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hey it's big lat welcome to another video subscribe if you're new though I'm gonna be doing the whole I'm sure you guys have heard of all the drama that's been going on with my mom everything and today I went on a shopping spree with my mom I think that she just felt really bad for everything that she did like I didn't really come out with this publicly but she kicked me out of the house recently and she just did a ton of stuff that was really mean and so she felt really bad and she wanted to make up for it so we went on a whole shopping I'm really excited and I actually did buy her bag with my own money so I'm excited to show that to you guys and um yeah let's just get started I have so many bags around me oh my god what do I start with shake separate Balenciaga oh my god okay so I so I don't even notice there you know in case you guys didn't know I am obsessed with the Balenciaga sock shoes and I can't find the ones that I want in my exact size anywhere like I literally go to every single store and I asked you have like the black sock shoes and this size like this length and they never have my size and it's so annoying but then I went to the pool at the August or today and they got a new shipment in and I'm so happy and so I got those and I actually got this like but I'll show you guys so um so these are the magical shoes like oh my god I'm so happy about it they came in this really sleek white box I just can't wait to show you guys everything that I got today I'm just so happy about it I'm literally sweating right now because I had to turn the air conditioning off I have like so many dust bags and yeah I don't really use the dust bags but I need to start taking care of my thing and then inside oh I just can't believe that I had these right now because I've been wanting them for so long but they don't have them in my size anywhere and there's sites that you can get them online like you can buy them from other people but I don't trust that because I want authentic real shoes I don't wear fake I know our fake designer stuff so these are the shoes I tried them on in the store and they fit perfectly I'm just so happy to have my size like I can't explain happy I am to have my size it's literally getting so hot in here I'm getting my water and I've upgraded I used to drink the plastic everyone but now I only drink glass Evian so the other thing that I got from Balenciaga was this sweatshirt and if you guys don't know I love t-shirt dresses I love wearing sweatshirts that's teacher justice it's wrapped in this like white usual like stuff that they wrap your clothes in when you got clothes so just this cashmere turtleneck sweater and it says Balenciaga and read on it and I have the red blow job and hoodie but I thought this was really cool because it's like a turtleneck and it's cotton yeah I love it and I can't wait for you guys to see me wearing this I'm not going to justa trama because if you guys want to see me wear it all the stuff you could just look on my Instagram because I'm gonna be posting in it and yeah so it's just like a sweater but I'm wearing it as a dress because I love doing that it's just easy and I kind of like hate styling outfits myself so if I don't have someone to thing out but all for me I can just be like choose your dress I have my receipt right here and I'm just gonna read the prices for you guys because when I'm launching halls I like to hear the prices so I can just like see like if I want to buy that or like I don't know though the sweatshirt was a thousand two hundred ninety and then I need the shoes were 750 and so that's all that I got from Balenciaga now we're gonna move on to Gucci and oh my god good Ichi this bag is actually huge and it's really heavy so we're just gonna dig in so I started off with two Gucci backpacks oh my god I love them so much I've been a need for a mini backpack so first I'm gonna start off with this one I walked out of the store with it so I didn't like it a box or anything so it's just a little like monogrammed backpack for it but this one has a bumblebees on it and they're like little bees and then I got the other version without the bees let me just unbox that this is little baggie it's basically the same one but without the bumblebees and I really like this one but then I also wanted the one of the bumblebees and so I was just like yep oh and yeah I was originally gonna get this one the big one and then the bumblebee one in the mini one but they actually ran out of these big ones and I didn't want to order it or anything so I just got them and I'll probably end up going back to get the big one but I really like these backpacks this is it they're like really cute and they're just as little staple but they're really cheap like this one's about like a thousand one hundred and that's really cheap for a designer backpack I don't know why you're so fees are next I go out of here shoes and I'm really exciting about these pair of shoes because I've been needing a new pair of slides I have been wearing my like furry black slides everywhere and I'm kind of getting tired of them so I wanted a new pair and the box so cute just a cute little egg landscape design like painted box whatever it is they're wrapped in plastic and I guess they're brand new we're gonna open it oh my god yes the second that I saw these I was like oh my god they're so mean because I love tiny things they're serve our ski crystals just like my other crystal Gucci shoes everybody so excited to wear them I love it so much that's all that I got from Gucci Gucci was a fun experience I always love going to the Gucci store I feel like it's just a really fun store on Rodeo Cheers oh my god I forgot I can't choose water because not Cheers in case you guys don't know lectures he's always like comments paper things like this this is my receipt so here's the prices for you guys and by the way disclaimer I'm not trying to like offend anyone because people get so offended by every move that I make but I'm just gonna read prices because I like Korean phrases and hauls but leave me alone please thank you so the backpack without knees was 1150 the backpack with the bees was 1290 and then the shoes were 1150 so the next day I went to is San Juan and I actually have two of bags from their very large bags I got so many things I literally think that I got like five purses I'm not even joking so first thing that I'm gonna show you guys are these pair of shoes that my mom when I both got we got matching pairs of shoes these are the two boxes of shoes each of the pair of heels comes in a bag like each Helaman its own bag and they're just use gold pair of heels they're very cute and I wanted to buy it and you do batons but I just thought these are cuter and I'm still probably gonna get the nude Louboutins but for now my like these thank you too I don't know what's in here we're gonna open it because I literally got so much stuff from this store I don't know what's in everything the gold pouch is little gold wallet on chain as you can see it just has a little tassel over here I thought that I should get a little purse to match the shoes because I thought it would be really cute and then inside there's just a chain if I want to I can detach the