Is it Possible to Beat Donkey Kong Country Without Touching a Single Coin? [Panoots]

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it seems like lately there's been a trend amongst videogame enthusiasts on YouTube to complete challenge runs of Super Mario games these challenges involve rules such as making it through an entire game while only crouching or trying to beat the game with the lowest score possible and most notably the coinless run after doing some searching I found little to no coinless runs of Donkey Kong Country and seeing as it's one of my favorite games of all time I've decided to take it upon myself to plan out and execute a perfect pointless run of the original Donkey Kong Country if I've learned one thing in my life it's that anything Mario can do Donkey Kong can do better let's get alright so you ready let's do this before we begin I'd like to go over some rules for this run as well as some potential challenges and roadblocks that I'll be facing along the way first and foremost I will not be collecting any coins that's it that's all the rules all the other things are allowed if I can make it to king K rool and defeat him without a single coin in my pocket I'll consider this run as success so with that all of the way let's get going the first level in this run is jungle hijinks which is one of the most famous levels in video game history in case you want to know this game story you can go to the left at the beginning though I will warn you it's definitely not for the faint of heart without a single word we know what this game is about we see an era of unbearable sadness consume our protagonists face as we look in horrid has banana horde which is empty yikes Donkey Kong's pride and joy his collection of bananas and his only source of food the only thing keeping him going has been stolen from him oh no it's personal now with this terrible fact in mind we'll definitely be trying to grab as many of those yum-yum bananas as possible heading to the right we'll find our first DK barrel which contains Donkey Kong's nephew dinky he is much faster and more agile than his uncle so we're going to be playing as him for the majority of the run luckily there's not a single coin in the first level so we're free to breeze through the rest of it easily hi Rambi thanks for the ride

