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by: Cedric Johnson

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what's up Johnson family my name is Cedric hope you were all having a great day if you're not having a great day and stick around I got you we're gonna have some fun the Little Mix has finally finally released lm5 all the songs I'm just to say that I'm excited would be an understatement so I don't want to waste any time I just want to go through and see what the girls are giving since there are so many songs though I'm going to skip the ones that I've already heard I've heard woman like me I've heard John of Arc and I've heard only you if you want to see my reviews of those I'll put the links are in the description below but besides that let's go ahead and just dive in and if you would like to see more of my face in the videos over please do not hesitate to subscribe I would genuinely appreciate it and besides that I'm ready if you guys ready let's get into some little bit oh I I don't know why like I almost forgot that these girls like sir harmonies like something fierce [Music]

let Cortez girls Oh No I wish that song would have been a little longer I really wish it would have been a little longer it was a cute little intro but I I mean give us at least a minute girls like whatever it was cute though it was really really cute I love the Korres love the harmonies really really nice the girls they sound elevated like I just I want to hear more like I just want to hear more let's just let's just keep going next up is think about us a little piano sabar [Music] do you think about

what wait why was that almost expecting a ballad like I knew it would be like a like a bouncy ballet but that makes sense but you guys were getting the top we're getting the pop that I'm convincing these girls I feel like they've been gone for so long this is the nice change I'm used to hearing Jessie like in the first like like she usually starts off the songs or like not every time like a lot of times she starts off the song so it's cool to hear Perry first then Jade then Jesse is Lee ending in a chorus Liat never gets her own horses what soon [Music] I love that oh I'm really here for that car is it's so like I'm glad that it's not just like a vocal break like it's not just like a part of the song where there's just no vocals like that's that's cool when it's necessary but I I'm glad they didn't do that here I'm glad that we still got Perry's like gorgeous voice over that Oh what I loved about that everything is they could have stopped it when Perry said do you think about it as that first time but they didn't they give you another of that that bridge part I love like a surprise you know I love the harmonies in this song I love that they gave Perry that that big chorus II part I will say I wanna hear Lee Anne on some more like main parts I feel like Liam has always given like a part in the verse or like a pre-chorus she's never given like the main you know like at least it's not that often so I want to get her on some more choruses but think about us is definitely like one of my tops for sure it's so good so good all right next up the girls are stripping what isn't this um I'm skeptical let's keep going [Music] Oh bollocks would you come from my god [Music]

this is the gay stuff I need this is such a drag that's such a drag beat that that's such a drag oh we like the talking Paris this song is gonna be so big in the club like a big gay clubs like oh my god [Music]

[Music] like like little Kim and Missy Elliott a little bit like combine oh sure I'll [Music]

they're really kind of really gay clouds like think about us and strenght and women like me and national anthem yeah but so far is this my favorite a little bit time whatever all right next up is monster [Music]

okay so I liked everything up until the the monster in me part let me hear it again before I say that I just don't like it and just see if I just sit like a grower instead of like a shower you know [Music]


oh that was though that super harmony was so nice was that both Perry that's not about Perry it sounds like that was really nice I'm so good for like the the harmonic moments in this so far like this album so far in there give me what I need harmony I feel like this is something that's like it's it's it should be a given like duh there's four of them of course there's gonna four-part harmony but they don't really do that often like most of the time they'll sing in three-part harmony and then have one person like just do both like just layer like the middle like the main vocal and they just have like the top at the bottom but very hard maybe I wouldn't do that live I'm gonna see if their years have grown to that point but so good so far what I will say is that song it wasn't my favorite it wasn't like I'm not gonna lie it's mainly just because that second chorus part the monster me part I'm after hearing it again I still wasn't know I didn't like it any more than I did the first time so so far it's my least favorite but it wasn't a bad solid gist was my favorite [Music] all right next up is love a girl right [Music] mm early to thought this is like it would be on like a pink like Pink's first album let me keep going I'm getting too excited if they're sampling the thong song [Music]

[Music] that baby our baby


oh very voices what you guys like is that the favorite song like there's so that song was so good that sample was so you guys I will say that I wish that sample would have shown its face and salute I feel like that album had more of a more of this sound like that song would have went well with boy you know but this era is literally scuffing me bald their vocals in that song I just like I said I wish I was hoping that LeAnn would get a song where she's more like prominently featured and she carried those verses like nobody's business that song is my favorite so far all right next up is American boy [Music] all these like rapping moments like if it's still singing cuz like speaking with Tom which is like what singing is uh but I just love these like staff singing half rapping moments like they fit they suit them so well especially in like oh that is a Beach song that is when I hear that song that gives me all of my head with harmony it just sounds very like Island II and like I could you know like you could sway like just a very like like toes in the sand type of Bob like oh well is every song something so far and I love the link all the songs are like before four minutes after two minutes or after three minutes very good length now it keeps everything at a good pace so we're not getting too bored too quickly all right next up this told you so [Music]