chain I could just wear it as a little clutch and then I have one more bag of what I sell stuff [Music] so I have three more bags that I got I have this purse that I've been wanting for like two weeks and I saw it at the store about two weeks ago and I was shopping out shopping with Christian and then I gave him Austin I was like it's really cute I don't know if I want it but then I bought it today and yeah I thought about it and I'm like part of the soap collection it's this little purse and it has a chain right here you can wear it with the double chain or like you can do the crossbody can make it really long or pure like if you want to you can just like stuff the chain inside and have like a chain like this tiny but it's so cute it's all but there's not too much space inside which I like I love the so black section so much I got two more things from the so black collection and in here I just got another bag this is just a crossbody bag and I love it because it's all black and I just love the bottom it's a really cool print and it's very cute next thing I got was this little card holder and it's also pretty so about collection I just thought I needed a new card holder because I don't have any that I really like right now and I got so many like little tiny bags today that I can't fit any of my big wallets in them so he did a little card holder and this one is so cute it's great quality it's amazing the last thing that I got from YSL was this little wallet and I'm actually really happy that I got this wallet we saw it a really long time ago like two years ago and I wanted it so bad but then I walked away I was like you know what I'm not getting it as well today because I don't know why I didn't get it and then I went back like a cult few weeks later and if they didn't have it because they were like oh my god it's a limited edition and for two years I've been searching for this wallet because I want it so bad and apparently it was like a limited edition and then I go to the store today and they had it I'm fairly sure it's basically just white with gold hardware and it specifically I feel like all the brands literally just got a new shipment because they had the roll it and then Balenciaga had the shoes like it's crazy here's my why to sell receipt I'm just gonna read this to you guys so all black handbag was 2190 and I actually thought that was a really good price oh my Chanel handbags are like five thousand and up and so I thought that was a really affordable link reasonable oh my god there's literally so many things I don't want to read it I literally can't tell what's what because you're not labeled but I'm sure you guys can like guesstimate what everything was till the last or that I went to was Shin Oliver's this is just a bag of like a ton of samples that the lady gave me if she wanted to give me said Holmes she probably felt bad that I spent way too much money at Chanel so she's like here take some samples for the Chanel makeup I got just a bunch of eyeshadows and I love Chanel makeup I originally got into it because my mom literally only wear Chanel makeup if you look in her makeup collection it's only she'll like no other products only Chanel and so I just started using her stuff and actually liked it so I like just got some Chanel so all the stuff here is just like whenever I have samples I never under piecing them and I did get some handouts as you know so this is the first baggie stuff they really take so much time to package their stuff about Chanel we had to come back because that's how long they took the packaging so this is just the packaging right here it's a Camilla flower it's like the signature is little Chanel flower and then there's a Chanel ribbon and we're just gonna open it up we're gonna stick the flower on my head predict they packaged so nicely so this is the first bag that I'm gonna show you guys from Chanel and it's just a boy bag it's a little mini all the way back I love this so much and I'm really excited to wear it crossbody I love it so much because it's with any on hardware and then it's lambskin right here and it just has a really gee edgy kind of mind to it and I love it so much and I want to like convince my mom beware this dog because I feel like it'll get really good younger vibe you know what I mean so next time you know I got a well on a chain and I love well chains a good they're just really cute and tiny and you could wear them as like little purse or you can just use them as a wallet and clutch it comes in a little felt this bag which is really cute I normally like don't get it felt those bags so this is a wallet on a chain and it just has a little Chevron right here or might be on the boy bag there's little pearls on the side which is so cute and I've never seen a Chanel wallet under chain like this before and it has silver hardware and I love silver hardware I usually only wear gold but I'm trying to switch over to silver a little more so I could be a little more crunchy and like trendy it's so tiny and then I don't even know if I can fit a card holder in here and so unfortunately this is the last thing that I'm gonna show you guys but it's another about a Chanel and it's actually a surprise for my mom as I said earlier in the video I like left Chanel to go to YSL because they were just like packaging all the purses and stuff and like getting them ready and when I went back to pick them up I actually bought a bag for my mom because I saw her looking at this bag in the store but then she was like you know what no like this is all about you today's all about you Nicola I only want to buy you stuff I don't really want to get anything for myself and so when I went back in the store to pick up my stuff I actually bought her this bag and I'm just like so excited to give it to her I'm not gonna surprise her in this video but I'm gonna do an Instagram story so follow my Instagram make it like write X all put the username right here and it'll be linked down below make sure to check out my Instagram story to see you and I surprise her with the bag so excited because I love buying things from my mom and I do buy this with my own money so comments about that I was in the little lake she no locks at the bow and everything I'm actually not going to show you guys because I want you guys to be like surprised when I surprise my mom too so it's just like a surprise altogether and you know so make sure to check out my Instagram story for that because I would show you guys in this video but I just feel like you should be surprised when it's right sir until that actually wraps up this haul I'm really excited you guys to see this video I hope you enjoyed it I had so much fun shopping today and it was actually a really cool bonding experience for my mom and I this morning we weren't even getting along but now we're getting along after we went shopping and I'm just so happy like I love my mom so much I really hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know if you want me to do more homes make sure to follow my Instagram I'll leave a link down below and yeah I'm gonna be surprising them all in there with the purse and all that make sure to add me on snapchat great Nicolette and with that I'll just see

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