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got it nope no what's up everybody we're back we're doing the chapstick challenge part two again we did this before a few months ago I need to redeem myself because I lost last time and had to eat chapstick so I'm not eating shit if I use but if you do want to see me losing and eating chapstick you can even watch it by clicking up there anyways we're gonna do it again so let's start let's go you wanna go first yeah going first last time I don't know but I'll go first I accidentally put chapstick on already so I'm gonna have to wipe it off I forgot good thinking I forgot we're doing this she forgot showing the camera is just too much work so I'm just gonna put it on the screen but this is what it looks like all I can smell is my perfume and I should not have put something on before we filmed because now I can't smell the chapstick well now I'm gonna win holy did you put it on you're putting the whole stick on I'm trying to make it easy for you I'm putting a lot on smells on this wrong

strawberry you have two guesses so I'm guessing it's wrong so yeah just tell if you carry watermelon oh my god that was my third guess all three of you kind of taste the same I hate when they're like freaking hard when you put them on for the first time okay right [Music]

don't mom give my hand all right if I come back wait I say limit no it smells like lemon I think I can't see it again I can't get it when I kiss you only when I smell it it doesn't taste like anything like this smell it what lime no that's your guess I guess I don't know all those two guesses it's mango it tastes like mango to me I feel like you should've got that okay okay anyway

bubblegum no cinnamon no that's the only two things it smells like to me mango really another nothing laughs that smells like bubblegum this lied so far zero to zero so rooting for you Wow you know what I already know I don't like it it smells like plastic is it chocolate yeah I think oh you want your plastic to chomp it smells like plastic chocolate cookie I'm not a spell I think the head start okay

laughing they all smell spicy to me spicy like it smells like spicy I look like a Mexican candy with like the chili in it that's what it smells like to me I don't sign on agree no keep your lip still sorry I'll just be a mannequin thank you I got comments last time Louise is she kissing her back cuz it ain't a kissing game come on all this hard okay everybody gets bubblegum again yeah yeah hell yeah no purpose cuz I was gonna tell you before it's not bubblegum because there is a bubble go but I don't want to ruin this one okay you know now it's one to one kind of it come you want a gag a little you uh it smells good but it does not taste good okay you my god I know the smell but I can't put my finger on it I like want to throw up this tastes so mad it doesn't taste like anything to me just I'm gonna guess sugar cookie you know I'll let you smell the chapstick I get cellar guess that's not right you two visits I'm gonna make it easy on you if you smell the chapstick popcorn that does not smell any yes like dogwoods that's just not fair that is not it smell like popcorn we're like four chopsticks and then we each only have one point this is sad this one's gonna be hard I had tragic do you hear me this one's gonna be I heard you it's gonna be hard great okay

green apple really smell just like it

got it nope No [Music] cotton candy yeah what is it I ready throw you awful things gonna be hard it's cherry what's the hell that's not fair you mean you didn't now that you know that sherry doesn't smell like it I mean kinda but it really smells like green apple it does smell like green apple more than labeled what the hell is this I forgot to mention that these are Joe Joe Joe Joe co-op whatever her last name is these are her chapstick and the this cherry definitely smells like green apple yes and the mango smell like bubblegum so someone gets blindly labeled all the pieces on lines a little confused I'm really confident in you I see I'm gonna help you now cuz you ain't tried to throw me off last time I'm gonna give you a good hint lime no yes it is lime but it's it's key line but it's Lou it's the same thing this is my last one I have two points she has one point we think - you don't know so if you get this one then you're tied with me but I can also get your last one okay and of course I saved the hardest for last I see I think your lighting again you never know okay bananas you freaking sold it was yellow well then you said you use it so I thought it was the mango one yeah cuz I tried to throw you off because you freaking saw that it was yellow and it smells just like a banana I said this was gonna be the hardest one because I genuinely thought it was gonna be but it smells just like a banana yeah okay it's student 2 so I need to get this last one so I can redeem myself in win okay

pineapple yes again pina colada no I mean it I don't know I don't know what to tell you but yeah everybody I'm not

what are the ingredients in pina colada is it pineapple coconut yes nothing I was gonna say it's coconut but there's a pineapple in it too so that's what I'm saying like oh if you I thought you were gonna just guess coconut it smells more like a pineapple than a coconut to me tastes like a coconut that's it I can't taste anything I don't understand like like this game for me I have to smell it like it bite me too you can it's easier to smell it then taste if I just kiss you I wouldn't get any of them because I don't taste anything they all just tastes like chapstick I know that's like the point of this is to like see somebody the other but it's just so much easier just to smell it I'll kiss you though for some reason my lips feel more chapped now okay I really really did not expect to do well because I'm just not good at this this stuff so I'm shocked that I won and now we're even so that means we have to do another one yeah we're gonna do it part 3 that's all we have so we are gonna end this video right here but what do we need a post publication shoutout well McClane finds a post occasion shot for today we want to remind you guys that our clothes are on sale on Poshmark our username is at Jeff's and MacLean so download the app and just go search us you'll find us and you'll be able to buy our clothes will include a little note in your package yeah today's post on vacations shoutout goes to who melissa ferguson thank you for having our post notifications on and leaving us a comment shout out to you melissa and if you want to shout out that's all you guys do turn your post notifications on leave this a comment and tell us that you did and then you can get a shout out that is all we have for you guys today as always we hope you enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching and we will see you next time

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