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[Music] welcome back to keep up reaction season one finale so this is the first part of the finale for people that are watching the finale is gonna be a three part series three part episode with three reactions every episode zubi nine total so stay tuned for that extra students really excited so let's dive right into it this first video you guys are going to watch is by a group called winner this is the dance practice to their song love me love me I love dance practices let's let's get it movin I'm ready yes winner though there's something you guys hurry back right dude to them as the past is really really so it's bad yeah so this is like a more summer song oh I love summer songs it's very cute I see myself in Alice they're just getting down to the Sun I would love you I'm doing elbow love in the ripped jeans I would wear those what the bucket head I'm gonna agree he calls me over I'm gonna go over I like the hats they're working on the bucket hats the baseball hats all of them [Music] I'm less happy with this girl mm-hmm okay let's go there hold on I'm having fun with them oh those are some little bling on the ears yeah these are earrings but I'm not sure oh that's cute this is saucy I like it I could see what's up in the car you know like around 8 p.m. you know when the sunset is like alive and the windows are down in the car and the breeze it's just you and this music is blaring out the window I see what some of the beach like in the parking lot at the beach with the windows down at sunset when all the dance moves just flowed together and like it works look oh oh oh he just play with her hair play with my hair to shoot it's given me some different vibes in normal kpop yeah it's given me different vibes and I'm down to these vibes I'm also down with regular kpop vibes but I'm liking these vibes as well it's very like easygoing yeah [Music] that's how you know I love you

[Music] I'm gonna pull out these moves one day in public I don't care exactly and the dances you like so hard that like people can't learn like I would do this yeah come on can I do this I would do that I just saw the Pharrell right now I don't know yes room I love the earrings I'm living for them I love the house a cat I assure you what's up with these hands it's not to go with the summer theme like we I just assumed that really quick no it's the killer the pink hat what did his shoes this is just a song that seems so fun I wanna have fun now if you were insects and singing yes it makes me blue socks with whites and all bad it's a look he is rocking you get those shoes those they're like actually I need to cut me some we need Gordon's really we do you have those okay I need those we need them if anyone knows where you got them hit us up please fully down below this guy in the like suit ish mm-hmm jacket I love him and the Pharrell looking guy those are my two favorites oh that's cute that's fine I know that what do you think of that dance practice okay if they were so good in their dance practice I can only imagine what it would be like seeing it live mm-hmm I love this group it was fun it was super cute I loved it I loved it it was just like very like easygoing but still like very like a rich I like the vibe that was given off I was given off like very chill like groovy but like yeah it was great with Ruby and I love theory yes what was your favorite choreography move that I did I like the yeah they were just grooving like it was just effortless it was like trying too hard yeah they were just having fun yeah I would just like to groove with them ooh either the we have that one I like that word or the can I see the ending pose when they did like oh yeah that was really cute and then what would you read this song out of ten nine point seven five nine point five so that's next time we're gonna watch in this part of the season finale is EXO song Coco Bob this is gonna be the live stage for this song [Music] this is giving me some like Bob Marley vibes I like that they're making the most out of the formation saucy but it's saucy I love the Hawaiian shirt it's not like a little bit of spice going on you know I love these body rows

that was so clean see the damn you know you know I mean that's what I was trying to say you're incorporating like modern dance moves Judy's dance moves I love these chants in the back - it goes with the song it doesn't like ruin it and like enhances it why can't our concerts have that chance we just like boom there on beat singing this is nine like the part where they go hard yeah this Beach rap is like has like like everything my gosh I thought they're gonna like start torquing your something I got real excited this like everything else is like very like calm like I just saw some like bellybutton oh it's so clean anyways no this song is like barely comb and like time sexy and I'm like but still very chilly tropical and then it gets like the beat drop yeah and it's like it's groovy yeah the beat drop comes you're like not groovy it's like it's like cool it's like completely opposite irresolute song oh I love this horn