don't get too comfortable though because ropey rampage is our first major hurdle in the run immediately our Kong's are assaulted by this ruthless armadillo who corners them he's an incredibly formidable foe and it took me way too long to figure out how to get by him how do you get how do you get by him he's gonna bite me eventually I did learn the little rascals tricks and was able to defeat him luckily there are not any coins in this level the reason it's difficult is mostly because the rain makes it very hard to see after visiting cranky who is very rude to Donkey Kong and doesn't seem interested in our run at all we make our way to the third stage reptile Rumble this level is pretty easy to do coinless mostly because it just so happens that there aren't any coins in the level at all the hardest part is definitely getting these bananas from the the bees they clearly do not want to share with our Kong's but dainty is quick enough to steal the bananas right from underneath their stingers this part in particular was always very hard for me because I am deathly afraid of bees and would not hesitate to wipe every single one of them from the planet Earth if given the chance anyway now we can move on to level 4 level 4 coral capers is our first underwater level thankfully being able to swim around freely makes water levels very easy to avoid coins in oops watch out for the piranhas here's a secret you may have missed if you look closely you can see an arrow pointing down made out of delicious yellow bananas let's collect them and see what's down there I hope it's not a coin well this is certainly a nice surprise it's our friend on guard the swordfish luckily on guard is allowed in this coinless run otherwise we may find ourselves in some hot water later on in the level we see another terrifying obstacle if you thought the baby piranhas were bad you better watch out for their dads the daddy piranhas mean business and won't hesitate to take a bite out of DK if he isn't careful ouch watch out Donkey despite how hard this level was we got lucky and there weren't any coins in it level 5 is Beryl Canyon Kent level 5 is barrel cannon Canyon I'm very scared of this level because I'm worried that one of the sneaky developers may have put a coin right at the exit of one of the barrel cannons if the developers put any coins in the paths of the barrels it's game over if you go to the left at the start there's a secret barrel that will shoot you over most of the stage which is really cool it's a good thing this isn't a no banana run hahaha rare decided to be kind and not put any coins in our path as long as you can get the timing down in this level it's a piece of banana cake now it is time for the first boss fight very naughty and holy naughty this fight there might not be coins in this battle but figuring out how to damage this guy takes ages the first thing I tried doing was jumping on it because it's how you defeat regular natis but all he did was laugh at me so I figured that wasn't doing damage after that I tried rolling but I couldn't tell if I was hurting him or not eventually probably from jumping around so much I think he had an asthma attack and faint that's world one completed completely coinless hooray level 7 is Winkies walkway this level might seem scary at first because it's really dark but in terms of our coinless run it's not scary at all because there's actually no coins in the whole level our tie-wearing monkey finds a frog here who I assume is Winky I decided to leave him before exiting the level though because this is his walkway and I don't want to remove him from it level 8 is called minecart carnage and with a name like that I was genuinely terrified to enter this level would this be the end of our run after all we've been through with donkey and did he finally have to collect a coin here no they won't this first jump is very very tricky and I missed it but as it turns out it was a good thing to miss it because there's a secret down here that lets you skip the whole level it's not a very good secret because I feel like most players will miss the tricky jump anyway and fall into it by accident like I did but still we managed to make it through this level coinless hooray level 9 is called bounty bonanza and oh this one's a doozy while there luckily aren't any coins in this level which is a welcome break it's got some very tricky platforming challenges and a lot of these leaping lizards to watch out for otherwise it's a pretty basic level with some neat puzzles I hope that you have fun with it the next level stop-and-go station and hold onto your pants' because it's the scariest level yet right at the start there are these horrible boys who run very quickly back and forth to try and grab our monkeys if you jump up and touch the go barrel it makes them stop which I don't quite understand I decided to try running away because this level was too scary and I ended up finding another secret you can skip almost all the way to the end of the level if you just go through the entrance door at the start one of the horrible boys did manage to smack DK but did he made it out alive and coinless to the next level is milestone mayhem this level pulls another dirty trick and puts an invincible enemy right in your path at the start I tried to avoid him but I had no luck thankfully I figured out that you can jump over him but it's very hard his brother follows close behind him so watch out for a brief moment I was sure a run was over because I saw what I thought was a giant coin blocking our path thankfully it was just a hamster and we were able to escape with our lives there weren't any coins in this level so it's a nice plain platforming challenge with no bells and whistles level 12 is a boss battle against Nicki's nuts Nicki's nuts is a very difficult boss because the big bird Nicki's nuts will spit his Nicki's nuts at you which are very hard to dodge the secret is that you have to jump on top of his head using this bouncy ball here if you smash Nicki's nuts head a bunch of times he dies and you can add on to world 3 that's two whole worlds down without a single coin [Applause] next up is level 13 and you know what they say about 13 bad luck vulture culture is our first level in world 3 and you'd think that it would be the toughest one yet but it's actually surprisingly simple there aren't even any coins which certainly doesn't seem unlucky for us and our run just jump on all of the baby Nikki's nuts --is and you shouldn't have any problem beating this level coinless tree top town is level 14 and we've got another potentially run ending level there are a lot of barrels here and as we've learned by this point barrels are the scariest part of a coinless Donkey Kong Country run except for the bees which are always scarier any one of these barrels could end our challenge and send us home and because you can't see very far ahead of you in Donkey Kong Country the suspense of waiting to see what's beyond the next barrel almost killed me every time all it would take was one shiny yet deadly coin placement and we'll all be over perhaps just to troll me specifically they didn't even put a single coin in the level so all my worrying was for nothing level 15 is called forest frenzy and it's all about ropes even though there was already a rope level in world one called ropey rampage there's a trick early on where the developers put a sparkly little letter down in this pit the leaving lizards keep trying to grab it but uh oh they can't reach well I do think it's lame to put a collectible out of reach like this it was nice of rare to use the enemies to hint at the fact that it's impossible to collect the rest of the level is straightforward and because there luckily aren't any coins in the whole level you won't have any issues in that regard there is this one thing though where the terrible awful horrible scary bees can apparently kill you from below because for some reason they have spikes on their back I don't know if I ever saw a bee but they don't have spikes on their back like that Danny pull up a picture of a bee take it down no take it down take it take it down temple tempest is level 16 in this level marks the return of our friend a hamster but this time he's not so friendly this time the hamster shows no hesitation and tries to run our Kong's down with his wheel you're pretty much constantly fleeing in this level and I was so scared of the hamsters steamrolling me that I didn't even watch out for coins I didn't see any and I also thankfully didn't collect any so somehow we managed to make it through this stage coin list as well hooray orangoutang gang is level 17 and it is the hardest level in the game there are little chompers in this level which can be tough to avoid but if you make it through them you can find expresso the ostrich who will let you hitch a ride thanks expresso thankfully expresso doesn't charge for his services because we're running a little light on coins at the moment haha because of expressive stylish sneakers the chompers can't even hurt us when riding him unfortunately expresso is a little too fast for me and was way too hard to control so I regretted Lea had to move on without him the first real problem comes from these barrel monkeys dodging their barrels is hard enough without having to worry about coins so the extra element of fear added by this run makes it agonizing to avoid them the second major problem is this guy right here oh this is our first of many jump scares in the game unfortunately we've already made it this far and I'm determined to finish this run so we press onwards and manage to finish the level despite how hard it was there actually were no coins in the entire thing which made it a little less painful but not by much level 18 is our second water level and it is called clam City despite the name there are actually more piranhas here than there are clams and there isn't even a city so great job with the name here guys I had a lot of problems avoiding some enemies here but it was all worth it in the end in the second half of the level if you've got a keen eye in a bit of luck you'll spot this rare frog token it's guarded by one of the clams and if you manage to avoid him you can grab yourself one of these rare items and before you say anything I did check with the dkc speedrunning community and frog tokens do not count as coins there aren't any normal coins in the level to avoid so this level was easy level 19 is another boss being bumble bug Rumble I've never gotten this far before but we can't stop now our quest to complete dkc coinless could no no no no fortunately despite our best efforts it appears that the original Donkey Kong Country is not beatable coinless donkey and did he braved every single challenge that came their way they made it through the perilous rope swinging storm they navigated vast underwater caverns and they jumped over the evil monkey barrels in orangutan gang they marched forward no matter how hard things got and they refused to collect a single coin along the way but painfully we were not able to see the rest of the coinless run it's simply impossible to get past world 3 there was a coin during the world 3 boss that was unavoidable and what really sucks is that I lost the footage of it it's impossible to beat Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo coinless I'm

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