Annoying Villagers 35 - Minecraft Animation

by: MrFudgeMonkeyz

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coming up go to sleep Blaire we have much distance to cover I will stop you

and might consider a monster to there

previously on this storyline of mr. buds monkeys and stop fooling around now he's villager nice you're different from the ones I encountered before once they're actually drugged you learn things about us lawyers ace once they must be eliminated why do we have to keep fighting why must the villagers hate the players why must employer's hate the villagers it doesn't make sense why can't you change cuz I care for this world more than I care for myself that is my reason why I will not give

[Music] No

there's three of em okay I'll do it [Music] there's someone follow my lead

I'll be able to provide brain support without interference let's finish him quickly you take us where are you taking me why why did you bring me here to show you their secrets to show you what they've been hiding hiding from this world we're not there yet this is just one of many of our patients on our way there the villager kingdom has been expanding in this territory even more lately this is more of an aggressive outpost it has not yet established it's quite far away from any villager Kingdom supporters as time progresses the cell post will keep growing until it becomes a settlement which will be able to sustain itself entirely then it will attempt to expand by spreading more outpost much like a virus a parasite they will keep expanding until they consume of entire world I don't up in his left such creatures are more like a disease than living [Laughter] you grab their maps it's likely they have it distributed their information to the maybug yet why why did the teachers seem different here they change no no that is impossible it must be my imagination why did you want me to team up with this sugar how do you expect to achieve anything great alone that's always good to have someone watching your back let us you coward and follow me doc Joe provide the answers you paid secret secret for so long we'll see about that

it's Steve you're Steve what do I always encounter people [Laughter]

took them out of them


why why don't you want me to use my onions the curse of your group have had to chop them they will enter your growth if you will mine up there will be tons of Drudge thus limited your potential listen to me or not just your decision also would be nice if you were to trust your color brats those who share your path why does he remind me so much of him what does he make me want to follow him so much I want to know what he wants to know more about him how did he become the person he is today what offense what experiences what has he gone through go to sleep player we have much distance to cover once we enter this room spores I am expecting us to be ambushed multiple times I will and of the scouts and other information distributors you will and all the rest try not to crumble I will stop you

tell me who are you working for who was controlling this area loose careless I let my guard oh why never Lord tell me what makes you a monster am i consider a monster to them I didn't even sense its presence what's happening why is it not moving now

for those villagers why did this seem so different you were so much more different from the ones on you counted before it seems as if those new creatures creatures of the up to like the zombies this creatures have an innate hatred for the villagers some tests they were brought into this world to balance this workin were buoyant and it seems they have already studied the law against ah how could they be new like the things I've never encountered before we're simply undiscovered why did he not tell me this was he giving this all secret for us to be a racer here they come such filthy creatures

what's going on he planned us save her yourself what this world has become continued hey there guys I hope you enjoyed watching please support the channel by subscribing liking and sharing my youtube videos because it really helps keep annoying villagers going in constantly upgrading I have a lot of crazy animations I like to create for you but they require in funding and support so help out and I'll see you

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