How To Start A Business With No Money

by: Keder Cormier

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what's going on my name is Catoe had done today on a beautiful beautiful date my friend so in this video today guys I want to talk to you about how to start a business with no money I get this question a lot so I said hey hey let's make a video today let's talk about how you can start a business if your den Broeck you have absolutely no money what you can do I'm gonna teach you in four ways what types of business that you can start even if you have no money out of fact this business that I'm gonna teach you these models they start I start doing them stuff that I'm actually leaving in my own household so it's stuff that I've done and I'm currently going so I do know that it's work right it works because I've been doing it so let's get into it so count that for watching this video wow I hope that you do get massive values okay so I'm also revealing the winner to the hundred dollar giveaway in this video that I chose in this video you actually can watch this video to see who won and I chose the contest winner from this video over here but let's go to my message it was actually mr. Mike a corner you won $100 I did that in the last video so we're gonna go ahead and send him a hundred dollars now if you want to be part of my contest what you gotta do at the end of this video make sure to like it make sure to comment make sure to share this video for a chance to win in my contest so I'm gonna go ahead and send them money send $100 to mr. Koerner yeah so I'm gonna do that 100 bucks for for chance for you to win so be sure to leave a comment be sure to subscribe to the channel leave me your feedback for chance for you to win in my contest say money now gone [Music]

