay Weegee it's not okay


do like a cutscene I think he's trying to do an animation by the way I thought the stupidest thing in the world today guys I was so disappointed in myself but at least I laughed at it I was driving driving home and someone had a particularly silly walk like on the sidewalk and the first thing I said to myself in my mind was that is that is an extremely dumb walking animation and then I also then thought I've been playing too many shitty games on the stream Luigi is a motorboat Luigi has enough horsepower to get him to the hidden island and Goldeneye at the very least [Music] Jesus is his arm is stanky his legs are lanky and his arms are stanky that is Luigi


title music has turned into a MIDI

a lone theremin provides the entire soundtrack Oh God nope nothing wrong here until it became wrong yeah that's good this is good I mean these are you know GameCube corruptions are not easy it is extremely difficult to corrupt GameCube games so these are these are pretty good for Gamecube next you're gonna tell me that this was normal for Luigi's Mansion and that's exactly what people are saying in chat right now what I love best about this is normally you make you make Luigi's flashlights go up and down but in this case it just rolls you it just does like a little aileron roll

this ghosts still look pretty good by today's standards in my opinion this is this is a fucking great game make no mistake

even though GameCube didn't launch with a Mario game Luigi's Mansion was no slouch it's a classic for a reason it's really good the depths of my trashcan is the name of this one oh yeah that's kind of what it's good it looks like the bottom of a trash can and now it's fine

it's funny after looking at the map Luigi unfuck himself it's quite odd so why don't we move on to will do sunshine last for the sake of well since we did kind of sunshine just a couple minutes ago kind of will do Mario Kart Double Dash next it's really zoomed in the windows the window changed sizes

all right so this is another great game [Music] okay they're inside of each other they stretch the skin then go inside baby Mario and they stretch the skin okay [Music] Luigi when you were inside our mother we had another brother his name was Ernest when you came out you took them with you but not in the right way Luigi you and Ernest merged

what the fuck fuck [Music] I love this this is what the fuck even is this corruption baby Mario's eye is all like gnarly and stuck on the fucking Road this is what happens when Bowser finally wins he just stomped out baby Mario he went back in time and stomped him out baby we she's fine but it's baby Mario that that's totally fought Oh God she's like stretched around there's other ways to do this too you can start with one and then add it's only baby Mario

[Music] I don't think there's much of a corruption here whose skin Diddy Kong alive why would you do this you fucking monster I'm not even going to talk about how poor Bowser got stomped which is of course cosmic Karma for going back in time and eliminating baby Mario and stomping him out

this appears to be the dynamic duo this time [Music] all these fucking noises [Music]

[Music] there he is this fleshling Diddy Kong performing for you [Music] how many fucking oh my god I miss double - fucking individual character items [Music] I can't believe how many iterations ago this was

[Music] there's like four games behind this but yeah this is this one I mean the one I have the most nostalgia for is 64 but this is a probably a close second [Music] but yeah not much of a corruption after the initial flushy did he cut what the fuck Diddy Kong has expanded beyond the universe is the name of this corruption oh that really is Diddy Kong yes it is Diddy Kong has become a tesseract okay there's a minor corruption I don't know why did he and Bowser are a package deal when it comes to corruption I guess we have to do it I don't think we're going to be allowed to do it it's ban mark


this might be one of the best this might be one of the best things I've ever seen [Music] this truly is speed Luigi Mario I'm really fast let me do this [Music] I can't even change characters like that's it we're committed to this [Music] I can't switch characters Luigi insists on being the engine [Music] it's got this that's why you don't skip leg day you just fucking keep running and you keep running until you become as swole as Luigi everyone is pushing their respective carts look [Music]

[Music] Baby Mario is pushing baby Luigi which is a nice reversal of what's happening here this is wonderful yeah yo she's pushing Berto poorly no one can compete with Luigi [Music]

