How to be a miner at Mason's Ruby & Sapphire Mine

by: Shalamar Blevins

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hello this is a Mason's ravine SAP our minds find a to go mining this mines been here for 120 years they used to line it originally for corundum as an abrasive now it's a gym mine and we have a wide variety of minerals quartz feldspar in addition to the rubies and sapphires come on come on in check our facilities out this is to you right here she takes care of the customers and tell us what state hello come on Ian welcome to vice and Ruby and Sapphire mine this is an all-natural mind we don't solve friend rich it you'll be going up to the mind digging the dirt bringing it back down to the flumes and washing it Todd's going to be out there he's going to help you show you how to wash clean how to identify your stones all the dirty little secrets that go along with it we need you to sign a release form for us it just releases us from any liability you'll be getting a nametag that just shows that you're paid minor and you can go across into the mine what we need you to do is print your name at the top you date it and you sign at the bottom anyone over 18 our mining fees are children under 6 are free 6 to 11 is $15 12 years old enough is $30 while you're in the mining area and you come down and wash your stones if you find a big stone the guys are going to tell you you can bring it in wait if it's 10 carats or more we take your picture put you on a website and we ring the bell the most important thing we want you to do is is have fun and be safe so I'm going to turn you over to Todd Todd's going to show you all the safety issues and everything you need to do out there before you get started

well hey a new minor welcome you've already visit our mine Shack you know how to sign up now we're going to teach you how to find your stones these are flumes we have fourth loans to old about 20 to 25 people apiece just depends on how cozy we want to set you up too covered flows to keep you out of the rain we have pretty much all the tools and all the equipment that you're going to need for your experience at Mason's so basically if you bring your pail and shovel leave them in the truck we'll grab some buckets and go get some stalls how's that

this is all you need forget your bucket when you go to dig will have to put your dirt in your pockets a couple safety issues to keep in mind of Mason's we are in the West North Carolina mountains and there are some critters around here such as bears and snakes you never know so we don't allow children under 12 to be up in the mind sight without their parents we must be a company we also have a lot of rocks a lot of washout so please watch your step we're going to go over to this hill we're going to find ourselves in dirt and see how we do come on here's an interesting boy he just fell off here shoveling he's got his bucket ten feet in back of them they're just throwing rocks right over a shoulder if you were to walk up and back of him you probably have a rock come off your head and have a nice night in the morning so let's go ask him if we can move his bucket a little closer to it shall we

I'm juggling some bird on yeah yeah yeah no one worked better well maybe if we put your buckets a little close you wouldn't have to throw it so far cuz I really wouldn't want somebody to walk behind you and take a rock in the head that'll make a bad afternoon mine will kick your buckets up for you put them a little bit closer can you hit them but a little more in up here well thanks I'm rotate that safety tail we uh you do know the difference in the dirt you want a big occur we want to stay on that nice brown stay right out of the red okay do you have any would you mind digging a little dirt for me oh yeah sure you wanna go you don't don't throw it at me okay okay throw a couple scoops in there if you would we'll go down wash it up and see how you did I thank you yeah by the way ladies and gentlemen this is Michael at one of the owners of the mine how's it going thank you very much for your help yeah no problem for today see you later Mike

at this point all you're seeing in there is dirt you couldn't see a sapphire in there unless it was on fire so that's why we need the water in the flumes we're gonna go down and put some of the screen wash it out and see what we did

covered room line just keep you out of the rain so even when it does rain you can still mind so at this point we have to take our dirt we're going to put it into a screen we're going to wash all the mud all play everything out of it once that's finished then we pull up force a car to see if isn't bigger purple or six times

that's very important when you get all the mud and all the clay totally off of these rocks that's the only way you're going to see you take some purple sapphire make sure you give it a nice scrub those muddy when you put your material in the middle it's not quite finished yet so you keep the process up until that's pretty much please I think we've got a letter will spread them out set the tray up then what we're looking for is corundum which is a six-sided mineral it's kind of shaped like a pencil just happen to have some in the pocket here's what we're looking for six-sided the outsides have gold mica and a white powdery substance called kaolin that's where you get the white from so if we find one of these in that tray happy day let's take a look these are our examples do we have anything that looks like that in there I'm thinking right here yes he looks like he belongs in that family I say we just found a sapphire at the end of the day you take all the sapphires you found we'll go into the mining Shack and we'll weigh them up I'm not going to mine all day that's your job we will find the stones for you so let's go put this on a scale you can stand carats or more it's a bell ringer which means you're on the website let's go check it out

Hey oh that's like a bell ringer 14.95 carats yeah that's a fellow yes we have a 14.95 carat stone nice to room city cut this all right

man that not awesome Wow well looks like he found his stone why don't you come on down and find you one down here at Mason's mind we all have fun

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