Rocket stove (heater) on steroids part 2

by: emc4u2

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all right we're going to light it up now put some wood in there some chips I put some blogs in there normally to light a barbecue there's my ashtray to exceed it all off let's fire it up

right closing the tray looking inside you can see smoke coming out I'm closing it there will be a pull hey what do we see no smoke right from the start no smoke hmm seems to work pretty fine

all right as he driver heats up little Herod Rumble maybe you can already hear it

we've got heat but no smoke none whatsoever

at some point I will place an old fire extinguisher over the top of this we heat riser or the flames already come out well that was fast

yep seems to work fine whoa I've got a really minut amount of wood in their mind it's burning like crazy this works really good so in here I put the wood in here I get sucked in goes down to the wood burns goes up on the backside extra air intake to get at afterburner and it's after burning alright within a few seconds and this works pretty cool hey you got an ash tray on here with a system to catch ash in here it's open with bars so the fire burns here ashes falls down air comes through here but can also come under here and that's why it burns like crazy uses very little would get off of tremendous heat all right thanks for watching hope you enjoyed well wait a minute I'm going to show you the other side with the air intake see the fire air intake and there's a hole there in the pipe holy that's how hot already works like a charm

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