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Oh would you look at this another game that's a favorite of gamers everywhere a game that everyone loves and Revere's hailed it as one of the greatest games of all time and I'm gonna tear it a new one banjo kazooie is a game of Legends developed by rare in the days before Microsoft bought and gutted them like a fish rare was Nintendo's bitch developing games like the Donkey Kong Country series Goldeneye perfect dark Conker's Bad Fur Day killer instinct and let's not forget about Battletoads but now Microsoft owns them and well it's probably safer to say that sonic has had a better track record than them and we all know that grabbed by the Ghoulies was the start of their decline their games just don't get the scores that they used to banjo kazooie is a game that you can say is the precursor to game series such as Ratchet and Clank and the jak series which is what you could call the buddy genre now someone may be lining up to say that Sonic and Tails or even further back Mario Luigi predate banjo kazooie well that's true but they're not buddy games what do I mean by buddy games well there's a type of movie called the buddy film which are generally comedy movies or in more recent times action movies a buddy film is a double act like Chris Farley David Spade in the 90s Cheech and Chong in the 1970s and 80s Abbott Costello if you want to go to the 1940s and 50s and Laurel and Hardy if you want to go back even further to the 1920s and 30s the double act employs two characters one is known as the straight man and the other the comedian the straight man is usually the reasonable and serious one while the comedian is generally unorthodox and silly the comedian plays off the straight man with silly antics while the straight man gets irritated or acts sarcastically to the comedian and that's the relationship of Banjo and Kazooie although kazooie is just really a bitch to everyone because she is the straight man to the world in characters around her while banjo just seems to remain ignorant that his world is bonkers but what's unique is that this game doesn't take itself all that seriously in fact it knows that it's a game as mumbo-jumbo refers to himself as the most powerful shaman in the game and the characters seem to take the play of a little girl very lightly the story is that gruntilda the witch who is the equivalent to morbidly obese fat women who insist on wearing tank tops that cover thing and short shorts with the word juicy spelled out on the ass which stretches out the word so it's unreadable yes you see hanging out at the mall on Friday nights because even nightclubs have standards burrows from snow white in the seven doors gruntilda asked her cauldron if she's the prettiest in the land it tells her yes then changes his mind says the 2d banjos little sister is so she kidnaps her to take her looks away and transfer her ugliness to 2d and banjo kazooie we have to save her this is a request to all sentient talking magical objects just say what your owner wants to hear you'll spare us a lot of effort and save millions of one-offs the graphics are really really good for the n64 almost pushing the limit of what the console can do it doesn't even have the n64 fog that other games do if Bob see 3d is the absolute failure of cartoony graphics for the fifth generation of consoles then banjo kazooie is the opposite side of the spectrum the music is composed very well too each track fits the respective level perfectly and the way the characters control is rock-solid the controls in that aspect are perfect and there's nothing wrong with them now I know I said at the beginning that I was gonna tear this game and do one after all it wouldn't be a retro replay if I didn't find something to tear into now would it the camera just sucks I mean it really sucks it doesn't really follow you at all it stays pretty stationary in one position until you move it so you can go behind a mountain and it won't automatically move at least not immediately while it's simply a minor inconvenience it's somehow incredibly annoying because it happens a lot and it doesn't help when you get kazooie's ability to shoe X because the C buttons not only control the camera but are also used for activating kazooie's abilities when you use them in conjunction with a Z button so you're going to have a bit of a hard time getting your shots and with the eggs it's not terrible but it does get annoying after a while but I'm gonna be honest here I think that the n64 controller is the worst designed controller of all time someone at Nintendo must have been wasted when they came up with it I know this is off topic and I'm not trying to sound like I'm picking on Nintendo but come on it looks like the retarded cousin of controllers but yes the camera is really the only actual flaw about this game what was universally criticized for being bad because it does make it a pain in the butt to line up your jumps because you'll need a finagle banjo and the camera together to get the camera angle where you need it to be it would have made more sense just to have the camera move smoothly along as you held the corresponding button down instead of moving to pre-programmed angles and if you're using a 360 controller like I am be prepared to go under the first-person perspective a lot because the seat buttons are tied to the right analog stick and that is really sensitive to the slightest move upwards there are people who call this game a mario clone well yes you can look at it that way but that's really an understatement in my opinion it looks and plays much better but hey it did come out two years later some people say it's more complex but I don't think so at least not by much and this leads me to the gameplay the goal of the game is explore the levels which are pretty big and collect notes and puzzle pieces known as jiggies to unlock levels and to proceed through the game each level has ten puzzle pieces and 100 notes and it's very nonlinear you can skip levels if you have enough puzzle pieces and musical notes you can backtrack to old ones and all the levels are wide open spaces allowing for full exploration I highly suggest using a strategy guide because you're going to need it if you don't want to spend hours upon hours of searching for the level door after you unlock it as you proceed through the game you get new abilities and this is probably why kazooie is such a bitch she's the one who's doing all the work but banjo just carries her around the lazy bum but my honest opinion the gameplay is a little boring and tedious collect puzzle pieces unlock a level collect notes unlock parts of the overworld rinse and repeat I did play this game in the store long ago when it first came out and even then I thought the gameplay was a tad monotonous there are several ways to get puzzle pieces you can just find them out in the open or find them hidden somewhere in the levels if you help an NPC they'll give you one as a reward or if you defeat certain enemies they'll drop one you can also find them in the overworld if you flip a car until to switch in a level some things are tedious though like having to go in and out of levels to accomplish a certain task like being turned into a termite leaving the level to climb the mountain in the overworld to get a puzzle piece and then go into the level to change back but that's really the example of the highest level of tediousness that this game guess the rest of the game is not like that other times you may have to backtrack to get other puzzle pieces that you can now acquire because you learned a new move I don't mind backtracking in fact the Metroid Prime series are some of my favorite games and those games especially Metroid Prime 2 are backtracking to the extreme but they do have more action in them so at least there's something going on really my only motivation to keep going is to see the next line of dialogue that the characters are going to say as the game progresses because I don't find this game to be really that much of a challenge but the writing and dialogue is really good it's smart witty and clever it's on par with the genius writing that is in the portal series there's other things that you need to collect there's five multicolored creatures in each of the level that you can collect to get a puzzle piece I really don't want to say this but this game is just a collectathon although there is a but the end of that statement look even banjo-kazooie nuts and bolts made a joke at this the character known as the lord of gaming says that all they do is collect useless junk even other reviewers such as jontron who loves this series even called it a collectathon but that's not a bad thing the game is built around this aspect of collecting it's not about mindless collecting it's about the adventure the journey from point A to point B exploring the world and everything it has to offer meeting all these off-the-wall cartoony characters and helping them out with whatever problems they may have as I said earlier there's people who compare banjo kazooie to super mario 64 to the point of calling it a clone of mario 64 but they're wrong banjo kazooie took what mario 64 did and not only built upon it but improved it as well becoming what was probably one of the best platformer games ever made i'm really glad that banjo kazooie came out because without it we probably wouldn't have games like jack ratchet and clank and Sly Cooper so it should be no surprise when this game gets a gift from God score because it's pretty much perfect


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