[Music] yeah you can actually hear the footsteps like you can hear Luigi running if you listen closely [Music] that's it this might be one of the best corruptions I've ever seen that works a lot of corruptions are great for a moment and then they just don't work [Music] we can't escape super toad sunshine what the fuck is this camera angle okay this is okay now we're fine we're fine Bowser is still relegated to pushing from behind [Music]

who that is actually Bowser is just getting dragged Bowser's not doing any running the princess is getting dragged this is just gonna be very painful [Music] [Applause] I just fucking come quacks please oh I was gonna say it will be amazing if Mario gets stuck like that [Music] it's a Mario time

[Music] actually I think we're the only ones that are fine everyone else is getting dragged behind

[Music] wait is this normal okay [Music] everything's fine nothing to see here [Music] nope everything's fine [Music] holy fuck Oh who's doing this who's the cause guys is it Diddy Kong so help me God if I find out that it's Diddy Kong that's causing a tear in the space-time continuum we're gonna have a stern conversation with him [Music]

[Music] it's bet it's baby luigi its BAM Luke Babloo Gazoo leanness I can't even see I can't do this race [Music]

uh wait a minute did you see baby Mario's head this one says look at baby Mario and press the a button yeah peep his head went backwards his head went backwards some some serious bone-itis

and again with the arm what the fuck have you been doing Luigi Luigi's not skipping arm or leg day Luigi is a fucking masterful masterful creation

oh I was told to play on flower cup for this one good [Music] very good flush circuit [Music]

[Music] ya know it's it's the card it's the card it's it's not the power trooper [Music]

they feel safe in their own little heart cubed

[Music] but lakitu we've seen enough of this [Music] such a show-off

Finity I was a very high-pitched let's ago from Mario alright come on like it to Finiti give me a tea pose buddy I know you have it in you now he's no he's fine now [Music] well that was wait a minute was that weird I can't tell was that weird no it's fine [Music] all right believe it or not that's all we have for double - so now we go what yeah well what the fuck is this stop stop baby Luigi's disappear what the fo'got

this was not part of the corruption I was not told about this

we'll stop it tipos carts empty the carts empty and Waluigi Zinta tipos I get it I gotta catch up now my karts empty and now like god dammit stop stop please stop stop all it said was like a to his entities in a tea pose a tease pose well but seriously that was not part of the corruptions I don't know what the fuck that was anyway back to Super Mario Sunshine like I want to slow down that footage and analyze every fucked-up thing that happened so so what's going on here

this is when Matthew McConaughey is in the in the in the tesseract and it looks like books extends forever [Music] I think about that movie a lot even though I've only ever seen it once and I didn't like a lot of it I still think about it a lot just kind of had that effect on me I guess then it you say tesseract a lot are you sure you know what that word means I think I do but it would be too anachronistic of me to tell you what it means [Music]

okay this corruption doesn't work

what am i that bad at video games wait did I win [Music]

did I win did I lose [Music] Court is now in session as you are no doubt aware someone has been senselessly defacing fair isle delfino using some people like substance the accused is charged with polluting our beautiful home and yes a dangering are so we have to watch this because I need to know what happens next so it is daytime in Delfino Plaza our poor residents tremble beneath the veil of darkness experts shine scholars have determined that this darkness has arisen because all of our guardians that shines bright so let's find out what tesseract means it's a 4 dimensional analog of the cube I'm okay with the way I'm using it the thing and anything it works it checks out it's nowhere to skip these cutscenes is there [Music] Mario beta analysis verifies that the islands inhabitants are indeed troubled by pollution but the pollution itself is not the main problem Mario you witnessed God's cutsies Bernie shine sprites are the source of the power on isle delfino believe that was kangaroo court there is no thanks no definitely don't [Music] ah

why did it what guys I what the fuck I I double-clicked one of the save files by accident and it opened half-life 2 that was that was part of the stream there is no surprise half-life to stream incoming I think there's a file association with half-life 2 anyway let's not worry about that for a second but what the fuck is going on with these beautiful and crispy textures I didn't know the game was capable of such textures look how sharp they are yeah that's that as psychedelic the water texture is second - oh my god what is it reflecting [Music] and here I was streaming Super Mario Sunshine with an HD texture pack and not the infinitely better line texture pack [Music]

