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hello knitters this video will help you to knit a Raglan sweater from neck down it is very detailed and I had to break it into three parts the Raglan part the body part and a sleeve part so let's go and need the Raglan part

we will cast on 64 stitches and we will actually work in several steps and our first step is to knit the color and then we will start adding stitches for sleeves and front and back and if you forgot how to cast on or bind off or anything like that I will provide a link to my playlist with several videos that would go and refresh your memory so cast on 64 stitches and we are actually knitting from top from neck area to the bottom I have cast it on 64 stitches ah and now we will knit entire row and as you see I am working on the long needles on a regular straight long needles and later on after I need this one row I will transfer stitches to my double pointed needles and if you prefer working on circular needles you will transfer your stitches to circular needles okay so we will knit entire row

this yarn is little stretchy so it's going to be the first couple of rows are going to be a little bit more difficult to put my needles through because the way I cast it on it was kind of little tat a little tighter than I would expect with a regular yarn with a regular twisted yarn I will actually show you what I mean you see this this yarn is kind of woven bow woven in a circular you know circle circular way and you see how it stretches so that's that kind of yarn there are other yarns that if you go and take the ones that are twisted actually they look twisted they don't stretch like that

so I have transferred my stitches to double pointed needles and I'm making sure that it's not twisted in these corners right in here and also I want to explain why I have it transferred like this where I have 26 inches here six inches here 26 inches here and six inches here these these stitches are going to be increased and they will be sleeves and these stitches are going to be increased and they will be front in back okay so now I need to turn my needles up and start knitting now make sure that it's not twisted so this is this has to be this way now my yarn has to be back there okay and we will move our nets to the tips here we will start knitting I will twist this cast on first stitch few times and then knit this okay come on let's go here and then these two stitches together okay oops I need to be using actually different on different needle I'm supposed to be knitting with a different needle my fifth needle okay there we go and so okay so let's go and knit three more rows if you want your a color to be a little taller you can actually knit more than three rows but I will mean it three rows okay so you just knit all around three models that will be total with this first row total four rows now you also can go and use a counter you will probably it will be probably very good to use counter with knitting sweater because you can get you can lose count of your rows and I will show you how to use the counter I will have to fetch it but let me just go do one more needle here okay and you go and keep knitting until the end of the row and I will show you how to use that counter and how to start a new row okay so I finished my last stitch and of my second row and I will just continue knitting a third row but I also promised that I'm going to show you how to use the counter so I needed only two rows so just I have this counter that is you know pretty easy to use you just click for each row you click once so I had two rows so I click twice right now when I finish knitting my third row I will click my third row okay so I always click when I'm finished with the row and if I put my sweater down and or anything that I'm knitting and then I want to knit later on and and I don't remember the rows how many rows I had where I Sinha shhhht I look at my counter I'll get my counter and I'm like okay I finished my third row so now I have to start knitting my fourth row so always finish your last row before you step away from your knitting and you know don't forget to click your last knitted row and and then you're you know ready to go to start your project a day later two days later and a few hours later whenever okay so and this is being very twisty okay let me go and do it this way in just knit right and people that need a the English way English style you again I will show you it's exactly the same and I have also video for that that you just push the needle there and you wrap the yarn around I do the same thing except that I don't hold yarn in my right hand I left the working yarn in my left hand with on my over wrapped around my finger on the left hand okay so it's exactly the same thing except my way is a little faster because I don't have to do that extra motion ok so that's all so this is my third row and when I finished my fourth row I will show you what I will add a little accent to to the color where I will knit I will purl one row and this is in my way here and probably in your way to I finished my fourth row and actually I had to transfer my net to eight inch long on double pointed needles because my 10 inch DP ends were too long so it's going to be easier to knit now these these short and when I need to I will transfer them to to my longer ones back when I have many more stitches anyways so now I just wanted to show you that I needed four rows okay and our fifth row is going to be purl so we move the yarn forward right and and we make a purl stitch and a purl stitch and purl entire row okay and people who need English style again you need to put a yarn in the front okay I