Range Rover L322 - How much to own an L322

by: Ben Elliott

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good morning everybody Sharon already hit that subscribe button and hit the little bell notification button next step and I'll keep you notified really new uploads today I'm gonna talk about the gun RL for a 22

[Music] if anyone's been watching you know our other Range Rover videos you know how much I love this car I'm just gonna go over today how much it cost to own this car for the last year this is UK car we've imported into France I'm not gonna take the import costs into it we paid for half thousand pounds so it had 124 thousand miles on the clock with a full service history and had receipts all the jobs that had done which the air suspension the struts have been replaced and you know odd jobs like that so it'd been well looked after no in the UK you have an MOT every year which is like a vehicle inspection and between each MOT either need redone a couple of thousand miles a year we've already done over 10,000 in it this year that's just gun battles and forwards to the other house so what's it cost to run not a lot really the big factor is that I can do a lot of repairs myself being a mechanic and I'm in a wheelchair now and it is a bit tricky but things like the lower arms the brakes these are all jobs anyone with a bit of common sense you can do it yourself change the oil change the filters it's not rocket science you open up on it and it looks a bit a bit scary so things that we've had to buy for this car since we found it my sister drove it over to France I bought it sight unseen which is a bit daft really but we took a chance and the chant the gamble paid off while my sister was she was running around the UK in it for about a week the the battery was playing up you'd start it up drive it for five minutes switch off it was flat but then you go to it another time and it would work fine every time so she took it in they did a test on the battery and it was 60% unserviceable however dead sell something so that was the first cost 130 pounds for a new battery that was free fitting she took it into the tire and exhaust Center they put a new back John it it's a purse right one for the car job done she drove out to France absolutely no bother whatsoever when she pulled up but the end of drive I was getting to excite new car it was making a bloody awful noise that turned out to be the on the rear your hand brake shoes are inside the disc there the pins that go through the shoes had pulled through the back plate the back plate had rotted now to a genuine Land Rover back plate is 60 pound but you got a tech called a hub off and I didn't really fancy doing that so I just welded up the hole drilled the hole made a new one got new hand brake shoes a new spring kit and I think that come to I think the shoes were 15 pounds for the set that's both sides on the rear axle and the spring kit also believe 10 pounds so that was that little job done

