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we left los roques with some great memories and the intention to return in the future and stay much longer maybe learn to salsa practice our Spanish and take a few cooking lessons from Nelly we sailed west to a tiny little bunch of islands called avez and no prizes to guessing where they got the name Arthas [Music] the next day we jumped in the tenders to go and check out the mangroves it was a bit of a maze and we had to pay extra attention to which way we went to prevent us getting lost

Elena told me that they outside reefs received more nutrients and therefore house more fish which has also been my experience we went to Spearfish the outside roof of others but in the end end conditions too rough to attempt there hamstrung as we were we stuck on the inside of the roof and hunted around we didn't manage to get any fish but we did get a few Lobster

and then we were off going for an overnight sale to veneer that was about 50 miles where we are so we just left our bed heading to Bonilla I'm not so sure namely prison I think I did yeah had some fish raiding a boat settle down for the afternoon I check out to be never asked we arrived early and had to tread water before making our way into the marina once the Sun rose the outboard was broken once again which meant we couldn't get on to a more involved unless we wanted to swim our groceries back to the boat what the how do you call that honestly that's like a spaceship Brow's is in bed this morning catching up on some sleep he didn't get much last night this morning I'm going to head into town and check us into the country and I'm gonna look for an outboard mechanic because else is cocked it once again and yeah upload the new movie and check out the town corner is the B in the ABC islands along with Aruba and curaçao Bonaire is part of the netherlands with a population of around 18,000 people it's well known for its diving as it's extremely protected on the western side of the island and underneath the surface is flourishing with coral reefs and a large abundance of marine life I coincidentally asked the island's outboard mechanic for directions in town we got talking and even came by and took our outboard to have a look at it we got it back a few days later and the problems were outlined via email this is the email we got from Lucy's wife he opened the car which was loosed from the intake manifold and found to his surprise a piece of Yamaha rubber jammed into the idle air flow passages along with water and contamination in the actual car the reason for the rubber piece is very much a mystery but had been sized and placed there for a reason by someone the water flow was restricted the oil used in the motor was incorrect and more than twice as much as should be also the manual choke had been stalled backwards lulls that wasn't me know if none of this is any of us say yes it should be noted [Music] we got salty for the next few days and went free diving and scuba diving around the island there are dozens of diet sites there and they're all very easily accessible [Music]

alright so we just did a wreck dive on the hell mahouka yomo yomo got a badge IKEA apparently is that we just penetrated the isn't that right professor yep yeah so uh what's the story behind the wreck well there was a storm and the boat which the real name is that Hilma hooker was broken some mechanical problems so they had to stop at the island and when the police gets on they find a lot of drugs into the tractor the the boat so they were looking for well everybody the captain went in jail and so on but they were looking for the owner of the hooker and the paper work was badly done probably by purpose and they couldn't find the owner so what they decided to do because it was anchor where the cruise ship were coming and it was iterating they decided to bring the Hilma hooker away from the cruise ship area and they anchor it there and lack some storm the Hilma hooker just sunk and it became about 25 years ago a wreck it's in the state that you will see on excellent Sarandon blog grata what to think of it yeah it was cold yeah favorite part favorite part was a huge underwater elephant that I thought RNA a was a snapper or a groper or something we didn't capture it on camera yeah sorry guys that wasn't that that was Riley's favorite spot and you're not gonna get to say it favorite part you know kind of get to say it we hired a scooter to go and check out the island alone about you keep the cool looking one which incidentally is also the slow we did take it off-road and we found a vehicle little spots [Music] [Applause] [Music] we have arrived at the Bonnie Thai accent er it's close which I mean I could end up being a bit of a blessing in disguise because it's a chi actor or swamp as one of those ones where you rock up and you're not on the weekend in veneer it does get quite busy it being a bit of a dive mecca there are heaps of different places to go and have a drink and we did go to quite a few of the pubs and restaurants there you like to cross the road sir not mine

[Music] can you bit tired my big night what have you been up to

I suppose the most notable thing about Bonaire was the fact that we got recognized that there what twenty times that we've been recognized in a few other places which which is fine you know people will come up and say oh I I've seen you on YouTube or whatever but in and Bonaire was like pretty crazy very regularly in the end we sort of invited everyone via Facebook down to this place and all had a bit of them get together there's a sailing with vagabond party we met a lovely Colombian couple Alejandro and Tama who had lived on the island for a while now they shared some really cool underwater cave sites with us luckily neither of us are claustrophobic or it would have made it really difficult to reach the water but we eventually made it through to a clearing and jumped in how did you find this place yeah so we got a crawl through here yes okay so there's like a pod already but then at the end you will find that all the stalagmites are there on the path so you will have them on Arif [Music]


[Music] stalactite is formed when water containing dissolved calcium bicarbonate from the limestone rock drips from the ceiling of a cave stalagmites are those ones that grow upward on the ground from the drips that fall to the floor limestone stalactites form extremely slowly usually less than 10 centimeters every thousand years some stalactites found around the world are up to 190,000 years old so alejandra was understandably upset when we found a broken one yeah they just live here on that they do not have more yeah oh my god also sometimes we can see a fish it's a small fish that is from the process of losing the eyes like evolution cannot see very well [Music]

we saw no sea life down there apart from a little shrimp looking creature but we enjoyed breaking through the thick layer of limestone that was sitting on the surface of the water so we could push further on [Music]


join us next time for a three-day crossing to Columbia we get to throw up the asymmetrical spinnaker for the first time since the Atlantic crossing and then we run into some heavy weather closer to our destination of Santa Marta

alright it's time to click f9 again and you know what that means for about two about another pattern on board so let's see who the lucky patcher is ready yep Eric Rittenhouse but I've just got to check on pattern check the status that we got a green light on Eric welcome aboard son morning congratulations please get in contact with rally and bar and we'll organize to have you on board this is so kool Moe yeah well that's so amazing dude oh cool I don't know where to put it but yeah we'll definitely put it up somewhere

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We sail from Los Roques to Bonaire, stopping at a tiny bunch of islands called Aves. I’ve never seen so many birds in my whole life! We get salty for a few days and checkout some of Bonaires many dive sites that it has to offer. We throw on some scuba gear and go and checkout the wreck of the 'Hilma Hooker'. She lies in approximately 100 feet (30 m) of water and at 240 feet in length and is quite a site to see! A huge thank you to Alejandro, Tama and Jimmy for being legends and showing us a great time in Bonaire. Thanks for watching and we hope ya'll enjoyed the vid :) Please become a Patron!

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