2018 BMW X1 Full In Depth Review | M Sport | Estoril Blue | Interior | 19" Rims

by: BMW ChrisW

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hi guys this is BMW Chris W today we'll be doing a complete video review of the 2018 let's kiss start it this is the beautiful snow roll blue metallic there's a couple angles from the side so you can see a little bit of it character line going down the side there figure 19-inch rims here's a shot from the back you have the dual exhaust pipes back there what a gorgeous vehicle so like I said this is a brand new car there's your rear privacy glass back there black roof rails beautiful 19-inch rims so the M Sport Line gives you those very beautiful M front bumpers black grills

let's have a look inside shall we here's the interior this is the black dakota leather and these are the sports seats here thursdays controlled down here so this is actually your adjustment for the side bolsters to kind of hug you a little bit more okay heated steering wheels back there as well this is your nappa leather wrapped em leather steering wheel here's a little bit of the trim on the inside this is the beautiful brushed aluminum trim very very smooth very nice high quality okay mister climate controls this is your i drive right here everything is controlled by the screen over here this is the newest generation of the i drive everything is touchscreen here and it's very fast responding as you can see it responds instantaneously you can even go back to the home icon here you can press this button you can actually move the tiles around how you wish and everything is very very fast very very to it if it does no lag it responds instantaneously which is the one of the main advantages of the BMW idrive being the best infotainment system in the business especially if you look at the maps the maps are very very high quality very very crisp there's your traffic information there as well ultimately it's just the best navigation system in my opinion

another interesting feature right here is your active damper control okay this is you'll adjust from comfort to sport or echo echo mode here and if you see here so the car will always start off in comfort mode and then you can go up here to go to sport mode or down for Echo problem is the main difference is comfort is gonna be the steering wheel is gonna be nice and loose gas pedal the brake pedal is gonna be nice and loose and comfortable everything is all about the car is gonna be very comfortable okay what's gonna happen as immediately when you put her into sport mode here you have an option you gonna put on the sport displays which gives really nice displays or drag quality and very responsive the graphics are unbelievable and what essentially sport mode does is it's gonna happen it's gonna tighten up your steering wheel okay so the steering was gonna be more more harder and worse than more and more accurate the gas put on the brake pads gonna be more sensitive so you want to push it as far to get it going and because this is an electronically controlled all-wheel drive system it will send any you'll send a little bit more power to the rear wheels when you put the vehicle into Ecco Pro Mode it saves the car about 20% fuel it depending on how you drive here you can actually adjust the different modes how you'd what what you want activated way one not activated causing on the bottom right your efficiency so what happens is coasting is basically you're driving on the highway take your foot off the gas the RPMs of the car drop all the way down to right about where they are now and it's it's coasting so essentially it utilizes the energy that's going through the car and charges the battery and that battery then charges the electronics rather than just having the RPMs you know sit a little bit there and it makes the car more fuel efficient another way you can do this is by the climate controls if you turn this feature on and off it reduces the HVAC going through the vehicle to make it more fuel-efficient the speed of warning up there you can change what kilometer just a warning if you're going a little too fast your storage areas are down here there's your cup hose it's been probably you can fit the phone down there as well underneath the armrest here you have your USB down there additional storages you can adjust on height of the armrest to whatever you feel is more comfortable down here you have here it's a little more storage there as well here's a little bit of the back this is about where I'd normally have the driver's seat the drive you can see here I have plenty of legroom back here you have some drink storage here as well everything is opened up here very nice comfortable interior back here lots of room where air vents are there as well and you have a great view of everything up front to the back of the vehicle this is what the key looks like here this is the M Sport key with a nice logo there okay that's a cool trick I'm going to show you walk up to the car with the key in your pocket you just give a little bit of a kick down below the tailgate for you okay this is the comfort axis so there's a trick there's a sensor just underneath there you kick it and it'll open and close the trunk here's a little bit of the space inside here yeah I just put the mats and everything down there you can fold this up you can see quite a lot of room down there as well and storage little net over here as well some more storage over there this also this you can come out this is just a cover for the the cargo here that you can take out if you wanted to fold the seats down pulling the seats down is quite easy you just pull on the little handle down here and the seat pops right back here's the vehicle looks like a lot of stuff here another interesting thing you can do with the headrest is there's a button right here you can press it and it folds this the top headrest down just in case you want a little bit more visibility from the back or if your rear passengers want more comfort they can put the headrests up cars available at the time of this video this is the 2018 model this vehicle has the M Sport drivers the contents of these packages will be in the video description below once again this is vmw Chris W that was a video contact me just stop to the side my email is dealership excellent there are great incentives going on right now if you're in the GTA area or in the st. Catharines and agra region brilliance in hamilton and you're looking for a BMW you can give me a call contact me i can do it interview just for you just like this one give you more information about the car as well as a complete presentation and i'll be the one that can take you for the BMW experience session that is exclusive to our dealership so once again thanks for watching guys and i hope you enjoyed this video

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