like because that's such a relatable like real situation that like your friends are like telling you all these things you don't want to believe them but like you don't want to say I told you so but you told them so it was crazy like they'd gotten to the point as a group where they are starting to sound so like their blend is getting so great that it's hard it's getting harder for me to tell who's this who like that little section then were they were kind of going in and out and it was really generally hard for me to tell who was singing and that's that's unheard like they're they're growing you guys [Music] I got a wider make up that song was so touching like it was so touching it was a perfect song to have just like like mainly acoustic would like it somewhat they have like I know those drums are called but like the ones you sit on but I just love that that girl's nights you know kettle on get some wine like oh I just love the lyrics of that song and I loved that it was kept acoustic because I feel like it was just necessary so yeah good choice like that one it was cute alright next up is wasabi we change in line and jump any crazy show you see she doesn't really like she's trying to eat more like here it's like live a little more attitude like this is the second song where I've been like hey are you oh my heart wasn't there really coming for the gay clubs like [Music] oh that sounds like such a like like almost like a Brittany thing to do [Music] please we're mixing genres like it's just the thing to do and of me that is such a like it's just such a like you know what I mean you guys I really cannot get over this song it's so good well sabi is where it's Alice avi and stret are the two gay anthems like favourite album so far away I like oh my gosh next up is more than word [Music]

see you [Music]

oh that is that is that is royal like that is like like divine like this August play even like the king and queen are like walking down and everyone's like so that song is it's so strong

I mean wait can I have that um cuz I don't think I even really heard the end of that [Music] yeah I was do we have heard the end of that and then like the the chorus that coming a little later because I wanted to hear how Perry ended that I think see that's Camille her bra was so quick I loved I loved loved loved the chorus it was so powerful it was so like I think I said regal but the verses I was here for it in some parts and not for others so we just like so yeah I'm gonna call that song I'm gonna say it's a good song like I said the verses were my favorite but the chorus hit it out of the park so there's levels is balanced you know alright and next up is motivate [Music] Oh [Music] what I love me I love how back like the as I look in our PES year I love how that's like it it almost makes the the beat double time feel to it am I wrong

oh okay I feel like I'm like a broken record but I love that one initially I wasn't sure what I was gonna like it because the the chorus is different like the pace of the song is definitely different than most of the pop that I've heard but it was so good it was so catchy once she liked you heard the chorus like two or three times and you really got in the flow of that it's so good and it like it is perfect for like us pop radio like that's a very I could see that song sitting well in the top 40 all right next up is notice yeah [Music]


[Laughter] [Music] this will be the song when I get my lighter out in the audience like a polygamy concert oh I really loved their like their direction is the right word like how everything they're saying and this song seems to have a point like they're not just singing they're like everything they're singing has like a motive and like last song is called motivate you ask you everything this thing has a motive it has a purpose like they sing with purpose I really really like that [Music]

[Music] are we gonna fade out that song had purpose everything they did everything they sang every instrument that was used had like purpose like it just sound they just sounded really in the pocket and just how everything was just don't it wasn't a bad song in the slightest like it wasn't less than average but it wasn't my favorite it was like explosive um but I really really liked that song this how I miss sound it's all good oh yeah next up is the cure but notices notices where it's at I I don't think I'm gonna skip a song so far like I really have not found a song yet that I've been like I'll skip like


[Music] I love that let's change in harmony there that's subtle but it's moving over the little I love there hardly on this album are killing me like I don't know how I feel about the the part after the main chorus this part I don't know how I feel about that I could honestly kind of do without that yeah I can kind of do it up that part but the song was good it wasn't a favorite um I think this song to me was just good like it wasn't it was it was I don't know I don't know I just I just didn't it didn't hit me like I wanted to you know like I don't know it was just good it wasn't it wasn't crazy it was just good alright next up is forget you not right forget you [Music]

[Music] [Applause]


[Music] that was a cool ending with a violins nice that was good okay I think what did I say the cure I wasn't the biggest fan of and there was that one part of monster I mean so far aren't those the only two that I really have not that they like monster me only had that one part and then the Cure overall I wasn't a big fan of but Wow ha I'm just I'm so happy that I really like they gave me everything that I needed we have one more song but I'm just so kind of my girls like so last but not least this is a woman's world

[Music] nothing mean no

come on come on [Music] Perry I know Perry came below like I know that she can sing her ass off but I do wish that other girls got that honor you know like I know every girl has like their strengths and what they bring but I feel like other girls can belt and like mix healthily other than Perry like I don't know I just want to hear some other people give some like big powerful vocals but Perry like her voice it hurts like you [Music]

oh here you guys like I their blend and like their their ability to suggest to just sing as one has really really grown and cemented itself over the past like six seven years and it shows like this album they like I said before there are some parts where I don't even know who was singing because they all are starting to sound like the same place and that's that's all you can ask for in a group like I really honestly did not think that I would be getting on here today and calling this new album my favorite lumix album ever but that's exactly what's happening like this album was so well put together like I needed this album like this this album could not have come at a better time I mean more pop music I mean more like upbeat dancing I need more gay at lips they gave me to like oh what's toffee and I can't said it's a it's a tie between Joan of Arc and who love a girl right so wasabi Jenna barking lover go right those are my top three songs in this whole album but pretty much every single song was incredible like this album their best work so far girls do you thought done yourself I'm so proud of you like thank you are you awesome well thank you guys so much for hanging out and for listening to me today I genuinely appreciate it and I'll most

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