MK X - Sub Zero Диалоги на Русском (субтитры)

by: ArteMKa

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you you are not worthy of the name sub-zero who are you to judge brother is that you I am NOT your brother then wearing his colors is an offense who are you perhaps your ice clone right there to be shattered you've arrived you will know the chill of death I disagree with that assessment combat me fool Kung Lao how long have I sought this do you enjoy pain Kung Lao you will not stop me your overconfidence will it comes to this told you not to encourage Jackie someone should we will settle this not now sub-zero yes now you think me a revenant still you sure C Mon traumatized you know not my pain Sonya Blade we're really gonna do this now yes a pity can she fit your purpose qui Liang I do not answer to you step aside kimchi whom do you pursue my business is my own we once fought together much has changed symptom yes a pity you're a formidable warrior well-spotted sub-zero what you lack conviction for the Lin Kuei Shuai Ryu again we meet again and always again you will suffer she Rui Rui you talk Lin Kuei scum death is more honor than you deserve desist unstable one how dare you I'm an empress former Empress enough me Lena you've become quite the bore allow me to entertain you Yujin takahashi I challenge you Grand Master challenge accepted son of kimchi and trained by scorpion impress me fear me son of kimchi Shira Ryu don't fear Lin Kuei was serious error in judgement where are your companions don't need him I got this a serious error in judgment I should have known I'm here to stop you your skill does not match your fortitude I am NOT your enemy then why reformed the Lin Kuei we have debts to repay your enhancements are unnatural and what's your ability to freeze deadly cold gin you even worth my time I have warned against false bravado Kong Jean ready to throw down yes I believe I am Tania shall we if you wish you do not belong here you enslaved me now holds your leash I destroy him I please we meet again Kano plus you froze me idiom Joseph saw out Kano about favorite kitchen appliance first I'll freeze your mouth closed do you not recognize me how'd you get unsigned a one benefit of quan chi's process you approached me as a foe now just add ice cubes at times I regret our alliance you approached me as a foe depends on is asking allow me to introduce myself you betray your realm but follow the money you have followed it to your doom again we meet I will be glad to win again challenge accepted you have my respect Shaolin it is not enough link way then you must take the rest how many souls do you harbor we will there are thousands yet you have no heart thermic your souls not corrupted free cuddle cotton you will serve me link way we are pledged to earth realm Kotal Kahn sub-zero your death is required you would risk your races extinction threaten it makes me dangerous you evoke pity not feared reptile I've come for you why steam on you toy with death release the girl beast we both fight snowman I will show you mercy what is your age child we know remember old enough to learn your place your race is new to me my thoughts exactly Devorah my day has finally dawned you reject my aid I am protector not you earth realm needs better protection you attack me Thunder God it pains me to combat you the cold will numb your pain do not seek to beguile me your brother succumbed easily I am NOT my brother time to die sorcerer I thought we were friends you only make this easier we do not have to be enemies combat me or admit your cowardice only if I must


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