got it here and you wrap it around this way yep okay you go for the needle in front and you wrap it and then you push back okay so that's that's it and so do entire row of purling and you will have this little a little wavy accent there around the collar and then we will do one more row of knit and then we will start adding adding stitches too to increase for our sleeves and front and back okay I finished my fifth row on where I pulled entire row and so we go and click that it's our fifth row is finished and now before we start increasing we will knit knit knit purl knit entire row so net net net so I'm finished with my sixth row knitted sixth row we will click okay and we will start knitting increasing but also I wanted to mention that if you are working on circular needles you would have markers between these stitches so you would have 26 stitches here marker six stitches marker twenty-six stitches marker and six stitches and marker okay so you would do that in this last knitted row and and then you would start increasing because you need to mark your position we will always knit this stitch before the marker and you know on my needles last stitch and first stitch and we will do all the increases right before those two stitches so if you have a marker and you have a circular needles you will need these two stitches but you will increase right here okay and I think at some point when I have enough stitches knit it I will show you one row how I am doing it so if you're watching the video you might have to later on are all the people that are knitting on circular needles you will need to go and jump onto the onto the area you know of the of this video where I'm showing how to how to increase on circular needles anyway so we will knit this stitch because this is my corner so I will always need first stitch and we will increase after first knitted stitch but we need to increase to the left and we need to pick this yarn right here okay between these stitches the yarn that is connecting this stitch in this stitch I actually this stitch and this stitch okay so we need to net to the left let me see that goes to the right this one goes to the left you see how it's going this way it's going to go to the left we're going to knit through the back loop where you insert your needle I can't do it hello one of these days okay there okay through the back loop and you just knit it through the back loop and you see how it's going how it's slanting upwards to the left that's our left slanted increase between the stitches from previous row okay now we will knit all the stitches on this needle until this last stitch we will not need this last stitch so knit all the way there so knit knit knit so i knitted with my last stitch and like I said we will always increase between this and this stitch this is this we would have a marker on the circular needles so we would need this these two stitches right but we need to increase in before this and after this stitch okay so now we will increase with the right slanted stitch and right slanted stitch is that we go from the back we pick up that yarn in between these two stitches from previous row we pick it up from the back okay I will show it one more time because this needle was enough in in the way so we will pick it from the back and then I let me go and just okay I always stretch it forward hold the hold this stitch with my thumb so it doesn't escape and then I am able to put my needle in and knit the stitch okay so you will if you're working in English style you might have to find a different way how to grab that stitch and now you can see you can see that actually that stitch that we are making is slanted upwards to the right okay that's what we want and knit a regular way okay now we will knit the first stitch again and increase after the first stitch and again we will increase left so on each on each needle you will increase after first stitch to the left and you will increase after before last stitch on that needle to the right okay so we need to increase to the left so let me see where is our stitches right here this is our stitch now this would go to the right so we need to go to the left you need to go and insert the needle under this yarn from the front okay and you can see already is going upward that way and then you just go and grab that yarn through the back loop okay through the back loop and you knit it and you need four stitches here four stitches and now this is our last stitch and in front of it we will increase to go to the right the zwei okay so I just again make sure that I can get in there with my let me go and move this out of the way make sure that I can get in there with my needle and I knit in a regular way you know from the from this okay and and there we go we are going right it's slanted to the right and we need last stitch okay and again now we will work on this needle and again this first stitch has to be left slanted last stitch has to be right slanted okay left slant it right slant it so we will knit first stitch and if we do left slanted we go from our from the front from the front left slanted you insert needle under left arm yarn between the stitches from the front and then you knit 24 stitches on this this is going to be either back or front okay now I am here at the end and like I said this has to be left slanted this has to be right slanted so we will go from back right slanted we have to go from back okay let me move this little bit down so you can see better okay so from the back and I always pull this over so I can get in there and grab that yarn and make a stitch okay good and we need the last stitch and this is our last needle where we need to increase

