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what's going on guys chatty with green life shooting and welcome to this new review video so today were doing just a little mini review on the the Ridge wallet now a little while ago I released a video about my EDC my everyday carry I said I was I was carrying like an Ames day wallet but I wanted some recommendations for a new minimalist wallet because I didn't love it you guys left a lot of great info down in the comments below and Ridge wallet actually reached out to me and said I think we've got the answer for you so they sent me this thing I've been using it for the last couple weeks I'm going to give you my run down on the thing but first I want to show you what it is how it works all that good stuff so check this out this is the box that comes in I really like their marketing their presentation you know very top-notch now I should mention this is this is a premium quality wallet here you know this specific one was like one hundred and twenty dollars they do have them for anything as low as like forty forty five dollars but you know this is the premium quality stuff so I want to make sure that the presentation is on par with that so a nice box pop this thing open and you've got just a little card here with their logo their information and all of some instructions you know how to use this thing now in the box we've got the wallet itself and we've got two halves of a screwdriver so if I pull this thing out that is the wallet itself and we've got one half of a screwdriver and the other half of a screwdriver so I put these things together boom and that goes along there are seven screws as you can see around each side of this wallet this allows you to adjust tension change the elastic band for a money clip bunch of other stuff I just wanted to show that that was there but we're setting off to the side for right now this is the orig wallet so check this bad boy out very minimalist very sleek I like the look of it a lot this is the carbon fiber style as I mentioned it's one of their more expensive ones so anyways it also comes with the option for a elastic band or a money clip for your cash this thing will hold cash for cards so the wallet itself is made of like four different slabs right here so on the outside I've got my carbon fiber and on the inside is two pieces of aluminum now inside of those you can see the wallets what's apart now that's where the cards are going to go and then on the outside there's elastic here elastic here elastic here so it allows the wallet to like the two slabs in the two slabs to sort of move independently of each other I really like that it adds a lot of mobility that's wallet that some other more rigid versions don't have so how does this thing actually work so pretty simple we've got cashier cards in there so if I take a little bit of cash here on the inside of this elastic band by the way I don't know if you can see or not but there are some like little rubber dots and those just help to add a little extra traction keep your cash in place I like that a lot and it doesn't hinder from taking the cash out so they're a good design there now on the inside this thing is supposed to hold I remember how many cards they said ideally it's like five to seven cards is ideal but it'll hold up to like 12 to 15 especially if you want to loosen some of them tension screws a little bit but yeah so I'm rocking seven cards and this is genuinely what I use every day so this is exactly perfect I'm going to open up this little center portion take my cards here and just push them straight in so there is the wallet fully loaded seven cards with some cash not thick at all there's like I don't know my thumb I guess for reference on how thick it is it's really really thin it's very very pleasant the weight feels good like it it feels solid but it doesn't feel like you know it's not dragging your pocket down you're dragging your shorts down anything like that so now that we've got the cards in there how are you supposed to get these things out so check it out on the bottom here you've got this little half circle cut out now the ideal way to use this this took me a little bit to get used to I'm not going to lie it took me a couple days to get used to it but once you used to it it's great so I'm gonna put my fingers on the back here a thumb on the on the front and then I'm just going to push with my forefinger on that half now you see the cards pop up just like that that's great it allows you quick access to the cards on the outside however if you want to get to the cards on the inside it's not so great but they did think of that so check this out so now I've got it kind just poking out if I just straighten the cards out a little bit so they're you know maybe a third of the way out of the wallet on the bottom because of all these elastic sides I can actually pinch that bottom and check that out you can see that I'm not doing see that on there but check that out I've got a completely stand out so I can just reach in there grab whatever card I want and I'm good to go it's very very fast and sleek close it back up and you're in there you're not trying to sort through a bunch of cards you're not taking up a ton of time trying to get it obviously you know you leave your two most used cards on the outside just quick access boom boom but if you want to get a card from the inside you just pull that out and span it out so really slick design honestly now how does it work in terms of actually using it the first few days I had this thing I didn't like it I'm going to be honest but once I got used to this whole technique I love it now I'll tell you why I didn't like it there were two reasons number one is when I was trying to use this half circle I was tried to use my thumb which caused me to put my fingers over the edge of the cards and obviously you can't push the cards up when your fingers are in the way so it just took me a little bit to get this they call it a circle grip I don't know you know thumb on bottom or fingers on bottom thumb here push with your fingers push with your forefinger yeah it works I mean but it does there's a learning curve to it certainly once you've got it there the other thing that is kind of a pain it's not a huge pain but it does require two hands so if you want to get a card from the middle you do need that other hand to sort of help you right there not a deal-breaker but it would be cool if there was a one-handed you know way to function this minor downfall the other reason I didn't like it starting out is this is meant as a front pocket wallet I don't carry my wall in the front I carry it in the back so my back right pocket so sitting on this thing became a pain and it became a pain because I actually had the money clip installed that was there you know it's just a metal money clip so we just dig into my leg and my side so once I switched it out for the elastic band it was just a complete GameChanger so I really like it back clock is totally fine with the dick ban but you're going to be rocking it in the front pockets your jeans and your shirt and your you know sport coat whatever it is a money clip is just fine I just wouldn't recommend the money clip if you're going to be sitting on it's on your back pockets at all here is the money clip as you can hear it's a little metal money clip that just sits so what's the on the other side but it's just like that and you can have some cash sitting inside of that like I said it works very well it just hurt my butt to sit on it all day so I took this thing off it also comes with like a replacement elastic when you take this big elastic off you need this elastic inside to support the whole you know back and forth thing with the wallet it's not a hard install at all maybe I'll do a video on it another time but it's just basically unscrewing all these seven screws replacing this elastic where this elastic is on the inside and then just kind of sliding this money clip it's got a clip on the back there it just slides up over the top and then you just screw it down so super simple install you can do it in literally a couple minutes RFID blocking I don't know if I mentioned that so you know know anyone's stealing your identity all that stuff this is the answer man so this is the wall I'm going to be rocking from here on forward I tried to work with them to get a discount code for you guys I don't know we never like solidified one so check down in the video description below I'm going to ask these guys if you know we ever finalized one if so you'll find that coupon code and all the information in the description below make sure to check that out yeah thanks for watching I really like the ridge wallet

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