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by: PhillipsFiberArt

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today I like to introduce you to our new book it's called bending the line my friend Becky penury so and I wrote this one together and I'm Cheryl Philips but it was Becky who encouraged me to take the sched techniques to their basic bare bones and that's what we did in this book it's filled with easy-to-follow instructions with lots of graphics and great projects then those projects start simple and they build on themselves in ABC fashion the tool that we use for the book is a squidge this one's a 22.5 you might be wondering what is ask wedge well let me tell you where that came from I love to make quilts with wedges and wedges make circles and circles need frames to make them into squares so one day I said if you want a square why not just start with a square and that's what we did and I divided it in half and again into force then again into eighths and one more time for 16 pieces when you look at that block you can see it would be more manageable if I just took it a fourth at a time so we're going to focus on a quarter a quad look at this portion that's been shaded in when you take that portion clip the tip and add seam allowance that's the scratch tool sched it's still a funny sounding name but it's a wedge plus a square equals a square now do you see the pink shape it is the same shape it's just mirrored and all you have to do to get it it's just flip that tool over and cut it in the same way that leaves these pieces and we're going to call these partials but you can cut both of them with the same 22.5 square now the tool has line and slots that give you two ways to go about it and you'll see how that works a little later so what you have is four different cuts all done with one tool that you can easily sew together to make a quad next let's prepare their sketch tool we have a great little helper for you in the back of your book you'll find this card and it's actually stickers you'll just cut those apart and turn that over and that the backing peels off giving you a little sticker and we've got words up and words down that lets you know in a glance that you are cutting words up or flip it over words down to get the mirror image I also place that on the 7 and a half inch line to keep the tool from slipping I will put an adhesive ring on the tool in three places and flip it over and do the same thing on the other side with that done you're ready to go now let's get to some fabric we have a solid piece of fabric we're going to cut a full schedule at our words are up the edge of the tool is on the edge of the fabric I cut around this shape and I get a full scratch to do the mirror image I flip it over the words are down place it on here and I cut this piece and that's how we do a solid full switch next we have a solid piece of black fabric and we're going to now cut a partial we're going to place this slotted line on the edge of our fabric and cut this piece that you see here to do the mirror image we'll just flip that over again the line goes on the edge of the fabric and we get this partial squeegees next I'd like to show you how to cut a full paste squidge to do that I have a strip set and I'm going to place that seven and a half inch line so that it falls right on the scene now rather than using my label as a guide I will use the blue lines that are on the outer edge of my sched tool a place that here cut my shape and I get this one to do the mirror image I simply turn that over on the seven and a half inch line cut around it and I get this piece I'd like to show you how to cut a piece partial 7 and 1/2 inch line on the seam and you're going to take a mechanical pencil and draw right in the slots now cut around and then you're going to take this straight edge and connect the lines and cut there and you'll get this partial to do the mirror image you just simply flip it over with the words down and again mark your lines and you'll get your partial pieced let me show you the blocks we create with thee this is the a block it's made with all solid pieces and here's the quilt that we made with this this is the B Block it's made with all pieced squeezes and this is the quilt we made with the B Block this is the C Block it's made by combining solid cut squeegees and pieced squeezes here's a quilt that we made using this block now we've added the c+ block all that is is the mirror image of the C but with these two together we can create a couple of different quilts so there you have it that's all there is a B C which you have those blocks you can make the quilts I've shown you but wait till you see what happens when you mix and match

what we have here is a little book just packed with information the projects in here come with easy step-by-step instructions but that but that isn't all we also on our website have an amazing collection of downloads we have those up right now and you're going to find labels and labels are the best way to chaos proof your project and we have for each of the designs it's additional yardage charts so you can change the size or add more fabrics if you'd like and we also have design grids we have a grid for each of the projects and that will let you color in and choose your own fabrics and plan it out before you start cutting I think that with this book bending the line you're going to find that the 22.5 degrees square becomes one of your favorite tools well thank you for watching today hope you've enjoyed it and god bless


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Cheryl Phillips introduces her new book, Bending The Line, with co-author Becky Panariso. Bare bones basic instructions for the 22.5 Squedge tool by Phillips Fiber Art. Cheryl shows you where the concept for the line of Squedge tools came from as well as the A, B, C techniques found in Bending The Line. From Modern to Classic to Traditional this book offers something for every quilting enthusiast. Get your Bending the Line book here:

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