BTS Love Yourself Answer: Epiphany Army Reaction

by: LM Dance Company

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if you're not welcome back okay yeah [Music] one two three I owe sale L&S company Lexi Michaela and welcome to the ricecake family if you are a newt you should go subscribe to our channel because we're like amazing and if you aren't welcome back now I skate we are going to be reacting to BTS is we got our answer epiphany by Jing the hashtag ginger if we cry you're on I lied to make fun of we will not cry the first time cuz we'll probably be shocked true true but then wants to watch some more I heard like the smallest part of it on the Instagram because like Instagram sucks hashtag Instagram sucks but ah how it comes the spoilers but like I didn't see anything I saw like pictures and we'll be putting it down here so you guys gonna watch everything

[Music] is he doing Oh first of all I love this s I know there's two is that Hobie no no I can't tell because anything goes

don't first of all I love these because [Music] yeah sure

but so deep he doesn't look real you're not even are you is how are you real

Oh [Music] the orange hair I'm loving it everything became home look dry look at the lyrics we like it so far [Music] one function this poor man we got me Oh

[Music] only like that part I'm here oh let hair done like from the perfect man that was in that were just like that much thank you say that can we compare the oranges Jimmy the way why not [Music]

[Music] I love that line [Music]

[Music] makes you want to sing along don't they round those words [Music]

[Music] black-on-black it's work that's the ending it's not is it no it can't be you can't do that effects don't go do the door do it we'll watch you okay first of all that fog was just football it was simple but things if it is what was so perfect like the deep voice of the beginning and the ending is gonna kill me I'm gonna like think about that later and we start crying thank you so much for watching our video don't forget to Like comment share and subscribe remember rice cakes we love you it stays fried goes dark [Music]

[Music] [Applause]


thank you so much for watching our video and don't forget to Like comment share and subscribe one two three thank you so much for watching our video don't forget to Like comment can we not do this right now


welcome to oh wait I forgot intro

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