and we have to knit first stitch and we increase left so we go from the front and through the we will knit through the back loop okay good and now we need four stitches and we go from back we grab the yarn from back to do the right slanted stitch and we need it from the front okay and we have that slant going to the right and it last stitch okay and we are finished with all needles that we were supposed to increase so in each needle we increased by two stitches we increased on the right and left again we increased here and here we increased here and here and we increased here and here in our so we increased by eight stitches the next row we will knit entire row no increases okay let's go and tell ourselves that we just did seventh row okay it's very important that you don't forget to mark your rows so I will knit entire row no increases this is our eighth row and no increases in just knit knit knit entire row I am finished with my eighth row and our ninth row is going to be increasing again so as you see we knitted four rows here fifth row was the Perle then we needed one more row that was our sixth row and increased in seventh then we needed one row which is eighth so every odd number every odd row we will increase and this is our ninth row and again we will do the same thing like what we did in seventh row we will knit the first stitch and increase after it and this has to be left slanted and we go from the front okay and we knit that stitch just push it in there and knit it through the back loop and now we need all these stitches and I will need very fast I don't think you really need you don't need me to show you how to do the knit stitch I don't want to waste too much time of the video it's going to be really long video so I might even cut it out I don't know okay we are and we are here and then we increase to the right make one to the right before the last stitch on this needle or before uh before the marker you would have marker here right and we go if we want to go right slanted we need to grab the yarn from the back okay and then pull this yarn forward and knit it from front not through the back and then knit the last stitch on the needle if you're using double pointed needles okay and again the same thing again you need first stitch this is here on the right you do left slant it on the on the right of this needle you do left slant it and we need to go from front I always forget how I'm supposed to go okay and through the back loop okay so we can see that left slant and then we knit six stitches and then we increase before the last stitch on the on this needle or you know before before the last stitch between the marker okay and we need to go from back and knit pick up the yarn from the back and knit from the front through the front regular way and then knit the last stitch between markers or on the needle now do this again knit first stitch left slanted so you pick up yarn from front knit through the back loop knit all the stitches to the last stitch on this needle or to the last stitch before the next marker okay I will knit fast I don't need to show you how to do a knit stitch anymore

okay almost there almost there okay and because we're on the left side of the needle or before the next marker we will pick the yarn through the back okay and knit the stitch from the front to make that right slanted pattern and knit last stitch and this is our last needle in the ninth row again we knit the first stitch on the needle or first stitch after the marker on circular needles pick the yarn from the front to make left slanted stitch okay knit six stitches because we increased by two okay we have last stitch in here we pick from back to make the right slanted stitch and we need knit it from the front not through back loop from front and we knit the last stitch okay and this is our we finished our ninth row and we're ready to knit tenth row

okay so I have finished my tenth row where I knitted entire row and I am ready to do my eleventh row and again do everything the same way like in seventh and ninth row that means knit first stitch increase after knitting first stitch knit all these stitches knit all the stitches to the last stitch increase right slant it over here we increase left slanted okay over here increase left slanted and then knit the last stitch and again on this four thusly on a sleeve area again knit four stitch increased left slanted right after that stitch knit these stitches to the last stitch increase before the last stitch right slanted knit the last stitch and again repeat the same thing on this one okay knit first stitch increase left slanted knit all these stitches to the - to the last stitch increase right slanted knit the last stitch and do the last increase fourth increase on this on this needle again knit first stitch left slanted increase knit the stitches regular way increase before the last stitch to the right right slanted increase and in this and then repeat again the row just knitted row and so this is how you should continue knitting until you have desired length from the neck area to your because this is going to be like this this going to be the top okay this is going to be the top and you will want to measure from here to your armpit area straight down okay so I'm going to continue knitting like this and I have to actually stop knitting because it's getting dark I don't have a proper lighting so I will see you when I have a certain amount of stitches and I will tell you how many times I have done it so we repeat it a increase in one row and knit another row so let's say the a row would be the increase row and then B row would be just knit all around without increasing so I would go and repeat a and B rows several times so far we have done it two times okay hello again a couple days later and I am starting to videotape a little bit again I just wanted to go and show you how much I have done so far this is about 42 this is not about this is exactly 42 rows altogether and as you see I had to put my a sweater on several arm double pointed needles I had these short ones these are I think eight inch and these are 10 inch our needles and I always knit here I have four as you see and I need with my fifth one and here I have also for and I need with fifth one as well and actually right now I will be putting my net on these circular needles that I started before and show you where the markers should be which like I said before they should be in these corners right here this corner then in this corner this corner right here okay and on and there just to show you how you should go and have it set up on your double I mean circular needles if I said double pointed needles for forgive me sometimes I make mistakes I think too fast so I just will start putting moving the stitches sliding them on circular needles okay just like you would go and push them from this needle to this needle and when I get to my first corner right here I will put a marker because this is not our corner okay this is like an extension imagine this would be one really long needle but I needed to because my stitches would be slipping okay so I will show you how to put those markers in between those corners okay okay here we are in first corner okay I put my marker in and I continue moving those stitches on my circular needles also you could have done that you know a long time ago big you know when you start it over here if you have a short very short circular needles I really like double pointed needles better but maybe I'll get used to working with these okay here we are again in the corner and we take our marker and put it there and when I'm finished I will show you how to knit with circular needles moving those markers okay okay here I am I am I have transferred all my stitches on circular needles and as you know this is our beginning because this is where this is our tail and I am studying to knit for the third row so we need to put our marker here although we already know that this is our area but so we do not get confused when we knit that first stitch right so it's better to have that marker right there so we know which stitch is what so we need first stitch and now we need left ok left