next job the windscreen wipers now a little bit of drama with these I tried ordered some Lowe's arrow blades off of ebay and do you think they I could get some fit but the Range Rover arms are quite specific so in the end after a bit of trial and error but they was advertisers fit in this particular model they didn't so I went back to the original blades gossamer knows they were 12 pounds so I don't think we've even got to turn Japan yet that's that so that's pretty much been all the expenditure on the car one other thing that we had to do which wasn't really a running cost the tow hitch had been moved completely the the framework was still there on the chassis and the the hull the held the quick-release tow hitch the hole was there everything was in the boat because it failed its mo attained a UK on the trailer electrics not working they just removed a lot and chucked it all in the boat so yeah we bought the proper towing electric kit for this particular car they do cheap aftermarket ones that you splice it into the wiring room I didn't want to go down that route I watched e it wasn't the genuine what was it I can't remember it wasn't there but the wiring is already in the boat for this car and there's a control unit and comes with all the instructions so you you put the socket on the back of the car you thread the wires off through the boat up into the refuse box all the wirings there you just you plug it straight in and I wanted to go that route because when you plug the trailer end that makes the car rat differently when when you've got the trailer plugged in that's stops the suspension dropping into highway mode you know when you get out over certain speed for so long the suspension drops by 20 millimetres it stops it doing that well you've got the trailer attached or a caravan or whatever you're towing which is good idea because otherwise you your ride iced up and down and your angle of your trailers gonna be changing so that was an expect that was about 160 pounds for the complete wall and kit that came with the control module it's not really a running cost but it's something you've spent out on so I'll add that into the total so that's about hundred and sixty pound we already had the tow hitch in the boats that was just a case of bolting it all back on and then it's got the quick-release tow hitch which just goes up in with the key and then hopefully when we're not towing the trailer so much often take all that off and have a little bit more ground clearance or off-roading so for most of the year that has been it for the running cost or without you know adding up the fuel costs and all this sat in the other being the diesel the td6 is actually not too bad on diesel they've lowered the speed limit in France on most sort of national roads down to 80 kilometers an hour so that's about 50 miles an hour you see that cruise control on and this it does nearly 30 miles to the gallon which for a big old bus like this tearing a trailer you know got a twin axle trailer oh no going to the house we're normally pretty light but coming back mean it's full of firewood at a minute and we came back I see it's doing any 30 miles to the gallon so but I'm not gonna take the fuel costs into it over this year I could work out but I just can't be bothered so anyway the CT came or it was jus that's the control technique which is the equivalent of the UK MOT but in France it's only done every two years Tina took it out there brought it back and it filed its failed on excessive playing a ball joint and the rear tire on the driver's side it didn't say exactly what it was but it come under the the thing of excessively or a shape worn unevenly now in France I hope it's still true tires across the axle have to be the same they've gotta be the same make same size same type and everything so when it comes to changing your tires always change them as a pair cross the axle and then they'll pass it's 80 we've got necks on nixon's on it at a minute months now I've just I've got them in the in the garage grip master stature muddin snow they're a different tread pattern but I've got a pair of them now that's the job that we can't do ourselves we can't you know I've not got a tire machine and I'm not gonna be fitting tires by and so we'll be taking it up to the garish during the week to get that feed I think he's gonna charge I want to get the two front tires one valve changed he changed eval for a severed acres when Tina went to undo the valves at the silly Land Rover metal caps on that somebody put on it it got stuck and crowded in there she undid it snapped the top of the valve off she took the we took the wheel off and he up to the garage and he said it had got electronic valves in it which obviously tell the car when you tires going up and down but I've not seen anything on the dashboard that would indicate that was the even Adams so he's putting ordinary valving I want him to put an ordinary valve in the other side front and replace the valves I expect he's gonna charge about a hundred euros for that the two tires delivered was 260 euros [Music] I've done the ball joint which was on the lower arm I ordered the lower arm the upper ball joint and the height sensor in cases the ping snapped off now what I'm going to do before the years out is to change all the track control arms if I say that I've done them and it can be in the total for the years running costs it would have cost me two hundred pounds for both the track control arms both the lower control arms and both the ball joints I can do the job myself so that's another 200 pound and that's got the front suspension all sorted then so there's nothing to worry about after I've had all the suspension apart and done that we're going to want to take it out to the garage to get the the wheel alignment done but I'll get that done when all the other jobs are done just make sure that the car drives in a straight line and you're not going to get uneven wear on your tires so that'll be that job they charge about 65 to 70 euros for tracking wheel alignment so that's another one which will put on the total we're gonna carry out an engine service now all the parts for the engine service I can get 485 pounds I'll have to check whether that includes y'all or not and in the last of all I'm gonna service the gearbox the transfer box and both the front and rear differentials change all in the differentials I'm not sure I'm sure I like to look up and butter itemize all at the end and the kit for the gearbox which comes normally with a gasket the filter which pushes up into the gearbox sometimes it comes with new bolts and then the oil I've seen that kit online for about 18 pounds and then it's a transfer case oil and the front and rear different they'll probably cover it so all in all running this Range Rover for a year has been quite inexpensive it's probably a good thing that I can do a lot of the jobs myself I've got Tanner to help me she does quite a lot if I can't get to something or if my hands are too big she can get her little hands into places I can't so that's quite helpful it sounds like she's just come on now so piece will be shad but yeah you'll know that I love these cars absolutely brilliant the reason we bought it was set up a get around the land and I didn't give it a lot of thought when we actually bought it but the Range Rover is about one of the only four by fours with adjustable suspension so I can drop the suspension down to access mode and I can get in it quite easily been in the wheelchair

are the interruptions so yeah it's quite easy for me to get into and then you want a golf road you just lift it up it all works perfectly luckily this is had a couple of suspension struts changed ree well we're in the last year before i owned it at least it has had some money spent on it we're gonna look at the bills the parts are quite reasonable it's the labor that's expensive so if you're if you've got some common sense and you've got a little bit now out about ya doing a lot of these jobs on your own you don't need any special tools really just get out there and give it a go and yeah so here's to many more miles quite cheap hopefully so like this video please click the thumbs up if you did subscribe if you haven't already hit that Bell notification button and from a container closing the gates its bhai for now


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