[Music] number one I don't know if you've heard this website color Etsy I didn't know much about Etsy I just knew it was a website where people who sell stuff that they they've done or things that they do is kind of similar to eBay except that you know it's item stuff that you create yourself right my wife she's she's very good at creating stuff she's a very creative person so she started doing this little parties for my daughters over my daughter turned one she did the party the decorations and everything cuz she liked that stuff right and it won't people started asking her hey why don't she do this for my wedding I need help decorating for my party and stuff like that I really love what you did I really love your work so I want you to pay attention to what you already know what type of skill set are you creative person these people compliment you all the time for things that you do okay now this way of making money with absolutely no money to start a business with absolutely no money is gonna require for you to be creative or you have some type of skill set okay because you have you need something to bring to the table a business is in exchange right you need to bring something takes change another for you to get money so therefore I can't just tell you a just don't know nothing just look at the sky and you're gonna have a business a successful business it doesn't work that way okay so number one is the cell on Etsy now you need a skill set I'll show you some of the stuff that my wife she have a full store and she sell you know stuff like this I don't you know this cartoon was Aladeen stuff and she sell different things and you have a whole different bag here I could show you guys what these but she has yeah maybe I'll put a picture of some of the banks to see cells and she sells a bunch of them like $50 each orders and she makes them she calculate the cost of production and how much she's making in in profits so if you have a skill set you can if you know how to create certain things you know you can go on there and you start selling those things that you know how to do the skill set that you have that's one way you can start out with no money you don't need to have any money you just go right sister for an account it's free so when you get paid Etsy will only take part of the money as a fee that said then you create whatever you gotta create you ship it out so stop thinking jet down write down what are the skill set what do you know how to do and that way you can stop making money based on your creativity and your skill set alright so number two drop shipping which is one of my most favorite way to make money start a business with no money you can saw the drop shipping business matter of fact you can use a website named Shopify which I make a lot of videos if you don't know anything about Shopify I'll put a playlist right up here and you can actually go to my Shopify videos and I make a lot of videos about them and walk you through the process on how to do that but you can do drop shipping write drop shipping you get an account with Shopify less than 30 days they give you a free trial so you can go to the process and the free trial and put the stuff together and go to different website you can mark up the orders when you sell them a little bit higher so that you can make a profit and then you buy wherever the person wherever actually you're gonna drop shipping from whether it's gonna be you from overseas the Aliexpress in different places some other item that I personally sell on there look at this this is a selfie stick you know this is a camera stand so you can sell different types of items but the cool thing is that you don't have to have those items in your hands or in your house like I'm showing you that I have those in my hands right now you can do drop shipping we can just all you need is the picture of the item which is free on the internet you don't even need to hold them in your hands like I'm holding it right now you just need the pictures of those haider right which you can get online for free if you go online right now you write in google selfie stick I promise you you'll find a bunch of pictures of those selfie sticks so what you need to do is to go find those products where there's gonna be on Aliexpress where there's gonna be on eBay wherever you're gonna find them stick into your Shopify site and then start driving traffic now driving traffic is the way it can get tricky if you want to get started you can get started for free with traffic by doing your Facebook page or your Facebook friends if you have a friend a lot of friends but it's also is gonna be limited if you don't have a big fellow now if you already built a following which is very crucial nowadays you know traffic is everything eyeballs everything if you already built one you already head of the game but if you nap if you haven't built one you might have to market these things to your friends first and once you start making money start investing into Facebook ads so that you can start taking that game to a whole next level with trash in them all right so number three way the third way that you can actually build a business with that money a social media manager become a social media manager I don't know if you've seen ads from ty Lopez and other people online showing you how you can be a social media manager and manage other people's social media matter of fact I pay people to manage my social media I have a Facebook fan page where I Drive a lot of traffic I don't have time to take care of everybody on sending me message and they sending them by the minutes because of the way I structured things so I have thousands of message every day literally right it sounds like crazy to someone that says that they have thousands of message every day well I'm one of those people in my inbox I have thousands of messages that comes in every day so I need a social media manager now if you're watching this video you don't put out an application of it or don't already have someone doing that but I'm just telling you you could do that right you could go to a website and set yourself as a social media manager and then stop looking for people that need social media management or you can even pitch that so if you know how to manage and it doesn't even take that much so the person that manage my social media all they do on my page really if you go to my Facebook fan page which the lake is in the is in the description of this video all they do is post a daily coach for me because I love to inspire people as you can see my video my daily inspirational stuff inspire people and in the answer messes so peoplethat's messes me on my page which is a lot of people every day because I have campaign that's running paid traffic that structured that way so therefore I don't have time because I'm running my business so I don't have time to answer all those people I need a social media manager so you can do that as as one way to start a business with no money you just have to pitch other people hey you know what you can manage the social media and for the most part they're gonna tell you what they need it's not something that you're gonna have to know how to do it's not like you have to be an advertiser or you have to spend money you know it's something that you just manage the social media okay the number four way that you can start a business with no money no money okay it's to become a coach right let's say right now you already have ability in certain things like let's say you already know how to do Facebook ads but you have no money you don't have you have no money to invest right you already know how to do it you know the backend of the platform you know the front end of the platform you understand how to build a funnel you have all those skill set but you don't have any money to put inside of your business or maybe you win you know you spend all your money on craziness and now you don't have any money to invest now you can become a coach and teach other people how to do what you know how did you add a new Facebook Ads how did the YouTube ads how to do Shopify how to do all of these things you coach them to the process you charge them a fee you know you can charge them for around $1,000 $2,000 is really up to you you make up that price and that's the cool part about being an entrepreneur right we get paid for the value we don't get paid for the time so you name what your value is worth how much is gonna be wet to that person and you charge them that by becoming your coach guys you know you gotta be able to play the money game okay although you're looking to start a business with no money this whole thing about being an entrepreneur taking your game to the next level you gotta be able to play the money game and the more you play it the better you get at it like I play chess a lot I was actually playing chess yesterday on my on my dashboard on my computer yeah I was playing chess yesterday and it's crazy sometimes I can play for a lot do you know how to play chess if you know how to play chess I dare you to a bottle leave a comment down below let me know cuz I love playing chess and we can get something together and we can play together I'm a big chess player you know I play chess a lot it's one of the best way that I like to spend my time but the cool thing about playing chess is that I've been playing for years since I was maybe 11 years old I've been playing all the time see the more you play the better you get at it now if you text someone who doesn't know how to play chess and you put them against me um there's a high probability I'm gonna beat them very very like 99% of the 99% if someone would play chess maybe three or four times 99% of the time I'm probably gonna beat you right because it's a it's a game right the more I play the better I get so it's the same thing with the money game you must be willing to learn how to play the money game and the more you play it the better you get at it so don't hate on money like don't be a money hater you know because you can't attract what you hate you know you can't attract what you hate it's like going to a bar and you see this girl and you really like her and she looks great she looks amazing and you go to her and you say I hate you do you think you're gonna attract that no you're gonna repel it see a lot of the times people have those previously conceived mindset that call money is bad money is the root of all evil and therefore they can't do anything to attract it not understanding money is just a servant it's a byproduct of services right it's a byproduct of services rendered so if you learn how to create you know selling on Etsy like I chose it's a service right if you learn how to do dropshipping so service you know if you learn how to do social media manager it's a service if you learn how to be a coach as a service so it's a byproduct of service rendered if someone creates this product they help me out because if I have this selfie stick instead of holding my phone when I'm doing a video in my hands start shaking and you start hurting me I can actually have a bigger field of view just by holding the steak and I can go for hours and talking on this this is a service this is something they rendered to me so therefore I'm willing to pay for it so well me buying this and the person who's making the money off of this isn't a bad thing no see you gotta start thinking on you know not hating money because if you're gonna track it in your life you don't want to hate it right because you cannot attract what you repelled is the law of the universe so if you gonna start a business with no money right how do I start a business with no money and the angle is that you're gonna get money and you're gonna invest money it's the double your money you got to play the game the game is to double your money so if you start with no money don't think that you're gonna build it like a big huge business with no money so this video isn't introductory video for those people who wants to start a business with no money I show you four ways I'll give you four ways you can do that but I promise you in other for you to take it to thousands of dollars where you have this lifestyle that you think about and all of this craziness you're gonna have to invest it's not gonna grow to a whole next level with that you can stop without money like my wife she started the business of Etsy and posting this stuff but you had a print and as as as more customers coming in guess what you gotta buy papers you had a print you got a shirt you gotta you have all this cuz that's gonna come it's just like you're gonna learn to play the game so you're gonna learn to play with profit so the customer pay you now part of the money is gonna go for cost of administration or cost of production and then you're gonna have this part that's gonna be profit now you're playing the game so now you take that profit back we invested into the business to make it grow a lot faster and get you a lot more customers and create a lot more money alright so guys this is my take on it this is all four different ways this you you can actually start a business with no money that was your boy cater if you do find value in this video please like and share leave a comment down below leave me your feedback let me know what you thought if you haven't subscribed to my channel definitely do that subscribe now I drop goodies like this all the time to motivate you inspire you and help you take your game to a whole next level baby less okay let's go so if you make it to the end of this video I'm gonna put a video right here that you can watch more by down shopify ecommerce and then I'm gonna put another video right build over here that's gonna teach you more about how to build a business on YouTube ah there you go stop making videos I forgot to give you this one that's a lot of you start a business with no money bonus bonus stop making YouTube videos on our YouTube channel guess what did I tell you you to pay me yeah I can make videos and get paid every month although it's not the biggest part of my business but I do get paid I want you to know that you can start a channel and start building a following and then you stuck by YouTube and you can start getting paid by other company that we want you to promote their product and then you can treat money so bonus baby you got a bonus so give it a thumbs up if you love the bonus if you love this video with your volcanus you gotta

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