stitch left make one left and so we need one and it's left slanted and now we will knit all the way until the next marker okay and Here I am again in the finish with my first section because this all around his four sections so the first section is finished and we need to do increase so it's going to be right slanted increase so we need to pick the yarn from the back and pull this yarn little bit hold it with your thumb so you can get in there and knit the stitch okay and then knit the last and move the marker okay and this is what I don't like when I have to push it onto the needle that's what I don't like but I'm dealing with it and okay so now i knitted one and I have to increase almost forgot to increase so this is going to be left slanted so we pick the yarn from the front and knit it okay and continue knitting all the way to the last stitch before next marker this is our sleeve also I wanted to tell you that I am I already measure it from the neck from the neck area here from here to here and I have about six and a half inches so I still have off several models to do and I want to reach about eight eight and eight and a half probably inches and when I reach that I will I will start working on sleeves and front back okay and you know body part body area okay so here we are not not yet two more two more stitches one two okay and we are ready to do the right slant so from the back okay okay here we go and and knit the stitch regular way not through the back loop and now now we go knit the last stitch and move move the marker and knit next stitch and this is gonna be left slanted so we pick it up from front and knit it through the back loop okay and so you need to do several more increases like this and when you are finished then I will go and show you I will tell you how many more increases approximately you should do and when we're finished I will show you how to connect sleeves and how and the you know how to distinguish sleeves and basically the body area body part okay so as you see are my net measures 7 inches now and I need to reach about eight for size small and hopefully it's going to be also size small across if it's going to be little wider than I really anticipated then for you people who like size small you would need to do less stitches here around the neck okay so instead of starting on let's say 64 stitches you would start on 60 I have finished my 48th row and this measures almost 8 inches and I am kind of afraid that it's going to be very tight in underarm so I will need at least four more rows maybe even six more rows but I will not increase any more okay so I just instead of increasing in a in my for this ninth row I will just knit all stitches same amount same number of stitches all around you know from beginning to the end and I will do that four maybe six times okay probably four times now I also finished my graph over here this is the robot I increased to 68 pitches for the front in 48 stitches for sleeve and against 68 stitches for back and 48 for sleeve which is taking us to total stitches 232 stitches all around okay and I think that 232 stitches are is starting to be a little bit too wide around the chest maybe so I decided to knit just same amount of number stitches all around for four more rows okay and maybe six more rows so so this is what we need to do we will need four more oops I forgot to put my marker here here is my marker okay and let's just need four more rows and measure and when I measure and I have about eight if I have eight and a half inches then I will stop and I will show you how to deal with sleeves and back and front connecting together I have knitted four more rows without increasing just like I said and I have decided that I will knit with my blue color now because I am at the end of my second scan with a gray hair gray yarn and uh it I don't have any more so I have to continue with my blue color also I do have fifty two rows altogether just to remind you that for the eight plus four is fifty two rows okay so let's go and knit now two more rows with blue yarn or if you are going to be knitting just just with one color then you just do it with with the cob with the yarn that you have okay

so I just will need two more rows all around I am finished with my two rows with my different color and actually I am I can go and cut this off because I don't need that anymore let's leave a tail a little we will Lee um we will weave it in later on and I am ready to connect back and front together and make sleep separate so if you look at the this sweater this is the sleeve area which I just finished knitting okay and my front or back whichever it is is our next and then I have sleeve again so but if I want to connect front and back together I have to first start knitting this front let's say this is front okay so right after you finish knitting 2 rows and you get to your starting point go and knit to the next marker


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