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[Music] it's next time reaction to is g8o han or alone we wash throw their songs a lot ha ha so yeah channels great title title Thirteen's Idol sorry jeez silent anyway 6 number girl group they're getting lit per usual per usual we love them an easily and we've been new me then in the new anyway thank you next re locust goes off it that's confidence no no I'm Audi this is very bad yeah I wanna be badass there's a common theme there are badasses I love this vibe Allah gives me like a gypsy boy whoa girl no he's gonna die so let's see I gotta move [Music] yeah very badass yeah this goes hard I'm waiting for that beat jump I know it's coming oh I feel it it's building the anticipation is killing yes there you go I can't wait for this dance scene at the beat drop it's not really my hair her red hair love I also like these colors are wearing I know um like the plastic skirt right you like the plastic stuff the prints yeah yeah yeah where is this like sad remembered you said Sarah you know how in this was I so cool the use of colors really like so much red for her mm-hmm the different patterns yes oh she's giving me like whoa Black Panther tigress oh really hurt oh yes those smoke canisters

she kept a scorpion sorry scorpions are freaked me out but that's beside I like this one oh I love that part my girlfriend's finally went to white I like that whoever it is wearing those white that was like billowy white pant mm-hmm okay Queen like it's not like hard beats like hardcore but it's also not like so Airy if this is nothing baby yes the bass is really good yeah yeah like I could see myself like in the car getting ready to like pump myself up and I turning this I got it myself in the shower and just like oh yeah really like that Oh like this that was cool I really feel like there's a lot of symbolism here oh I like me Sean

I like how it goes from really bear to really printed and exciting I like the contrast I'm carrying like that really high-pitched whistling yeah it just makes you want to keep listening to it okay so ideas think so I didn't think of that one that was really good that was like a I'm still trying to think of like the right adjectives for yeah that was like a like a slow burn Bob you know what I mean like you slow burn into that chorus and then that'd be dry like it was building up yeah I really like that like the visual boys here all right I like the transition from when they went to like wearing black to wearing all white and then like the dance that she was doing when the whistle was playing yeah I really liked how in the middle of the song when it did the whistle how it stops pretty much all the other sounds so it's like very interesting the use of like the absence of sound yeah so what was your favorite part of the music video whenever they were in groups with the printed clothing yeah and like the wavy movements that's like I like the hand dance yeah I think the the whole like statue structure with like really sunny like kind of odds like the black like outfits I thought that was just selling visually like really is like aesthetic yeah and I really liked when if the music stopped like you were saying it was very like look very like flowy and like I like the break happened I thought that was it was like mesmerizing almost and they were really good way over here out of 10 I'm like 1/8 for me what would you rate this ayah 10.7 yeah if we buy it before 9 8 7 5 ding seriously that was literally what I was just thinking like the past three guys look at all of them years have really been similarly awesomely okay top three okay so tempo then regular and then this I think mine is gonna stay the same regular tempo and little touch tempo yeah and then I want I think I just what the same one as last time a little touch number one this one number two whoa in BTS choreo number three tempo hmm regular and see 1.7 and BTS idol dance practice okay say what would you say I'm gonna say EXO I don't like this she was like yes she was feeling it she's like channeling all the inner like yes I got I got that yes or yes yes so tempo BTS and I'm gonna switch it up and say

[Music] you

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