[Music] yes emphasis on infinitely I'm actually surprised that loaded

anyone else somewhat disappointed that that wasn't waluigi guys where did their faces go hang on hang on I have a better way to do this watch this you know you just take the clip of me washing them and you don't show before but instead you show this here let's get it let's get it right now I finished washing their faces off of them and they're squeaky-clean you're next that one's free South Bird no music music

it's very immersive the water is mercury the textures are very shitty very simple but shadow Mario is more or less intact choo-choo-choo Jesus took their faces Dark Lord Mike justice took their faces this is Noemi topia sequel [Applause]

[Music] that was a little weird anyone else noticed that not much of a corruption there but the camera kind of zoomed in a little fucked up [Music] I don't remember my Mario being that stretchy it's only on the title screen fuck that was amazing

[Music] [Applause]

step right up come on you know come on it's time to do the wall dance

it's basically tap dancing

yeah I don't know why that's happening it doesn't seem to be happening anywhere other than here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so wait a minute what wait a minute there's but there's more there's invisible walls all right I'm ready to go in I want to go into the level now oh shit even though it's been a year since I've played this game in full I already miss it that's okay Odyssey is coming out in just a couple of months I can wait I can wait just a little bit longer [Music] seems pretty normal [Music]

I see oh it's one month I had it in my mind for a little bit though it was November because most of the big Nintendo releases are November but it's the end of October which is lame as fuck because I'm going to a convention the day it comes out so eat a dick convention if you want to come to it's called game a con don't do it just go to go play Mario odyssey instead game a con dot cock it's in Atlantic City was very rainbowy [Music] nice very minimalist

then are you going to New York comic-con again or rather are you going to suffer a New York comic-con again the answer is no I'm not going into your comic-con this year I am officially sick of comic-con I need a I need a year off or maybe more so yeah sorry to disappoint if you were gonna holy shit all of the textures have been sucked out of this world except the goo super wack Co sunshine

it's like a full like bodysuit like a skin tight bodysuit


okay obvious cutscenes I see through your lies cutscenes

look can we just can we just analyze this footage for a minute

it's beautiful


it really is beautiful

it hurts my ears actually it doesn't hurt too bad but it kind of feels weird

it's crusty as fuck

[Applause] this is by far the krusty esteem audio I've ever heard

- fake shine you can tell it's made out of fucking plastic colonists these fuckin piantas man I know that the Mafia is running pianta Delfino Island place minimalist totes


that's good let me save definitely save [Music] and this again a kangaroo court crustiness objection nope definitely don't want to hear that ever ever again

yep it gets worse it gets worse confirmed

[Music] Mario's got an outfit now he's he's wearing a tracksuit he just got back from Moscow tracksuit Mario confirmed for Mario Odyssey Mario comrade to see

what happened - what happened to this piantas boobs also hoax beyond defeat confirmed for dicks

[Applause] princess what happened to your princess princesses like Michael Jackson you know like the gloved one she only wears one glove one orange one orange bluff

no eyes in this world no one has eyes

I'm sorry but we have to go to Bianco Hills but then again if you lived in a world that looked like this would you need your vision maybe it's better you don't see anything like South Burgess said just keep your eyes sewn shut

what you don't realize is that this is the very beginning of a full playthrough [Music]

and the only one who comes out of this relatively unscathed is of course shadow Mario what's quite nice down here it hurts less down here despite Mario running out of oxygen I think I'm just gonna stay down here also Mario is no longer wearing tracksuits [Applause]

okay that's enough I think I've had enough of the noises and so of you uh why don't we take a quick break Thank You brand 175 for the corruptions there's plenty more n64 corruptions in the future I don't have anymore GameCube corruptions at the moment but I do have more n64 ones from brand and others so yeah the new version of the RTC released so there's gonna be some really good corruptions in the future expect I'm gonna take quick break we'll be back with Pokemon edge and if there's time and there probably will be I have surprises so we'll start with a surprised surprised well lemon line actually here's this here's a surprise lemon line made this

yeah truly the height of entertainment on on tonight's stream be right back

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