I like how his eyeshadow was like yellow and orange to mimic the Sun and look at those nights - whoever does the set production is really good at these visual laws that you dislike see that we all saw that I think he just like hey what's this look and we were like I feel this stuff looking he's just oh sure it says Bob I'm loving it Sue's I should I love it could you teach me how to do my makeup oh you think I just got put that out Jung Dave thanks

compared his thighs to everyone else's I like the tropical I'm sure to still hearing - he was into shirts but I love it oh damn I'm fit the end get out - I saw I saw Zhang de an Chanyeol dad Debbie I love it ton of the men would highly recommend to thumbs as an online game pose so as you guys think of that last scene there's a very laid back we're not laid back but um I feel like the lights and the shirts made it feel laid back but they're damn yeah it wasn't with the beat they had to beat to it which we all need it oh love it what was your favorite dance for that they did those body rolls were good and having what was your favorite dance crew that they did the dab the day of at the end and the beginning when they're like yeah the beginning lot of information evening I thought they really made the most of the formations then it's like wait yeah it was yeah I really want the look the whole book of thought oh yeah that route yeah very early because they're the greens and the blue lights at the beginning they all like Hawaiian shirts uh yeah and they all looked very groovy one kid was channeling his Bob Marley with the Bob yes I got that one I got what it was and what would you read this too far inside of 10 10 for that it was like a solid it was like really solid then they add in the dads I just got even better like the tropical grooves love the dams I'm saying perfect and then what would you rate this slide performance and song I'm ten nine four five so this next trip you guys weren't reacting to for this first part is going to be Girls Generation this is one of their newest music videos it's on holiday this is actually a song it's like celebrating their 10-year anniversary as a group ten years yeah they debuted in 2007 - can you Oh Oh like Hollywood channeling channeling LA vibes yeah oh oh this is so la but it's so big Julia I like their outfits they're like a little bit creepy oh they're super sassy oh she's glitter ring scintillating oh she's so cute oh I like her hair mm-hmm where can i buy that yellow dress this is very like where can i buy it like on the lows comment down blue I love okay it's like a little bit retro I like that it's retro Hollywood vibes yeah are they going through the decades or something oh she's working that outfit that's a cute little is so fun this is a bob this is straight-up Bob

get it girl I'm into it [Music] I like this you know socks with sandals okay I like her top I'm liking the hair look at her hairdo that's a tall hmm she has a great voice beautiful mm-hmm I dislike nothing about this so far these strut walks are really giving me life for you who not gonna lie I love her hair I love her skirt I like that move oh I love the fact they're all wearing skirts your asses

this is just awareness but they do look like they're equally represented yeah

like there's not one person in the front no because it's yeah so you have no choice but to like show the space buns pink space buns I'm into it Ariel hair their hair is beautiful yeah and the glitter and the sparkles and the vintage oh my gosh Oh big it looks kind of like a cheerleader like like tropical cheer yeah like you're leaving for like Hawaii yeah they're like the same different yeah my heart I love this

oh that's an ad work now right there just that one oh girl I'm so cute okay I'll take it I dislike nothing about this it was perfect we had ten years that's amazing though so what did you guys think of that music idea I just liked nothing it was wonderful in every way super fun and like we said like it didn't focus on one member over the other ones it was all kind of an even representation so actually in this music video they made a lot of like hints and like references to a lot of their past songs because you know what is like their 10 year anniversary so like they tried to like reference a lot of different like eras that they've been through what was your favorite part of the music video everything I loved it I liked how it was like so retro well I like in a diner part I have to say I'm living for like the little like Hawaiian cheerleader like skirt top you were a queue for their dresses I don't really know what they were but I loved it like and then the end when they're doing the floor work Oh get it girls like they're like the legs in the air they knew what they were doing like they were not messing around j-rok bad like in although outfits I'm 100% that can we I'm gonna do that though please if you know in those outfits are link them in the downbar yes oh yeah well would you rate this song out of 10 I love it are you concurring with my onion I'd give it a salad 9 me too [Music]


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