Spawn Peekers Have Low IQ - Rainbow Six Siege

by: VarsityGaming

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I just love dextro does he action this is the guy spawn peeping he doesn't even know I'm here this is what happens when you spawn peeking casual

that's the IQ of a spawn Peter is there just kill you're actually garbage at this game shit I drew you early had a full ammonia


impact the shield just like not crazy amounts maybe you don't hurt me

hopefully fuck every tweet alright I'm out for the rest of the round I can't hear a thing Wow yeah but judgment or whatever they're called this is what I want I want her to throw people and that they make this in the wall like they just make a human-sized hole in the wall

where is the shuffleboard games today oh boy ha ha why do you always take off your she's the head of rotation hole there what the fuck ruff I just I can't believe they had a rotation holding I don't change that check out my scroll wheel holy fuck yo Anthony add a mood wop oh you're a tough go to the malt just got a churro please you know without riddles all your friends - I see you in this video a shit yeah this guy's freaking on our teeth [Music] hit him with it do it the double sledgehammer kill first one counts one drop red I can't round anymore

you lucky son of a bitch it was a skilled play

I'm waiting for those ones and dining

oh wait honey why he is ignored

good you see them walk faster

special delivery wish you can read these guys like a book you say you're gonna go to chunka can I have your consent sure like give me the heebie jeebies I don't want 12 year old kid to ask for my consent did you guys know I know a lot of you have never seen an actual boob in your life but did you know that women's boobs are actually like this they don't droop down they go up and they're pointy they can actually poke an eye out shit's dangerous

[Applause] this takes me back to high school with a guy yeah yeah oh yeah you know dude it's the worst one respect to u s-- and reinforces it here in eat breakfast which rested here to eat a to and becomes a rotation watch out Robbie what use it using is it he killed me

yep yeah 12 inches does not satisfy me I need at least 18 are you all I could see was his head welcome to siege can't take your order oh my god my arms are too weak it says time to make a new door and then the dark one said let's be safe out there and then the last one Mira I chose three of my main operators this one says gotta love the view here you can see the wild noodle armed streamer trying to set up some heavy aluminum posters on his wall a great specimen that I don't want you guys to be put through that ASMR yes you're not I'm watching with a I just love Dexter oh oh here's it something racist cut it out Oh once me ashes main stairs that's literally what I do have this of you chefs yesh being a fat ass is always the best

I hit him in the head and it was a hitmarker they're hunting down drones I'm pretty sure they're hacking like that bandit literally chased down every single Drive yeah yay good unknown don't worry they patch that by the way always watching the stream the end Stream sniping mm-hmm yeah do you think that I hate women I hope not because I don't good hey mommy's it do you think that I hate women yep what that fucking bag Frank the other day Christian and someone goes wait are you dog Oh from the dog oh hey trouble in video that's amazing that was literally known on the Internet of just hating woman I stopped the planets right here oh no way biggest of the Furies by the code oh my god no way fucking landed it onto the defuser that was amazing Kilis true look at me I miss Robins water on the stove oh yeah it's hot in the kitchen get it I'm what's hot in the kitchen that's the stupidest thing I've ever seen in my entire life you're the stupidest thing I've ever seen in her life you can a used car salesman sexy hmm I'll be honest Rob every single time I look at your profile picture it does make me puke a little or make one more suggestion about how they can make seeds more like cod I will literally grab you by the balls stick them to the end of my car and then just drive as fast as I can well you're hunkered down in my garage yeah I want your arms like attached to my garage door and I'm just gonna drive away all I'm gonna have is just a tight little on the tip of your ball sack just your fishing wire

I can't actually pick it up all right why are you going Monty who I wanted here's our Lily throwing an OT although you should have said I want to get it Monty I knew you could get recruit all of the YouTube community was like no no matter what happens if you join you always get an operator I was like no there is a way to get recruit are you gonna clip this one yeah I'm gonna show it to all those fucking kids on YouTube and they'll be like but my dad works at Ubisoft I'm a fan for saying I'm wrong I

have 1 hp to resent me I don't know if you have armor you I was wasted all of this with Sean the switch one would have killed me oh shit loop oh I should not I've got that kill holy fuck this Russian dudes hack my fuckin IP huh you don't even know what an IP is dude whoa drew you offended me so I'm gonna come get these that manager just wanted to plant what a great kill cam let's get all the action take a POV scene I'll show you POV

if that works you owe me a fifteen year old or fifteen fifteen year old what the what 18 year old bottling with sound


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